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helped reduce red marks
on 21/08/2015
This has been great for reducing my red marks from skin picking. I started a topic with before and after pics using this serum.
on 15/07/2010
Ok i had quite a few cysts and TONS of blackheads so i decided to give this a try. I've been using it every evening for a week so far and my mum saw me and couldn't believe how clear my skin was! which is great because i can't look at my face in the mirror.<br/>The first time i used it, it was so tight on the skin and i got a little bit nervous lol. I left it on half an hour and washed it off and immediately my face was quite red but this went after 3 hrs. All my cysts had come to a head, and half my blackheads and gone (which was probably why my face was red).<br/>This is what i've been doing;<br/>1) Wash face and dry<br/>2) Crack egg in half and collect the white in a bowl<br/>3) You can whisk it lightly if you want but i tend to just leave it as it is<br/>4) the messy part - apply it on face<br/>5) Peel the white stuff from inside of shell and put on worst areas - for me it was the cysts and blackhead patches<br/>6) leave on about 30mins<br/>7) Wash off!<br/>The inner white stuff of the shell was great for "drawing out" a lot of the stuff and bringing things to a head. I'm afraid to say i did have to squeeze a few of those that had but they're a clean pop and as long as you're GENTLE it should be fine, but remember only squeeze GENTLY when they have a HEAD. but really resist the urge to squeeze at all, so when you use the mask again it will take them out for you hiiiiiiiiyaaa!<br/>Now that my skin has cleared quite well i'm going to use it about twice a week - it does tend to dry out the skin, i noticed this when i put the mask on and it began to feel itchy, so a moisturiser is handy. Furthermore the mask loses its effect with too frequent use. I suggest using it every evening for the first week<br/>When my mum saw me she also said my darker scars appeared a little lighter and overall redness was gone. This is only after a week remember.<br/>This has been the most effective and quickest treatment i've ever used and i've used absolutel