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on 03/09/2012
I have used many razors in my time and this is the one that I always come back to! It gives the closest, most comfortable shave. I am very prone to developing razor burn, however this one keeps it to a bare minimum. It's a nice and sleek design, has many great features such as single edging blade - perfect for sideburns!
on 30/08/2012
Firstly, this only applies to my skin...everybody's is different and it's important to bare that in mind when reading this.<br/>I have very sensitive skin, most of my acne has been reduced to marks, I have very bristly facial hair that grows very quick. I used the fusion proglide previously with not much of an issue, but was concerned when I read about the "danger of 5 blades" so after reading the rave reviews of this I thought i'd try it. I used the Sensor Excel for a week and it was possibly the worst razor I have used! Could only describe it as a pair of claws being dragged down my face! I developed major razor burn and a number of bumps...something the proglide never did!<br/>All and all for someone with hair and skin type like mine I wouldn't go out of my way to buy this razor.