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Too expensive, but the best face sun screen available
on 16/05/2014
This is by far my favorite sunscreen. It's won't break you out, and goes on smoothly without much of a white residue. For 6 years I've done The Regimen to keep my skin clear. I live in a cold weather climate and only have to worry about using sunscreen during the summer months on the weekends. I've normally used the Olay sunscreen recommended by Dan (Complete Moisture SPF 15 for Sensitive Skin). Olay does the job and shouldn't break you out. But it also seemed to leave my skin feeling kind of dried out yet greasy, and left a white residue. So I finally decided to experiment with this Philosophy Hope SPF. I was surprised to find that it is a major improvement! I apply it a little while after doing the entire Regimen (including moisturizer). It goes on much smoother and easier than the Olay sunscreen, and sinks into the skin well so my face doesn't look white. It feels great on my face too; it absorbs and doesn't feel like I even put it on. Also, very importantly, it does not have a single comedogenic ingredient, so you won't break out from it. The big negative about it, however, is the price. $41 for a small 2 ounce bottle is definitely steep. That said, if you want care enough about having a great sunscreen moisturizer, I'd recommend trying this one. If you don't think it's worth it, Olay will work well.
A decent shaving cream
on 10/11/2013
I've changed this review a bit, because I strongly prefer the cleanser over this shaving cream. Clean & Clear foaming cleanser is better too, if you like that.
Best razor I've ever used for my neck. Better than Sensor Excel
on 02/11/2013
For many years I used 3-blade razors for shaving. Sometimes I even used a 5-blade razor. Several years ago I came to this web site and learned that 2-blade razors are best for acne-prone skin, so I switched to the 2-blade Gillette Sensor Excel. The Sensor Excel was (and is) a big improvement over the other razors, and I stuck with it for many years. The problem with the Senor Excel, though, is that my neck was always a bit irritated from it. I didn't like how it shaved that area, and it seemed like I sometimes ended up with a fair amount of razor bumps. So I decided to give Gillette's Trac II Plus a shot.<br/>Wow, what an improvement! I can't believe how easy this razor is on my neck (and my entire face, for that matter). This is the best razor I've ever used. If you're using another razor and have acne prone skin, I highly recommend trying the Trac II Plus. It's a very smooth, clean shave. I will stick with this razor for as long as I can! It's far superior to my previous razors, including the Sensor Excel.
The Regimen WILL clear your skin
on 12/10/2013
Let me be clear: The Regimen WILL clear your skin. Do it EXACTLY as outlined, and it WILL clear your skin. I owe it to Dan (who founded this site, along with The Regimen) to come back and write this review. I started using his products as outlined in The Regimen in May 2008 and it changed my life. I was 23 and had tried seemingly every over-the-counter and prescription drug available. When I first came across this site I ignored it because The Regimen seemed to promote Benzoyl Peroxide, a topical drug I had already used many times. I thought "this may work for people with light acne, but BP is a basic drug, and I need something more powerful." But guess what? I was wrong. I soon realized that although I had already used Benzoyl Peroxide before, I had never used it in a way that can totally eliminate your acne. The Regimen will do that.<br/>I started to notice an immediate improvement when I used it. Still, it took a while to clear my skin. I had a few depressing setbacks and I wasn't completely clear until 4 months later. But from that point on I've been just about 100% clear. It's been 5 years of clear skin. If you do this regimen as outlined, and give it 4 months to work, you'll experience completely clear skin. Most people are totally clear before 4 months, but within that time period it will definitely work. It's been demonstrated scientifically and by thousands upon thousands of people. I'm one of them.<br/>But I can't tell you how annoyed I get by people who say this stuff doesn't work when THEY DON'T USE IT AS DIRECTED! You can't just use a product however you want and then claim it doesn't work. Use it exactly as Dan says and your skin will clear. It's as simple as that.<br/>As for the products themselves, I have always used the official products, which are easily the best on the market. They're pharmaceutical grade and designed specifically for The Regimen. Much higher quality than what I've used before, including prescription products. Use as directed and I can absolutely guarantee you won't be disappointed. I owe it to Dan and to all of you to come back here and share this experience. Please, please, please give it a try and use as directed. You won't regret it.
Excellent moisturizer
on 28/10/2010
I'm updating my previous review. This is the best moisturizer on the market, bar none. And despite what some other grumpy reviewers say, it far superior to Dan's old moisturizer (which was last available three years ago, so give it up already). The licorice root extract found in this product is very calming and soothing to the skin. The moisturizer goes on light and when it dries you quickly forget you have anything on your very face. It's very moisturizing and soothing. In the dead of winter, I find that occasionally I still have flakes, so sometimes I mix this at night with jojoba oil. That solves the problem.<br/>Also, if you think this leaves a shine, just do what you should do with all moisturizing products. Twenty minutes after application, gently pat your face with a paper towel. Shiny look gone. I get angered by a few of the poor reviews here, because this is truly an amazing product. Try it.