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  1. I have these mysterious chin bumps too, going on 3 years now. I've tried everything to get rid of them and if anything all the exfoliation makes them worse. Here's some info: --Female, 37 years old, 118lbs, 5'2" --Had perfect skin until my late 20s and it's been downhill ever since. --Also have hair thinning and hirsuitism (I've always been hairy so not sure if it's genetics) but the one hormone test I had came out within the normal range and I've had an ultrasound that showed only one simple cyst on an ovary so can't say I have PCOS. My periods are always regular. --History of sluggish thyroid but still considered to be at subclinical levels so not on medication. -- Bumps showed up after using a certain comedogenic foundation but it could have also been from anti acne products. I notice that Retin A and any product that irritates or dehydrates causes more to pop up. --I've tried non-fluoride, non-SLS toothpaste and it didn't make a difference. --Have had issues with chronic yeast that started around the same time but was on a course of antifungals that cleared yeast issue but bumps are still there. --Suffer from hormonal cystic acne but unable to to tolerate hormone medication. Tried Spiro and it made me sick. Definitely feel I have hormone issues but docs don't care because that one hormone test came out fine. --Have had keratosis pilaris since I was a kid. Only on arms and thighs. Convinced there is no cure for these ugly bumps and very depressed about it. Also have permanent indented scarring on my cheeks from acne so yay.
  2. The Derminator Thread

    I just bought some saline rinse at CVS (first aid section) and used that. U probably had an infection. I'm not sure what you mean by "had an infection." I used a brand new needle head.
  3. The Derminator Thread

    I just used my Derminator for the first time on my cheeks and a week later I broke out in this area when it had been clear for several months. So now I will have new scars to contend with. All I used for gliding purposes was saline solution and didn't use any products until hours later, and I just used Retin-A. Is this normal?
  4. Finally I see someone with similar hypertrophic to mine. Mine wasn't caused by tretinoin or clindamycin (although I do use both now.) The ones on my chin just sort of popped up overnight and the rest came up after pimples healed, etc. Since you didn't get a lot of feedback here I'd recommend posting your pics on the subreddit r/skincare addiction. I'd be very interested to hear what they think it is since I haven't been able to find any answers myself either.