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on 20/11/2012
This is a relatively unknown oil, compared to olive oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, and all the other more popular varieties. It was very gentle on my skin and absorbed really well. I cleared my acne through diet and removal of harsh cleansers/creams, and using this didn't cause any type of breakout. I only used it for a month. It's thinner than grape seed oil, which is pretty thin to begin with. It's almost watery, which I feel is a good thing. If you know your skin isn't a fan of oils, you still might give this a try, but maybe spot test it. If your skin is a fan of oils, picking up a bit of rose hip seed oil is a safe investment. This is not the only brand i've used. It's supposedly good for scarring, as well as active acne. Everyone's skin is not created equal, so it may not be a miracle product for you. But if you're an oil person...i think it's worth the bit of cash you have to shell out for it. Doesn't smell bad, and has a dark reddish color.<br/>I gave it a 5 rating because it's the best quality oil i've used. Not saying the brand is the best, cause there are likely others just as good. Rose hip seed oil in general seems to be the thinnest, most ideal oil for acne prone skin. At least in my experience<br/>Also i put 'very light' for acne severity, but when i was in my prime, it was moderate to severe. That was before i addressed my diet and stopped slathering harsh crap on my face.
on 03/05/2010
Check out the reviews of green tea on this website guys. This tea is green tea just plucked earlier isn't fermented so it retains even more of the skin perfecting antioxidants. I drink about four concentrated cups a day and then make a toner using four decaf white tea bags and four chamomile tea bags. I wash my face twice a day and apply the homemade toner. That is it, and in one week my acne has vanished. It really makes a difference to use it directly on your face cause it delivers all the benefits straight to the source while the tea you drink cleanses you internally. I will never do anything else for my acne.