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on 09/07/2010
I have used a variety of different natural products on my skin to try to heal cysts and to fade redmarks and scars. Vit E and Tea Tree Oil broke me out. ACV dried me out. Aloe is the perfect remedy for my skin. I started using it a week ago. I don't use the plant. I buy the filler, which is liquid, and keep it in the fridge. In the morning and night, I use a cotton ball and apply the liquid liberally to my skin. It has been great! My active acne is drying up, and it is fading old marks. It feels cool, refreshing, and clean on my skin also, whereas other things such as E and Honey, although good for the skin (minus the breakouts I get from the E), are very messy. This is something I can use under my make up that doesn't make a big mess. Keep in mind though I use the filler, it is the pulp put into liquid form. I have cystic acne and not much helps clear it up. I would highly highly recommend trying aloe.