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Exceeded my expectations
on 05/02/2016
Try it! It not only cleared my acne almost instantly, it has remained clear despite quitting Spironolactone cold turkey. It also had the added bonus of bringing back my period which I haven't had for an entire year. Balanced hormones seems to really agree with me and it might with you too. Oh, and it has a lot of positive reviews in terms of conception. I'll be updating if I'm also able to become pregnant with continued use (we've been trying for 16 months and on various fertility meds so it would be a miracle!).<br/>Give a try, I'm glad I did.
on 09/12/2014
Absolutely did nothing to reduce my acne. Waste of money/time.
on 23/04/2010
At about 4 months as I previously posted, my skin was completely clear. But now at 6 months, I've had a breakout of 6-7 pimples.. I dont know whats going on. I dont know if this is normal to have another breakout before I'll be consistently clear or what. I have been taking 100mg twice a day consistently and don't feel as if I've changed anything. I feel hideous. I just hope that this is the last breakout like this I ever have. Just wanted to warn others in case they have the same outcome through the spiro process. Hopefully it is just temporary.. but is discouraging :(