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on 06/08/2010
I was using Dan's regimen for a few months; I used the cetaphil wash, bp, and AHA. However, I still broke out. Yes, my acne was better, but it was not GONE. This was the little miracle that got my skin to be ACNE-FREE. After I rinsed my face with the cetaphil wash, I put the mask on and left it on for about two minutes, four-five days a week. The first time I tried it, I had 3 huge zits; by the third day of using the mask, two were gone, and the third was just a tiny little pink bump. I have never, ever seen this kind of result before, not from any product or any prescription. I wish I could have discovered this sooner, and I beg whoever reads this to PLEASE, PLEASE just try it for a week. It works wonders! I have sensitive/acne-prone skin, and this completely changed my face!
on 06/08/2010
This is probably the best moisturizer I have tried. When I first started Dan's regimen, my skin was EXTREMELY flaky and dry; it has never been that dry before in my entire life. This product moisturized my skin better than any moisturizer I tried. However, it is extremely greasy, and I cannot wear makeup over it because the makeulp starts to run later on in the day. I also tried it as a spot treatment-it DOES NOT WORK. There was no noticeable decrease in size or redness. Addittionally, I did not notice any decrease in fine lines (I am only 20 though, so maybe it just won't work until later on). I also didn't notice the nice "glow" that some people claim to get from using AHA. Bottom line though: it's a great moisturizer, and if that's what you are looking for, this is the best one out there.
on 28/06/2010
I love this makeup. I had very bad, very oily skin, and this is the only makeup I used. I never broke out from it (in fact, you cannot break out from this makeup because it is non-comedogenic), and it took care of my "shiny" skin that embarrassed me. It helped heal my skin too. The only thing is that since I have fair skin, it was difficult to completely cover up the redness from the zits; for that, I used a mineral powder and a makeup brush to lightly brush powder over the top of the pimple. This in combination with the neutrogena makeup made my face look so much better! Do not use if you have sensitive skin though-it can dry out skin very quickly!