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on 21/04/2014
I don't know what it is about Epsom Salts. But it always sends my body into a purge, making my skin look like a splotchy, red, broken out mess. It always clears up after a couple weeks, however. It's especially great for back acne. If you don't mind all of your infections being brought to the service at once, this is for you! Which is why I had to rate it not perfect because I cannot stand purges!<br/>What it does to my skin is rush all the blood to any area that needs healing, including scars. If there is an infection/blocked pore, it will cause that area to swell up for a few days, then a whitehead will form. I highly, highly recommend you doing this over a long weekend or on vacation. It will make you feel disgusting as well because all of the toxins coming out of you. Make sure to drink a ton of water.<br/>It will also make you sleep like a baby!
on 27/05/2011
I remember trying this in High School. I followed the steps completely and attained super clear skin. And then, out of nowhere it stopped. The toner started to really burn my skin and it just became a mess. It's also got pretty expensive, especially over time. I know tons of people who just have proactive lying around their house cause it stops working. Go with something over the counter with benzoyl peroxide in it and moisturize afterwards. I felt the moisturizing step in Proactive was not effective enough.