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on 23/02/2013
This product was my transition from Accutane and it has worked great ever since. I can't say its completely cleared me up but it has kept my acne in check with minimal side effects but with very effective results. I recommend it for those who have had dead ends with BP or retinoids.
on 23/02/2013
The bottom line is that this product is in no way a cure for acne. I think at best it is something to be incorporated into a topical regimen in order to give it a little extra push. Purchase with caution. Oh, and bring a barf bag for the nausea that is sure to come.
on 10/02/2013
I have been using this cleanser for about a year and i can say it's my favorite choice. I stick with it because although it is a bit pricey with the ordering and all the amount you get does pay that off. The large oz bottle lasts me about 2 months and some change.<br/>This is an ideal cleanser for those looking for something basic, effective, and gentle. Best product in the Acne.org product line by far. Get this!
on 16/01/2013
There are few products that are the right combination of gentle and effective. The lather that it gives is phenomenal; with bottles lasting for months. There are no quality drawbacks. Although, it is a bit of a hassle ordering this since I dont like paying 7$ extra shipping, but I get over it once it comes in the mail. Bottomline: TRY THIS PRODCUCT, I can even vouch for sensitive skin havers too!
on 01/01/2013
The bottom line is that is the lotion for those that are seeking:<br/>a NIGHT lotion( it doesn't contain ANY sun protection) that doesn't feel heavy on the skin, is gentle, and provides moderate moisture. Best for 3 out of 4 seasons. In winter it is wise to move on to a petrolatum based product.
on 12/09/2011
Not knowing where to start with the fish oil, I simply bought a 5$ bottle from my local pharmacy. After only 3 days of taking it I broke out severly. Deep inflamed zits appeared rather than my [usual] small whiteheads. Deciding to go for a higher quality, I then bought a 16$ bottle and started it up again. Not only did my acne go back to normal, but it actually started clearing up a BIT. Most notabally it reduces redness. This product is in NO way a all over acne reducer. I would recommmend it for light acne sufferers as severe acne sufferers[as myself] may not notice drastic improvement. NOTE : Most omega 3 supplements come with omega 6's and 9's( not a good thing). Try to get the fish oilwhere omega 3's have been isolated as much as possible.