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on 01/04/2010
It's an alright cleanser, but I might use something else next time, because it's main ingredient is 'triclosan'. Triclosan can make bacteria resistant.
on 07/02/2010
Didn't see any improvement for me. Might work for others though.
on 22/12/2009
It works alright for just cleaning your skin, but there is better ones out there.<br/>Oh, if travelling, it's a pain, every time I got it everywhere in my bag, because it's a pump thing, lol. Other washes have caps so it stops that from happening.
on 20/12/2009
Even though the Fusion (similar to Mach3 I think), has 5 blades, the SensorExcel's 2 blades do a much better job of shaving and less irritation. I can even get that facial hair off my chin very well, nice and smooth, not like other razors.