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on 19/01/2010
Did a 40% TCA peel at a cost, with a dermatologist, i should have known he cared more for his money than my face, The peeling took a good 11-12 days, the redness is severe and will probably last for at least a month or more. I wanted to remove ugly acne scars but now I replaced them with weird red hyperpigmentation, its been 15 days since my procedure and the redness/hyperpigmentation is supposed to last 4 weeks or more. Now I am having to use tretinoin cream at night, and hydrocortisone cream during the day, and have to wear makeup if i want to look presentable to anywhere i go. If you are going to do a peel, prepare your face for it, and make sure your skin is a good candidate for it, for the money I wish i would have just not done it in the first place, save the horribly long downtime, the original pain, and the hassle of sun protection always, cant go outside and play. Well I hope this helps