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Thurday Plantation's Organic100% Tea Tree Oil is THE Best and safest acne treatment EVER!!!
on 29/05/2013
I used Thursday Plantation's Tea Tree Oil all over my face and it cured my acne 100%. Don't use ANY harsh chemical acne products/ washes/ pills or you'll ruin your skin/ health long-term !!! Stick with100% natural remedies. TTO is the best all over topical for acne. I also used 100% lavender oil as a spot treatment only (too drying and harsh to use all over face). NB Use Thursday Plantations 100% Rosehip oil at night (and in the morning) to hydrate, soothe, heal, rebuild, strengthen your skin and make it glow with health (great for scars/ rosacea/ wrinkles/ burns/ aging/ hydraton lines etc too). If you need extra help for moderate/ severe scarring try the short 0.25mm skin needling from [link removed].au with beta glucan liquid from New Directions or do a vigorous facial massage for at least 30 - 60 minutes everyday for 2 weeks (you could try the Wellbox too, I have not used it yet, but it looks quite good). Lastly, only cleanse with sea salt + water or a gentle natural cleanser (like New Directions' Gentle Lotion Cleanser). Eat very healthy & nutrient dense foods i.e. vegan, mostly raw, wholefoods, organic, quinoa, broccoli, dried apricots with sulphur/ sulphites and fresh, chia seeds, sprouted foods, microgreens, wholefoods, superfoods, rice, lebanese bread or seeded bread (but not often to avoid gluten), baked potato/ sweet potato, scoop of chlorella/ spirulina/ barley grass/ wheat grass in fresh juice daily, salads with fresh lemon juice & evoo & salt + pepper, nuts/ seeds/ lentils/ chickpeas, sea vegetables, hummus, red onion, garlic, unhulled tahini, figs, tempeh, dark vegan 85% chocolate, avocado, turmeric, fresh herbs/ thyme/ coriander/ mint/ flat parsley, raw kale, berries, strawberries, beetroot, carrot, pumpkin, spinach leave salad etc. Take a quality potent multivitamin/ mineral daily, 2000- 3000 mcg of B12 weekly, kelp for iodine, flaxseed oil and drink fresh veg/ fruit juices or spring water daily. [Also get a little natural sunlight on your body/ face daily without sunscreen for vitamin D/ sleep in a dark, cool room, and make your bedroom/ home hygienic, dust free and clean]. Furthermore, AVOID, dairy, tap water, fluoride toothpaste (use herbal/ mineral toothpaste), GMO, processed sugar, corn syrup, gluten, pasta, canned foods, foods in BPA & other plastic containers, processed sauces/ processed foods, meats/ fish/ eggs (usually filled with toxins like pesticides/ heavy metal/ gases/ dyes/ diseases/ GMO/ antibiotics/ hormones etc), junk food, chips, fried food, microwave foods, sodas, aspartame, coffee, tea, vinegar etc; research new health information, great places to start is [link removed].au and [link removed] . I also found success with Steiva A (Retin A) .05% for rough skin texture, however, I'm only using rosehip oil now...please only consider Steiva A if you have severely damaged or aged skin as it is potent and can thin/ damage your skin. Do not use if you are young or have only light scarring/ acne. Also, only consider very light glycolic peels if you have severe scarring/ skin damage every 2 weeks for a few months, then stop for a few months - do this for a year ONLY (i.e. start at 10% and maybe work your way to 25% after 6 to 12 months of VERY careful use and rare usage) and ONLY if you have very severe/ all over acne scarring or you could burn your skin and severely damage it badly. However, If you burn your skin, see a professional for treatment immediately and use healing burn scar topicals with beta glucan, like New Directions' Beta Glucan Liquid and Thursday Plantations 100% Rosehip oil. Cheers!