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on 13/12/2013
Let me just start by saying that my skin and I have a love/hate relationship. I love on it all the time and I try to treat it right...but it hates me in return. Every time. I found Olay's face wash last summer when my skin had "kicked me out of the house" again and I'd grown desperate for something that would calm it down. I went in without any expectation of this doing the trick, and it surprised me. And I'm not easily surprised. I've used all of those other "calming", "sensitive", "gentle" cleansers which only stripped my skin bare and left me scratching my head like a fool. So when this left my skin soft, supple and comfortably clean...I fell in love. This cleanser is now a staple in my regimen.<br/>FYI: This cleanser is meant to be lathered (made foamy) in your hands BEFORE gently circulating it onto wet (not dry) skin. This makes it a lot more effective at cleaning your pores without pulling at your skin. Also, this in no way is to replace any "topical acne treatment". You will still need to pamper your skin and treat it right even after using this cleanser. ;)