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Great cream for oily skin!
on 30/03/2017
I used this cream a lot when I was younger - it is especially great for summers when you wish to have a lightweight moisturizer. It gives moisture to your skin without blocking the pores. It goes great under makeup too. I would advise this to people who have oily skin and for combination type when they with a light cream from time to time.
Great for thicker, oily skin
on 30/03/2017
I bought the brush after hearing so many good things about it. I have acne-prone skin with breakouts and clogged pores and my skin is more of a combination type that can get too dry and flaky if I use harsh products. I had huge hopes for the brush!<br/>I started using it two times a week at first, then every other day just following the general guidelines. My skin felt really - really - clean after using the brush! But after using it would get really irritated and my sebum glands started producing really much oil. I thought, all right, I probably need the sensitive brush head. I bought that and tried again. Unfortunately it didn't help at all. Then I tried the cashmere brush head and it still gave my skin irritation and aggravated my acne even more! You would say, that I needed to clean the brushes better - no one has been more religious about cleansing the brush heads than I was! So, finally, I gave up. Clarisonic learned me that my skin is of a sensitive type and I need to treat it so gently as possible. Now I only use hands when cleansing my skin.<br/>I guess this brush would be a great exfoliating machine for those who don't have sensitive skin. Otherwise - not worth it!
Great gel for oilier skin
on 15/01/2016
I used this one for a few months - it is a powerful gel that gives my skin a fresh look. It is though a bit too drying for my face, but ideal for my back (with backne) because the skin there is thicker.