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  1. Subcision for acne scars 06.15.17

    DAY 2- Saturday 06.17.17 Slightly swollen, still bruised and somewhat painful to the touch DAY 3-Sunday 06.18.17 Slightly swollen, slight bruising DAY 4- Monday 06.19.17 Went back to work tonight. slight bruising, but light enough to go back to work. DAY 5-Tuesday 06.20.17 Clearing up a bit. not much swelling. skin feels smooth DAY 6- Wednesday 06.21.17 Day off. Not much pain. skin feels somewhat tight. color coming back.
  2. My Subcision + Saline + Suction Treatment

    How is your progress coming along? I just had my third subcision treatment yesterday
  3. Subcision for acne scars 06.15.17

    DAY 1- Friday 06.16.17 First day post subcision. Slightly painful but only to the touch . Still swollen. Bruising on each side of the face.
  4. Subcision for acne scars 06.15.17

    On Thursday, June 15th, 2017, I had my third subcision treatment for acnescars in Dallas. Dr. John L Burns did my first in August 2016, second in January 2017, and third, a few days ago. The first time I did not suction the skin after because I wasn't educated about it. The second time I suctioned every day for a week or so to prevent the skin from reattaching to improve collagen production. This is my third time having the subcision procedure done and I will be suctioning as well. I use a plastic cupping tool that sucks the air out to lift and pull the skin away. Dr. John L Burns subcised the skin and drew my blood from my left arm to be used to apply platelet rich plasma to the skin topically and subdermal through injection. I will be posting photos to track my progress. I feel as though i've seen progress in my skin but understand that it will take some time to reach desirable results. First six pictures are "Day of" (06.15.17) pictures. Pictures taken immediately after and after i got home.