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on 25/11/2012
It's a toss up- do I prefer dry skin to breakouts? Well, I am off it right now, have been for a month, and I am breaking out like nobody's business. Going to the dermatologist to make sure the breakout isn't an allergy-related rash (Not due to the regimen at all- it's just that I have very sensitive skin.) if it's just good old-fashioned acne- back to the regimen I go!
on 25/11/2012
Hands down, the best moisturizer I have ever used on my face. Ditto the sunscreen.
on 25/11/2012
Contributed to my oily skin because of the drying effect- that lovely paradoxical thing that us folks with oily skin often get to deal with :/
on 25/11/2012
Love love love this as a body oil! The moisturizing effects last; it is great for elbows, knees, and after shaving. It does have a slight (and I do mean slight) odor at first straight out of the bottle, but it fades. It is a little pricey, but I only need a little bit so the bottle has lasted me several months so far- I still have a month's worth left.Good stuff! Gave it only a rating of 4 because it didn't work on my face at all.
on 25/11/2012
I'd been using the Olay with sunscreen for sensitive skin that is recommended, which worked great but wasn't quite moisturizing enough with the regimen. Switched to this even though there were some negative reviews...which I am adding to. Waste of money and a couple of pillowcases, although I've wasted plenty in my search for stuff to clear my skin- so I was prepared for the fact that this might not work.