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  1. How best to apply Milk of Magnesia?

    I'm wondering how those of you who use Milk of Magnesia (MoM) to control oily skin apply it, exactly? I'd like to be able to apply it thinly enough to use liquid foundation over it--so I don't want the chalky-white appearance of a thicker application. I've found that application using a cotton ball helps me to achieve a thin layer--but that a cotton ball soaks up most of the MoM, thereby wasting it; applying the liquid with my fingers tends to result in a thicker, obvious (chalky-looking) layer, which wouldn't work beneath foundation. *sigh* Has anyone found a better tool and/or method for thinly applying MoM that can be hidden beneath makeup? (Heck, even if you don't use makeup but have found a way to achieve a thin layer of MoM without wasting it on a cotton ball, I'm all ears.) Thank you, PI
  2. After roughly 21 years away from Differin, I've begun using the 0.1% gel, which I buy online. Now, I'm looking for suggestions for a daytime product that I might use alongside my Differin regimen. On the plus side, Differin seems to be reducing the frequency and size of my nodulocystic acne; on the negative side, my skin's oiliness has spiraled out of control--which may be due to stopping the Pill in late 2016 but definitely coincides with the timing of my Differin use. I'm hoping to find an acne-fighting (or an oil-suppressing) product that I may use during the day--and that is less likely to irritate skin that's being treated with a retinoid. I can get away with using Benzoyl Peroxide 5% gel maybe once per every 5-7 days, but anymore than that, and my face develops a serious chemical burn. But I really need something that can be used daily; going all day without any acne-fighting/oil-suppressing product just isn't an option, as my skin takes on a pronounce shine and my scars look deeper, the more oily my skin gets. At one time, I used a Sodium Sulfacetamide/Sulfur cream on my face, which I could wear beneath makeup. (It helped somewhat with suppressing oiliness.) But my insurance provider has stopped covering this medication; so I'm back to square one. Thank you, PI