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on 13/02/2016
Yesss! Love this clear gel; glides on much more smoothly than the pasty creams you find in stores. Thanks for large sizes,
on 20/01/2011
I've waited 18 months to write my review because I know this medication takes time to work. The initial breakout was the worst I'd ever experienced (see gallery pics). Though after about six months, the cysts subsided and my skin remains cyst free. I do struggle with hives on my face due to the food intolerances caused by Spiro - though I'm keeping a food journal to better target/avoid my triggers (wheat, soy, tomatoes seem to be biggest triggers). Skin is oil free, though becoming drier and drier - nothing a good moisturizer can't remedy. Overall, yes, women, try this medication, but go into it for the long haul. The benefits come after a good 9 months.
on 03/09/2010
I dissolve four aspirin in a tablespoon, then add a few drops of honey. I gently rub the paste onto entire face - leave on for 20 minutes. As I remove, I gently exfoliate.<br/>I've been doing this daily for roughly 2 weeks now and my skin is smoother, brighter, and 'clean' looking. I'll continue with the daily use until I feel mild breakouts are under control - then I'll decrease usage to 3 or 4 times/week.<br/>Great mask!
on 04/05/2010
I had my first treatment yesterday morning. The whole process was pretty painless, more uncomfortable than anything else. Felt like a strong wind blowing sand/grit on my face. Immediately after, and for the remainder of the day, I looked like I had a bad sunburn. It did not itch, burn, or hurt. Today, I am barely pink. No swelling. No pain. No nothing! My skin is a bit dry/tough, that's it...I'm beginning to wonder if it was worth my time and money. Hope to peel soon...and hope to see some sort of improvement...I'm sceduled for two more treatments...We'll see...
on 16/03/2010
My skin has become so dry due to Spironolactone; this oil works great for me when mixed with my regular moisturizer. My skin just swallows it up. A few drops is all it takes - otherwise you will be too greasy. I also apply roughly 6 or 7 drops to my damp hair after washing, then style as usual...looks like I spend hundreds on my hair! Love this stuff!
on 22/02/2010
My skin has become quite dry and sensitive since using Spironolactone; I had to ditch the acne washes and find something specifically for dry skin; this does the trick! Cleasnes without overdrying. It's the perfect solution.