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  • Interests Reader of since 2008. Things I have tried include antibiotics, most of the topicals (in high school before the cystic acne began in college), blue light therapy, spironolactone, saw palmetto, Obagi, and, of course, optimizing my diet. Most recently I tried Accutane, which was short lived because of the psychological and skin-thinning side effects. I wanted clear skin desperately, but I wish I'd heeded the horror stories. Accutane was the biggest mistake of my life.

    I also post things on occasion to warn folks of the potential dangers of taking saw palmetto and other DHT inhibitors, based on personal experience and the mounting testimonials of others.


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Very Scary Depressive no time at all.
on 28/07/2013
After 8 years of living with acne, I finally decided to try Accutane and was excited to get it done with. I was on 40mg/day, and my mood plummeted faster than anything I'd ever experienced in my life. I had terribly dark thoughts and couldn't get away from them. My hair started falling out after two days. I couldn't think straight at all and had crying spells. I didn't even last a week on this stuff. It may work for you, but I regret taking ANY of it and am waiting for this miserable feeling to lift. I am happy for the people who have success with isotretinoin. But brain fog and seriously depressive thoughts cannot be ignored. Update: Literally FIVE days of this stuff has permanently eaten up my skin - eyelids, earlobes, forehead etc. You'd be insane to play Russian Roulette with your life for moderate to severe acne. Learn from me...I guess I never thought I'd become an Accutane victim. Good. God. Just because this experience didn't happen to you doesn't mean it isn't helpful.
Worth Trying!
on 23/07/2013
I think Obagi can definitely help a lot of people - look at these reviews. It's good for sun damage and scarred skin. It did help me at times and I will go back to it. I think it can even help some people with cystic acne. It wouldn't hold a candle to my deep cysts, though, as nothing topical will. That said, the cleanser combined with the toner is still good, potent stuff. Used with my Clarisonic, it kept the clear areas of my face looking good, and weirdly, I think it made the bad spots look as good as they could. I imagine that with consistent use this will yield the best results if I'm ever out of the woods with these deep cysts. Bottom line: just try it.
Stay Away
on 13/12/2011
This is an update to a review I posted over a year ago about saw palmetto:<br/>Saw palmetto is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. Some people experience brain fog and sexual dysfunction from inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to DHT. I've read that the mechanism of saw palmetto - even though it's natural - is similar to finasteride, a drug that has proven seriously dangerous for some men. Although I am a woman, I want to let everyone know that while saw palmetto may not bring you harm, taking it for a month has become the single biggest regret of my life. I realize how dramatic that sounds. But the brain fog I developed with it has never fully subsided, and my libido is low and nowhere NEAR what it used to be. Slow cognition and slow sex drive? Not worth it. Please think long and hard before deciding to try this. I'd give anything to go back and un-take it. Best of luck to all of you!