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on 08/10/2012
This mask is one of my go-to home remedies whenever I'm having a bad flare up or dealing with a particularly nasty pimple(cyst or nodule). I've never used yogurt with this but I'm assuming it's used due to it's lactic acid properties which is also very helpful for acne.<br/>I've done this mask as just a plain oatmeal with water mask, and with oatmeal and honey(I like a solo honey as well). For me, the key ingredient is the oatmeal, that's what works. I used it for an awful cyst I had years ago in high school, it was embarrassing and not pop-able. I placed cooked oatmeal on it and taped it in place with a band-aid and did this several times a day, following it up with my normal regimen and it came to a head and started to heal within a few days.<br/>This mask isn't the cure for acne, but it is a lifesaver especially if you're prone to cystic acne or just have painful bumps under the skin. The oatmeal will shrink it, dry the zits up and pull all that nasty stuff to the surface so you can pop them(be careful!) and help it to heal faster.<br/>Just make your oatmeal, add some honey and make a nice paste and put it on your face for a good 30 minutes and wash off.
on 09/08/2010
I've been using honey for almost 2 months now and have included it as apart of my daily skin regimen because I love it that much. It really helps with redness, though it's not a miracle cure and wont fade red spots overnight. I have fair skin and after damaging it with different acne products, searching for something right, my skin would turn very red, looking almost like a chemical burn. It was raw and bad! A little honey morning and night, helped repair my skin to it's natural tone and texture.<br/>I use it in the morning and if I have time leave it on for 40mins-1hour, if not I'll leave it on for 15 mins just to take a bit of redness out of my skin. I wash it off and go about the rest of my skin routine. I do the same at night. I do this everyday because the honey doesn't irritate the skin. It's gentle and messy and my skin loves it.<br/>I use the cheap grocery store stuff but the more organic and higher the UMF apparently the better the honey and the better it'll work, though it can be pricey.<br/>I'm on Dan's Regimen again and am in my second week, and the honey really helped with my bad redness. I highly recommend this! It's not an end all to acne but it helps and I love using it with my daily regimen. But you have to be patient with it, as it helps the skins appearance over time.