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on 03/09/2010
At first I wasn't sure what caused the cystic acne but did some experiments with increasing and decreasing the flax seed oil. It was very obvious flax seed was the trigger of the cystic acne. Will never eat it again!!
on 15/02/2010
I eat fish oil every day and it has helped my skin a lot. My skin is not clear, but the fish oil prevents zits to grow enormous. It calms down infection in the skin.<br/>I also noticed that I have become a little more happy after I started eating the oil, but then again - who knows if that is the reason..
on 15/02/2010
I tried this oil for about a week but I had to stop since it caused me a masive break out.<br/>Now I use the rest of the oil as a moisturizer for my legs after shaving and that works very well. But it worsened my acne in my face, unfortunately. Can no recommend for acne care.