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on 21/01/2012
This is perfect. The only thing that saved my chapped, split skin during Accutane was this. It is healing, soothing, and so wonderful. It is a real treat to put this on my skin. It feels exquisite. For $13, this is definitely worth it. I will always come back to this product.
on 08/08/2011
WARNING: DO NOT use as a mask. Left my face super red (sunburn-like) for about an hour.<br/>Reccomended way to use:<br/>1-cleanse throughly.<br/>2- use a scrub after: I use Neutrogena's pink grapefruit scrub, which works well and smells great. Make sure you scrub gently but for about five minutes.<br/>3- Pat, don't rub dry! <------- super important.<br/>4- Use a Neutrogena on-the-spot treatment, with benzoyl peroxide of 2.5%.<br/>5- Do this twice a day!<br/>Last of all, good luck! :)
on 21/03/2011
I just wanted to thank Accutane for restoring my face to how it used to be. I have never seen my skin so clear. It has only been this clear when I was 11 and had beautiful, untainted pre-pubescent skin. I am so confident right now, and it is so easy for me to leave the house without makeup on. I only need a very minimal amount of makeup now. I have always felt that acne has held me back from my highest potential, that it made me seem like less of a person. Acne was very debilitating for me and made me very paranoid at times. I would constantly poke and prod at my face just hoping that it would go away. No at home remedies worked and the 3 antibiotics that I was previously put on stopped working after the 2nd month. My dermatologist was very thorough with the process of Accutane and told me that it was a last resort treatment. I am glad that I took it. It worked so well on me and it truly is a miracle drug. I am happy to say that it no longer takes me one hour and a half to do my makeup in the morning. I am very comfortable with where my current skin condition is at and am very fortunate to not have to use makeup as my crutch any longer. I am very happy. Please be sure to do an ample amount of research before you go on it. I did about 1/2 a years worth of research on several websites including this one before I asked for the prescription.
on 02/02/2011
I am in love with this product and the 12% Glycolic Acid Souffle. I have tried many natural remedies like turmeric, honey, olive oil.. but this product is the only thing that seems to be working for my skin. I have only used this product for about 2.5 weeks, but I am already noticing a big difference in the appearance of my skin. It looks healthy, feels soft, and looks bright and even. Also, since my skin is improving, I'm finding that it takes a lot less time to apply my makeup. I no longer need heavy foundation AND powder to cover my red spots. Instead, I dust a few layers of loose powder on my face, and I am ready to go. The recommended time to use this product is about 8-10 weeks, and I have only used it for *about* 3. I will continue using this product since I am already seeing results. I hope they never discontinue this or the souffle because I will continue to use both of those products to maintain the illuminated, radiant skin that I have now.
on 02/02/2011
I have tried several products for clearing up and evening out my skin which still had evident signs of 'red marks', or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I am on Claravis (Isotretinoin/Accutane), starting my 5th month, so that is helping with the actual acne, but Claravis does not do much to fade red marks. I have been applying the souffle every night for about 2.5 weeks and have seen a noticeable difference already. Some red marks have faded, but there are still about 5 or 6 on my face that need to be cleared up. The recommended time to use this product in order to see maximum results is about 8-10 weeks, but even if I see results by that time I will continue to use this product. I just love the way that it makes my skin looks. My skin looks so healthy now.
on 01/02/2011
I have tried several cleansers but this is the only product that has worked for me. I really like the fact that it does not overdry my skin. My skin feels clean, but it does not feel 'squeaky clean' which is how it should be. The pump makes it easy to dispense the product. I use this product in the shower as well. The hyaluronic acid really helps to hydrate my skin. Although this isn't an ''acne'' cleanser, I still feel as if it cleans my skin the way an ''acne'' cleanser would. This is so gentle. I will never go back to using any other cleanser.
on 01/02/2011
Well, there really isn't much powder in the little jar to begin with. It did look natural, but it took a lot of powder to build up a decent amount of coverage. The jar is a pain, so I would just transfer it to another empty powder container. This powder is not worth the amount of time that it takes to mess with it and adjust it to where you need it to be (to work for you). Don't recommend.
on 01/02/2011
It is alright. I wouldn't really recommend it. It didn't really do much for my skin in terms of making it 'look' better. It was just.. okay.
on 01/02/2011
I don't recommend this foundation. If you are trying to go for a natural look and making it seem like you are really not wearing any makeup at all, this is not the way to go.