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  2. Don't forget isotretinonin is a Chemotherapy agent .
  4. Whoever masterminded this chemo torture deserves a monument in HELL.
  5. And remember this drug was only approved for severe cystic nodular acne , not mild not medium SEVERE nodular cystic acne. How many on this board had or have this , I sure as hell didnt. Looking back I had very mild acne I found old photos the other day.
  6. Yes criminal is right. Chemotherapy is well know for damaging the body permanently, if you want to learn about chemotherapy go to excellent web site you will be on there for a while . Major info on lots of stuff.
  8. And remember don't rub yours skin unless you want to have a heart attack trust me I found this out the hard way. i think I know more about this drug than anyone on the planet. Remember our skin cell receptors are permanently fucked up. Pardon my French.
  9. You guys should watch the documentary VAXXED. Millions of lives destroyed by the greedy pHARMa $luts.
  10. If you guys haven't read this book yet you must , Virus Mania , it has never been possible to create a disease with the relevant microbe EVER. And NO medical Virus has EVER been properly isolated now think about that for a minute the germ theory is a complete fraud. It's not the germ it's the terrain .
  12. The post that started it all , we must never forget isotretinoin victims. Just like victims of crime our voices will not be silenced.
  13. Dries out your skin, including your gums and genitals FOREVER . Dries out your eyes and gives you floaters forever. gives you leaky gut and IBS. messes with your bones. messes with your hippocampus , I really don't think being $%^&ing chronically dehydrated is very healthy for you another patented POISON . Is it any wonder that this drug has been banned in numerous countries around the world .
  14. I would agree supplements are a complete waste of money I spent thousands with no improvement the chronic cellular dehydration is sadly permanent.
  15. Constant head pressure I can relate mine comes and goes , I also have the dry eyes , mouth massive hair loss and my cognitive functioning has been reduced since tan exposure. I was able to get rid of my severe back pain by increasing water intake . These are all well documented chemotherapy side effects . I'm pretty sure that this drug has shortened my life span considerably.
  16. If you look at the long term side effects of say a stomach cancer / liver cancer patient who was treated with traditional chemotherapy you get pretty much the same long term side effects as what we have , only difference is NONE of us actually HAD cancer only a few red spots I find that disgusting and criminal . You know the worst part is I still get mild acne lol just like I had before treatment so my question is , what was the point of it all other than being a guinea pig for a pharmaceutical company with their new miracle drug . I took this drug 22 years ago but I had no idea of what I was getting into I was just an inocent young adult who was naive enough to trust allopathic medicine. Btw chemotherapy has a dismal 2 to 3 % success rate heck your better off to do NOTHING if you have cancer at least your quality of life won't be affected . Your hair won't fall out and you won't feel like crap. Better yet look into german new medicine if you know ANYONE with cancer please direct them to this. German new medicine has an over 90 % success rate treating cancer that's the highest I have ever found and it's way higher than even herbal medicine or hemp oil treatments for cancer .
  17. I think we all deserve respect for our unneeded suffering over the years. For no GOD damn reason as I have often said most of us had mild acne.
  18. Are you that naive to believe in a magic Virus that eats your liver common man allopathic medicine has lied to us for over 200 years. From vaccines to chemo it's all poison. Again I tell you read the book Virus Mania. And wake the "&$" up. There are a lot of reasons for liver problems , no magic virus needed. No more fake news . com
  19. 10 day late period on Roaccutane?

    Opps sorry wrong thread.
  20. 10 day late period on Roaccutane?

    Isotretinoin for a lot of men is chemical castration. They should have just given us battery acid. I think it might have had the same effect. I would say if you go on a normal round of 6 months your chances of never having sex again are pretty high. All this for a few red spots insane.
  21. If you take accutane or the generic version you are literally making a deal with the DEVIL.
  22. /topic/184944-permanent-back-bone-or-muscle-pain-after-accutane/?do=embed">
  23. And please people don't rub your skin with anything for prolonged periods of time trust me on this one unless you want to have a heart attack our skin cell receptors are permanently @)(& up.