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  1. If you take accutane or the generic version you are literally making a deal with the DEVIL.
  2. /topic/184944-permanent-back-bone-or-muscle-pain-after-accutane/?do=embed">
  3. And please people don't rub your skin with anything for prolonged periods of time trust me on this one unless you want to have a heart attack our skin cell receptors are permanently @)(& up.
  6. Patented POISONS = isotretinoin. I always wondered why some derms won't use it in their practice NOW I know why this is one of those drugs your mother warned you about. Perhaps your parent took this at one point in their lives and remembers the devastating consequences of it later in life.
  7. In the near future they will consider it an act of CRIME to hand out chemotherapy agents to ANYONE for any reason as I have often said POISON does not have the ability to heal the human body oh quite the contrary . We truly are living in the dark ages of medicine . It never ceases to amaze me what people will do for clear skin , or hair think Propecia another patented POISON .
  8. Mistake number 1 NEVER poison a genius . It has never been possible to create a disease with the relevant germ , FACT. The germ seeks diseased tissue in other words it's the clean up crew. Just like cancer is not to be feared think german new medicine. Isotretinoin is just another pHARMa poison , anything 200 years or newer in medicine is PURE POISON.
  9. What was your dosage ? Your side effects are quite severe sounds like around 15.000 mg or more
  10. I find it ironic I go to my allopathic doctor for severe lower back pain and I get offered more drugs caused by another drug ( isotretinoin) what a. Joke . I never took any instead I learned to drink more water , more often and less beer this solved my problem. But it's how the system works they treat symptoms but never actually get to the root cause of what the hell is causing them , pathetic. Dont get me wrong most allopathic doctor are well meaning but are simply trained to hand out synthetic concoction. They call it symptom management it's certainly the wrong approach and in the end never really leads to healing.
  11. Sorry my allopathic doctor said and I quote " it's not that bad ,( isotretinoin) you have to take better care of yours and watch your diet " those were his exact words . Hair loss is sadly permanent 50 % loss in front due to hypervitamin tosis . All truth passes through three phases , first it is ridiculed , second it is violently opposed and FINALLY it is seen as self evident. Isotretinon is no different. Accutane treats acne with permanent side effects, FACT. And please people don't rub your skin it only makes symptoms / side effects.WORSE.
  12. I thought it was s miracle drug until the back pain kicked in , the hair fell out and the pseudo Tumor flaired up , fucking $luts.
  13. They are all prostitutes all of them ( allopathic inc )
  14. This is turning out to be another VIOXX.
  15. Allopathic medicine disgusts me it's filled with endless LIES. From toxic vaccines to toxic drugs they really have NO clue on how to heal the human body . Their future lies in bone mending and trauma care.
  16. So basically accutane only worked while you were on it pathetic. Yet they tout it as a miracle drug there is no such thing. More like a controlled poisoning .
  17. Correct , stress is the number 1 killer so people on this board please don't get stressed out over tan this will only make things worse. The oldest person in recorded history lived to 122. What was her secret , she never did anything special for her health in fact she smoked drank wine daily ate 2 pounds of chocolate per week so what was her secret ? She was quoted saying if you can't do anything about it then DON'T worry about it. Wise words from a smart lady in other words NO mental stress. Now everyone here should listen to those words it's called the body mind connection. German new medicine.
  18. Whatever happened to indigo rush ? The original post that started it all his long term side effects were dry eyes , brain fog , joint pain , hair loss , impotence , constipation. To be fair he took 12,000 mg that's a lot. Perhaps he finally moved on realizing that symptoms wax and wane.
  19. So in conclusion I'm doing pretty well considering being poisoned.
  20. Also my severe back pain is gone that was years ago I attribute this to drinking lots of pure maunawai water a water system I bought worth ever penny.
  21. To be honest I'm doing better then most on this board my main problem these days is brain fog other symptoms have gone away no more stomach issues thank God for that , for a while my stomach was pretty messed up so close to a full recovery. My doc said and I'll repeat it again I have to watch my diet and take better care of myself in other words drink less beer having said that my dad drank beer until age 80 so this pisses me off . As have most of my ancestors so I'm doing the same thing they are. Aparently beer and tan don't mix hmmm.
  22. Taking this drug has caused me more problems than any woman ever has lol decades later I'm finally putting the puzzle together of what exactly this drug did to me.
  23. Yup. Due to my diligence we are finally making progress with this toxicity issue , you can thank me later.
  24. You can buy them online. I believe they have 7 herb in that mixture the tincture I buy is local from a naturopath doctor and it only contains 4 herbs for a gentle detox the key is to push the toxins out of the fat cells by increasing circulation then the body can deal with them slowly. Key word slowly without causing harm.