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  1. Zinc Blog 1 (WEEKS 1 & 2)

    They do help me! I have been taking them consistently still but haven't updated on here because I got busy with finals and holidays. I will take them forever! They help with hormonal acne, not sure if you are a guy or girl, but I know us girls are very prone to hormonal imbalances that cause acne so I know it HAS to be the zinc. Stick with it! I am like 99% clear now, a pimple here and there.
  2. Zinc Blog 7 (2.5 MONTHS)

    WEEK 11 (2.5 MONTHS): - I stopped posting for a while because midterms started coming up and I got very busy. I think I may be posting less frequently though as i don't see me having any skin epiphanies anytime soon lol - I have currently a few spots (active) and a lot of healing ones on my cheek (those honeslty kind of come and go and I swear it's due to not washing my makeup brushes frequently enough) - I have not had any super inflammed or itchy/painful hormonal spots around my mouth anymore & I can say with confidence that I am absolutely certain it is becasuse of the zinc! I plan to continue to take zinc from now on. I am convinced that it has had a positive impact on my skin and acne issues Here are some pictures from tonight:
  3. Zinc Blog 5/6 (WEEK 6/7)

    I'm so glad that someone has been finding my zinc blog helpful! I literally hopped back on here and decided I should start posting more again (got busy with classes) because I hate when people stop posting things and I am dying to know their progress! Don't give up just yet! I feel like zinc is one of those supplements that if you take it, it may not help, but I really don't think it does harm. In my case, I do believe it messed with my birth control but that's a special case. Also keep in mind that you are taking a pretty high dose compared to me so I think that if it is clearing you up, it's working in overdrive! I will post tomorrow currently my skin is pretty good! Still taking it consistently.
  4. Zinc Blog 5/6 (WEEK 6/7)

    WEEK 6/7 (I skipped a week): - I finally overcame the majority of that awful hormonal breakout, for the most part && most importantly no spotting/bleeding issues (sorry tmi) - now that I'm in week 7, I can say that I am overall happy with how zinc has been helping me out with my skin - the primary improvements are seen in the reduction of hormonal acne around my mouth area which is AMAZING because that's what bothered me the most - I currently have a few minor cysts on the sides of my face (jawline/under chin) but nothing that seriously bothers me (shown in pics) - I feel as though my hormones are maybe even a little more stabilized and I'm not as moody/grumpy (which isn't a whole lot to begin with but still) - skin/hair seem more or less the same as far as oiliness goes, maybe the slightest reduction in it, but nothing to write home about - I am going to continue this blog until I finish the bottle and then I feel as though I will be able to provide my final thoughts on zinc 30mg (specifically optzinc) and its effects on my acne - as it stands right now, I think I want to continue taking it, even if it doesn't overall provide massive changes, it's enough to keep me on it! **provided some pictures from tonight, but they are from my iphone so less quality.. **sometimes I wonder if this blog is even helping anyone out there, I see that it gets some views but this is way less interaction than when I posted my Accutane blog years ago.. *sigh* hopefully I'm helping someone make a decision on whether or not to try zinc