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It works but study up on it first!
on 03/08/2014
I went to my doctor because I had a bad case of bacne (back acne) but it turned out to be some sort of bacterial infection...sorry, I can't recall its name. Its from excessive sweating and possibly supplements I take. I don't really have facial acne but I do have a minor case of rosacea as well so he prescribed Doxycyline for both. Within 5 days my back is almost 90% clear and the minor redness on my face is gone. I definitely feel like my skin looks alot tighter/smooth. For those complaining about being nauseous, vomiting, stomach aches etc. are you reading the label warnings? Make sure you are taking this on a full stomach during or immediately after meal or else you will feel sick. Also my label said do not consume dairy products within two hours of taking it. Hopefully my skin will stay this way once I'm off of it!
Changed the formula?
on 20/07/2014
I've used this product since 2006 and its worked just fine for cleaning my face and I've never had any problems with it. Until this year, it started causing red blotchy spots on my face. My forehead would breakout into rash like bumps and it would itch pretty badly. I never thought it would be the face wash as I've used it for years. Once I eliminated this from my regimen my face cleared up and the rash/redness went away. I'm not sure if my skin changed, the formula changed or the combination of this and BP is linked to the symptoms? - which is always possible. I've noticed others stating breakouts, rashes and redness from this as well in their reviews, so its just not me.