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    I feel you should try every avenue before accutane.

    Try Niacin.

    Change your diet. Keep a spreadsheet of your diet , regimen and suppliments - medication.

    Be honest and thorough and after 30 days you will have an acurate picture of everything.

    Then make the changes until you find a good combination.

    For example, remove full fat milk for 30 days, than maybe processed meats and pork?

    Please check my Blog. You will see that I have made massive life changes. There is no magic wand. You need to really be up for the fight and beat this.

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    I don't know if it is the same for a Woman but alot of people here have had joy with Niacin. Please see my blog or posts.

    I am replying because I am 39 and was on Roactuane in my early 20's [never again]

    I played many sports and feel it is not a fittness issue but stress is ringing alarm bells.

    Put some dead sea salts in a vitamin bath with some lavender oil and burn some lavender oil as well anf relax.

    Than try to figure out how to beat it, then let us all know.

    Good luck

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    Started using Niacin on July 5th [see earlier post] i have had 95% success.

    God Bless you for starting this post and sharing this with us.

    I use the Holland & Barrett £2.49 100MG.

    I have also used a 500MG slow release kind from natures remedy £15, but no flush with these.

    I have played with the dosage and now I take one 500MG on one day and a 100MG the next.

    Be prepared for the flushing, it can be intense.

    However, I found that when I was taking 3x100MG a day with main meals, the flushing eased up.

    But when I miss a day or 2 the flushing was right back for 15-25 minutes.

    I also take other stuff and have an excellent hygene regimen now and it is all on my Blog.


    My acne was the cyst/biol type with no puss, just blood. Really red and saw. I'm 39 and done with this acne.


    I messed with the dose because I was feeling tired and had headaches....

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    People do care, don't give up.

    Have a read up on here, you may find something that will work for you.

    You are welcome to read my Blog, as I have had alot of success.

    My improvement was only gained by reading up on this site.

    Even today I learned about wheatgrass and Liver cleansing....

    At least you are safe here, as no one will judge you on your skin condition.

    You are still very young and have everything to live for but you probably need to make some changes like I have. There is no magic wand though, so be patient...

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    When I go on holiday and lay in the sun and swim in the sea all day my acne is not even noticeable after 3-4 days.

    They constantly tell us not to stay out in the sun as it may cause skin cancer though.

    However, my Uncle lives in the sun and was a fisherman at sea and He just celebrated His 60th and He looks awesome.

    It's not that easy with kids and a mortgage to hop on a plane 4 times a year or so....

    I live in London and there is NO light half the time and I work outside! :dry:

  6. What a Prick. My pals are worse though. I was in front of my friend at the supermarket checkout and a young lady was serving us and when I was done and walked off He shouted "Miss He has not paid for that Pizza", while pointing at my face.

    It's sad but I prefer it that way, as you know that they are thinking it....

    Better out in the open.

    However, I would take this guy to one side for a chat. Tell Him that you are well aware of your problem and you can handle it but if you keep making it a way of publicly humiliating me I will mess you up. You would not shout out to a Cancer sufferer Baldy! Well you may but you would be a social lepper. To me it's no different and these people get away with it because there is no sympathy for our condition but only fear.

    You have done well not to go to His level and mock His sexuality in a place that He may not find comfortable.

    Don't leave it.

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    I am sad to hear of your sadness. You should try the vitamins as they can regulate your sugar levels. I have been taking Niacin for 2 weeks and it has helped me 80-90%.

    I will add a picture tomorrow, as my PC is down.

    My full regimen is on my Blog's latest entry [today].

    A book that may help is You are what you eat, Gillian Mckeith.

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    Niacin has helped me but looking at your picture, your acne is not like mine. I get red lumps.

    I would recommend the regimen on this site.

    I also think it's good to keep a spreadsheet of your entire diet, including drinks and a separate sheet for all the medication/treatments you have used.

    Try to keep records of when your skin was better and match it to what you was doing.

    I think there is a log you can keep on this site.

    Also, you can remove something from your diet for a Month and see if it helps. For example, if you stop eating dairy products or processed meat and record the results.

    It's hard when your young but alcohol can really irritate acne.

    If you have to drink find one that affects you less.

    Best of luck

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    Niacin has really helped me but it has not helped my Daughter. It seems that there are many different forms of acne and many causes.

    I'm back here to look for another cure for my Daughter. It breaks my heart to read about so many people hiding away with this terrible affliction.

    Never Give Up!

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    I have used 3x100MG of Niacin + a Vitamin B Complex x3 for x3 days now.

    I would say that this has helped me at least 50-60% with Large Red sores.

    The Flushing is strange but the reddening actually helps blend in all those areas that look worse then they are because I have pale skin.

    I hope this helps and thanks for the member that first posted about Niacin.

    PS I am not a dealer or rep for Niacin!

    Also, I ordered from a web site expensive Niacin 500MG but I have only used £2.49 bottle from Holland & Barret.

    Good luck and Never give up.

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    What age are you?

    I am only asking because this message is under Adult Acne and you say that this only started 3 Years ago. If this is the case, are you very young?

    I believe that stress or an extreme negative emotional period can trigger Acne.

    Don't give up, people care.

    I have just read that Niacin can help and cured one member very quickly. I have ordered some myself, so I can't say it works for sure but there is hope.

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    I hope this works. Ordered today from naturesremedy.co.uk

    I am 39 and still mildly plagued.

    Still can't confidently plan a social gathering.

    Worst thing is having my Daughter suffer and I feel kinda like it's my fault.

    I am very pleased for you man but there is no excuse for a diet of junk food!

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