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    you can get either organic butter or butter made from vegetable oils. earth balance is a good butter subsitute.

    No such thing as a good butter substitute.

    All vegetable oil based "substitutes" and margarines are terribly bad for you.

    I'd trust butter over butter substitute. In general, foods that have to be manufactured to imitate a certain natural food should be avoided.


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    i use olive oil and canola oil and both taste great and are inexpensive. i don't know what the difference between cooking and high heat cooking is but i'm assuming those two would still be fine to use.

    Canola oil is terrible for you.

    For those that "break out from protein", are you all eating all this protein WITH fat?

    Because it helps.

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    what are everyone's thoughts on eggs? i buy the organic kind and i'm trying to come up wtih cheap and quick breakfast ideas but eggs & fuit are pretty much the only thing i can come up with. i don't wanna eat any meat or anything in the morning because it's just costing me too much money if i try to eat meat for three meals a day.

    and also, what about lunch meat? i'm thinking having some lunch meat wrapped in romaine or green leaf lettuce might be a nice snack.

    Bacon is cheap. Gives you plenty of fat to start your day. Tastes good.

    I'd stay away from lunch meat, too many preservatives.

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    IMHO, Saturated Fats are fine. And you'll find most Paleo/Primal types will agree.

    Humans evolved to hunt for fat. We evolved to eat fat.

    Of course the grain-fed stuff is less than ideal.

    By the way,

    The best oils should be low in PolyUnsaturatedFattyAcids. (PUFAs)

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    Tigermike, how does veganism not save the lives of animals? Naturally the animals I don't eat are still killed, but OTHER people buy them and consequently the rate of animals being killed for food decreases (even if just a slight amount).

    And as for the food pyramid... Well that thing is corrupt. Honestly, wheat/grains as the base? Common sense: fruit and vegetables are the healthiest, purest foods available. Wheat and grains have to be processed to be edible. Processed food = bad. (And of course as Dotty said, companies pay tremendous amounts of money to keep their foods on the pyramid. I wonder if America's health matters more to them or money...?)

    And as for eating a vegan diet to be healthy, vegan diets aren't always healthy. A vegan diet can still be riddled with sugar and refined processed foods. A vegan diet based on fresh, raw fruits and vegetables is the healthiest choice.

    Okay, now that I've ranted (sorry, nutrition/corruptness/animal rights can really get me going!) Congratulations on your decision to go vegan+fish November Rain! If you feel like you need fish, that's fine, but if it's protein you're worried about, there are many ways to get protein on a 100% vegan diet. Naturally, soy has a lot of protein (I don't recommend eating too much of it though). And fruits and vegetables have more protein than you think. Eating a diet of only raw fruits and veggies you'd probably get around 5 to 10% of your calories from protein. A mother's breast milk has about 6% calories from protein, and from birth to childhood is when we grow the most! So I doubt humans need much more than that :)

    Good luck curing your chronic fatigue and IBS!

    I'll respond, but it'd be better explained if you looked into it yourself by either visiting "beyondveg.com" or reading "the vegetarian myth".

    While I agree with the beliefs system of many vegans and vegetarians (our current CAFO style of getting meat from animals is both unsustainable and disgusting), the answer does not lie in vegetarianism.

    I also agree with you that fruits and vegetables are some of the healthiest foods available.

    However, there are MANY that do not significantly incorporate these into their diet as they should.

    Instead they continue to consume some variation of the crap that the rest of the "West" consumes: Soy, Wheat, & Corn. (most of which are NOT meant for human consumption)

    These monocultures (organic or not) are created by clearing land which was once called home by hundreds or thousands of animal life. When not organically raised, the land is sprayed by herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals that KILL life. The fertilizers that are REQUIRED to grow the plants (yes, even organic fertilizers) are made from fossil fuels also known as dead animal life.

    Unless those carrots and kale are transported to your local Whole Foods by horse and carriage, then fossil fuels are burned to get them there. Thousands of years ago, we went to the bathroom outside in the wild, were the soil used our waste as fertilizer, now we flush it into a sewer. We also used to bury our dead into the ground. From there plants and soil used our bodies nutrients to grow. Now we are buried in boxes unreachable by the soil. Different world today. Eating meat isn't the problem.

    There ARE sustainable ways to raise animals for food. The same for produce. Ways that restore the earth instead of only taking from it.

    Again, I recommend looking into this yourself. I don't care one way or the other how you feel.

    The more vegans, the more grass fed beef for me.


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    There are all kinds of lifestyle habits that also affect acne. And some people do have real hormone, liver, adrenal, etc issues that require more than diet and lifestyle to address. Most of us don't though.

    Yeah. But if people ate really good diet from the day they were born would there be so many of these problems?

    Of course there wouldn't be so many. But some people are born with defects. I thought I made it clear that I wasn't referring to the majority of people.

    And lifestyle is still just as important. You can eat perfect, but if you don't sleep or are inactive, or are overly stressed, you can still have health problems including acne.

    Having a great diet from the day you were born would be tremendous!....but... there is piling evidence that suggest we are not just what WE eat from the day we are born, but what OUR PARENTS and previous generations ate before us.

    Meaning, if your parents ate poorly their entire lives, but you ate for health since day one....you still may be affected negatively due to their actions.

    check out

    and then


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    Important to stay hydrated.

    However, keep this in mind...

    Try not to drink a lot 30 mins to an hour BEFORE and 30 mins to an hour AFTER a meal.

    Your stomach acid will become diluted and you will not properly digest all your food.

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    Gonna side with the video on this one.

    I don't believe a calorie is a calorie.

    Taube's research supports this as well.

    An Egg and An Apple are not the same calories*, and don't have the same effect on the body.

    *i dont mean quantity.

    ETA: check out this thread. great summary of that same video "The bitter truth"

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    I know this is your day of eating, but though I would post a picture. Here was my late lunch today, kind of an appetizer for dinner:


    Leg of lamb in crockpot. 3-4 lbs of lamb, couple of beets, carrots, parsnip, onion, garlic, some herbs and seasoning to taste.

    Hmm. Well.....now I know who to see next time i'm hungry in Gainesville.

    Looks great.

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    It's just hard because I still live at home and I can't buy my own groceries.

    I feel your pain. Been there. Done that.

    If your parents don't buy "paleo" foods/ingredients. Try to make an effort to go shopping with them and help out in the cooking process for them a few nites a week. You can try explaining to them the new "diet" you are trying for a few months to help your acne.

    What parents wouldn't LOVE to have the night off and have their child cook for them!?

    Explain to them the basic premise of the diet (meat, seafood, veggies, fruit, nuts) and ask if most meals can be some baked/grilled meat and a veggie side dish. Include more salads if everyone likes that. Experiment with smoothies on nights that they want frozen pizza. If they still resist and are addicted to the prepackaged processed foods every night, ask politely for a "grocery" allowance that you can use for your own food choices. They can set aside 25-50bucks every week out of their normal grocery spending to give to you so you can shop for healthier choices. Another tip would be to start a recipe book, so that when your parents DO cook they have some options that would include you. Here's one to start with. Or create your own!


    Trying to get your family to "buy-in" to your beliefs can be one of the hardest things about living healthier.

    anyone else have advice/experience with this to share?

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    the reason the egg whites aren't filling you up is because you aren't eating the egg yolk.

    The yolk contains 99% of the vitamins and minerals of the egg. Foolish to skip it.

    It also contains the vital cholesterol and fat that your body needs.

    I would avoid soy milk as a dairy alternative. It's not really meant for human consumption.

    Don't believe me? go see if any infant formulas are made with soy milk anymore and find out why they aren't.

    My breakfasts usually include bacon and eggs, sometimes a veggie omelet instead. Every now and then a green smoothie.


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    Veganism protects only the "cute" animals? I thought vegans don't eat any animals and that includes the "uncute" ones too like fish (of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;)).

    Veganism in NO way helps to save the animals or the planet. Nor is it more sustainable than an omnivore diet.

    Read "The vegetarian Myth" by Lierre Keith for more info.

    Highly recommend it.