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    I don't really know where to begin. I religiously followed the regimen for a few years and it worked great for me, but then I started to breakout with non inflamed acne on my forehead. Realizing that maybe the BP wasn't the solution for this and that perhaps I was doing more harm than good for my skin, I decided to wean myself off of BP. Now, I've been free of BP for about 3 months and my skin is absolutely terrible. I had worse acne a few years ago before I first started the regimen, but now I have scars and bumpy skin and less severe acne (but this is just as bad if not worse as the acne I had). I don't know what to do anymore. Two weeks ago my skin actually looked pretty good; this week it is terrible. I don't know what is causing these fluctuations in my skin and I'm not able to isolate what factor causes the fluctuations. In the past 3 months I have been on 2 antibiotics for about 9 days each (for health issues unrelated to acne). Both times my skin cleared up to an extent, but I cannot determine whether this was from the antibiotics themselves, the increased water consumption, or the improved digestion. I started to think maybe it was the makeup I had been using that caused my problems to start while still on the regimen, yet I've been off of that for a month or so now. I started taking probiotics to improve my digestion. I stopped eating nuts this week because I thought maybe that was contributing. I am sick and tired of feeling ugly and not being able to look at myself in the mirror. I NEVER can look at myself in the mirror even from a distance if I am wearing my glasses, they make my imperfections all to clear to me and I'd rather pretend that is not how I appear to others. I apologize for the disorganization of this post and any grammatical errors that may be present. If anyone has any advice for me I am open.

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    This is exactly how i feel! From a slight distance my skin looks great but as you get closer you really notice how dry yet oily and rough my skin is. My skin doesnt feel tight, i can move around, but the flakes are unbearable. AHA doesnt even help me. I have to moisturize 3 or 4 times a day to get rid of flakes. I've even tried lac hydrin 5 as a moisturizer thinking it would solve my problems, but even with that i need to re moisturize a ton.

  3. I've never really brough it up to my friends, especially when my skin was really bad. They would sometimes be like UGH why am i breaking out, meanwhile the had like one tiny pimple. Lately there have been a few conversations about acne, and i for the most part have just sat back and listened. It actually really bothers me because they really have no idea what they are talking about it, while i know so much (at least i feel like it) . I am basically completely clear now thanks to the DKR regimen, and i had bad moderate acne. It did make me feel better though the other day when my friend was like oh btw your skin looks really good. Even though i'm clear, i still have to worry about my skin. (it gets flakey, and i can't go in the ocean or pools with my face under because my skin will dry out at flake off)

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    When i started out the regimen i was doing it on my full face. I just couldnt deal with the irritation and flakiness all over that just wouldnt go away. This might make some people discontinue the regimen. I'm not sure if people already do this but....simply just pick one area of face (forehead, chin, etc.) to start out on the regimen. After irritation/flakiness subsides and you are pretty much clear there, start out the regimen on the next area of your face, and so on.. (while continuing the regimen wherever else you did it) . I did this and found it much easier to stick with the regimen, producing better results. Although i didnt put bp all over my face at the beginning, i did wash and moisurize everywhere. Good luck to all!

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    I've been on the regimen for over a month now. With the areas i'm doing the regimen on, i'm pretty happy with the results. I still have to use a ton of moisturizer, and sometimes i will still flake. Lately though, my face will get so itchy (usually at night--if im out all day i wont usually have a problem with itching since i wont touch my face in public) that I cant control myself scratching it, and i get cuts on my face, which then form scabs (the cuts arent that big but look like acne scars...like i need more of that!) Usually only a small area itches at a time so i'll scratch that little spot pretty deeply..Has anyone else gone through this? Any advice?

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    Ok, so last friday i started the regimen. At first my skin was extremely red and irritated, and then this monday my skin started drying out and peeling. I need to wear makeup, so i decided i wasnt going to be able to live with the dry skin, even if it meant acne. So..i have decided to only do the regimen on my acne that is really bad (cysts .. i will do the regimen on my cheekbone area) . The rest of my acne is non inflamed or just very sporatic pimples. So yeah , thats my decision!

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    thanks everyone! just now for my evening regimen , after cleansing i used some jojoba oil, and then the bp. i used a little less bp also. For the rest of the week i will use less bp, and then increase to 1/4 of a fingers worth like i was before.

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    Hello everyone! This is my second time trying the regimen, about a year later. I just started a few days ago..my acne is looking better already! I've been doing 1/4 of a fingers worth BP twice a day..but my face looks like i got a horrible sun burn and feels like it too (i know its not one). Because of this i am forced to wear this heavy makeup to cover it, which doesnt even look that good. When i wake up in the morning it seems to be calmed down or at the end of the day..im not sure if that means anything.

    Anyways, im just here to ask you if you know of any tips to help relieve the redness and burning.

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    I have been through numerous over-the-counter products that haven't done much for my skin.

    Today I began to think that maybe, just maybe, over-the-counter products aren't enough...

    I mean, acne starts from the inside right... so it should be cured from in there I'm guessing?

    I DON'T KNOW :surprised:

    So, has anyone had any major improvements or become completely clear by ONLY over-the-counter products ?


    yeah i would like to know the same.. ive been on dans regimen and i might want to change

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    Thanks for the answers.

    Do you think it's better to buy the acne.org products instead of other products?


    Well,it probably would be best to use acne.org products. They are proven to work well together. Or, use Dan's recommended products, those are great too. I use his benzoyl peroxide, cerave moisturizer, and his cleanser. Be sure to read reviews on whatever you are planning to buy.

    Good luck!!

  11. yeah i guess it isnt really a big deal... next time im with him i will just be like "yeah soo whatd u mean by that" i guess in a flirty way just so he doesnt take it the wrong way haha thanks though guys just writing that and seeing responses made me feel better

  12. So i have a facebook right, and like a week ago one of my semi-friends (who is a guy) said that i have the most awkward photos he has ever seen. this was a wall post, so i just commented "thank you". really though, does this have anything to do with my acne even though it is really mild? i looked through my pics.. none of them too awkward to me. who the hell does he think is to say that to me reallyyyy !. it makes me even extra self concious

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    Exfoliating scrubs, such as St. Ives, that contain bits of ground up apricot or peach pits (or anything similar) aren't the greatest for acne-prone skin. The granules in them actually contain sharp, jagged edges which can cause micro-tears in your skin, which are not only irritating (and irritation can lead to breakouts), but make an excellent entry point for bacteria.

    A better option, if you still want to use a manual exfoliant, would be to find one that has smooth, silica beads in it. These beads are just as good at helping to loosen up dry, dead skin, but because they're smooth, they're gentler on your skin.

    oh ok . thanks ! but why doesn't dan recommend using scrubs?

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    not quite sure about the first question..but it is not recommended you wash your face more than twice a day. i do feel greasy and oily sometimes.. and there isnt really anything i can do. i am thinking about trying clean and clear oil absorbing sheets.

    at night, i too roll around, and i dont think any of the bp rubs off. just make sure it drys before you go to sleep.

    and if you have no more pimples, i suggest you still use bp.

    are you just spot treating? cause that wont prevent any acne. i suggest trying dans regimen (unless you only have pimples from like something you are doing wrong- only if you are acne prone do the regimen)--if you try the regimen , follow the directions precisely!!

    hope i helped !

    oh and about the side effects... its dries out skin, and longterm..well i have heard many things, so i would look it up yourself since i dont want to lead you in the wrong direction

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    well the only way i could get it off is if i scrape it..or use a scrub. today i showered mid day and was going out after so i used st ives apricot scrub (with sal.acid) and i removed all of it easily. but i dont want to wash my face all the time in the middle of the day. also i know dan doesnt recommend scrubs but i sort of want to use it like once a week.. anyone use scrubs while on the regimen?

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    I only read the first few posts, but i sort of disagree. Yes, i did get acne when i hit puberty..and i have had it for years. I never really did much, and when i did, that didnt last long. It got to a point where i was breaking out in these incredibly stubborn pimples (huge) right near my nostril. I would constantly have my head down. Since i started to treat my face, i have made much progress, and currently i am on dan's regimen. I plan to be on it until i am completely clear, and past that. Than, i am hoping to stop the regimen, maybe go on birth control. If i left my face alone, i would have been in a totally different situation. by the way i am 14, had acne since about 10.

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    Its summer, and i never know when i am gunna be in a pool or go to a beach. For example, i was at my friends house and my guy friend calls me and invites us to his pool, so we go... there is only one problem..my face !!! when my skin is wet(even after washing it) my face turns white with all the residue(probablky bp,moisturizer and dead skin) So, i have to go pretend to go to the bathroom and scrape it all off. Then my face is all red. i try to avoid getting my face wet, but its really hard. Anyone have a solution to this?

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    GAH! One day before I leave for vacation I of course get a HUGE ZIT! I haven't had anything like that in at least two months! But the thing is that it is "swollen" right now, and I want to pop it to reduce the "ugliness". I have tried to pop some, but first there came pus out, and then some clear liquid kinda thing came out, so I havent reduced it enough. I am sure there are more pus in there, but I am scared that this will cause it to become a wound, which definately will look even worse.

    How can I reduce it to a acceptable level in 1/2 days? I know there will be a red mark, and the skin will be a bit damaged from popping it, but if there are a chance I can do that without making a wound, then I am willing to take the risk, because I can't stand to have that big thing in just right in my face.

    Any tips to a quick healing of this problem??

    Please help


    well, i think you should try icing it to reduce the swelling. if you want it to come to a head, i think you are supposed to hot compress it.

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    your acne is mild but i would say bad mild. people with really bad skin think people like your or my skin is nothing to worry about but it is! we still want clear skin! In my opinion, benzoyl peroxide is great but if you have legit acne it isnt going to be enough. I recommend going to your dermatologist and going on differin 0.01. it completely cleared up my skin that used to be like yours. i still use bp in the morning, but i now use differin at night.

    thanks everybody !

    and yeah i know it may not be that bad but it is greatly affecting my life !

    i am going to stick with the regimen for a month or two more, and if that doesnt work i will be taking a trip to the derm !

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    On the area of my face below the eyes and next to my nose(front cheeks?) i have dead skin that builds up. Washing, moisturizer, nothing gets rid of it excpet when i pick it. Even with thta, it is back the next day or so. In that area, i get some acne, but i dont like putting bp there because of the condition of my skin there. Any ideas please?

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