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I hate Duac!
on 05/06/2014
I started using Duac a few years ago - it really cleared my face (with the help of Differin, too), which was obviously so amazing and gave me such confidence - I loved it. However, after 2 years, my acne came back, worse than ever actually. Duac became ineffective for me (maybe my skin got used to it), but my dermatologist says I should still use it. I absolutely can't stand putting this stuff on my face now - it burns, stays sticky for hours, makes my faces red and patchy and stings. Not to mention bleaches everything it touches. I literally can't handle putting this stuff on my face these days, it just hurts me so badly.<br/>Obviously everybody's skin type is different, so it may clear you forever! I do have really sensitive skin, so maybe it's too strong for me now or something. It's just so heartbreaking to me that for a couple of years I didn't have to wear make up and could walk out of my house with such confidence, feeling great about my clear skin, to now - my skin is really bad and I'm well into my twenties!
I'm not totally convinced...
on 05/06/2014
I have been using manuka honey as a face mask on and off for years now. I can't say I have ever really seen a difference in my acne by using this, but I still do it in hope that it will contribute to clearer skin.<br/>It does however, leave your face feeling quite soft and supple, which is great for anybody!
Worked amazingly for me - but only for a few years
on 05/06/2014
My dermatologist prescribed me Duac & Differin topical creams (Duac for the morning and Differin at night). I remember getting an initial breakout from these creams but it didn't last too long. Within a couple of months my skin had cleared beautifully - I was so confident, hardly wore make up and when I did, would only use concealer for some scars and powder to control shine. Honestly, Differin worked amazingly for me.<br/>HOWEVER, after about 2 years of using this product, my skin slowly but surely started to come back. Over a year it got so much worse and I gave in and went back to the dermatologist who has now put me on Dianette. I still use Dianette now, because I'm too scared not to and have also read that it is an excellent anti-wrinkle cream, as well as an acne treatment.<br/>So, to sum up - Differin cleared me 99.9% (as well as Duac), but unfortunately was only temporary. Everybody's skin is different though, so it may clear YOU forever.