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  1. I gave up sugar and my skin is clearing up!!

    it really is. I'll have to dig out pics of what I looked like November 2016 so people can see the change in full. There are some really old acne pics of me in my gallery though if anyone is curious.
  2. I gave up sugar and my skin is clearing up!!

    Still going good 4 months later. I have occasional "cheats" but on the whole I am sticking to it and although my skin isn't "perfect" it is staying so so so so much clearer than it used to be. I won't ever go back. Oh and I've lost over 4 kg now and I am doing NO EXTRA PHYSICAL ACTIVITY WHATSOEVER. I probably should do more physical activity but still this is amazing. My body fat has dropped from over 32% to around 27% as well. X x x