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    I am starting to notice a relation between consuming kefir and getting a breakout the following day. When I consume kefir, I consume at least half of the whole bottle, so maybe that really affects it, but if you were to just take probiotics in a supplement form, I think you may be fine. However, I don't think probiotics have ever done anything for my acne.

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    I personally seemed to only get regular after eating grains again, but only the ones containing the highest fiber. What also seems to really help me is to wait as long as possible without drinking anything before and after eating, but when you do drink, drink enough. One thing that almost works every time for me is drinking a warm tea in the morning right when I get up.

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    This is just a theory, but perhaps the reason why niacin works short term and then fails is due to digestion. I have been have been trying to figure out why I still get acne and through countless hours of research I think I may be onto something that may help. I think i have low stomach acid, this causes me to have problems with the digestion of certain foods, hence contributing to breakouts, maybe this is why one week I have no problem eating a food, the week after I seem to have a allergy to it. Anyway I have been experimenting with cayenne and betaine hcl one pill of cayenne wit large meals, one pill betaine with snacks, my digestion is improving , no more bloating or gas and i think it is having a affect on my skin ( only a day in to early to tell), now to the niacin point. Low stomach acid is a problem that affects a lot of people and they have no knowledge of it. Niacin is actually used to promote greater levels of stomach acid. Maybe by taking niacin those who had stomach acid problems temporarily correct this problem, or maybe the dose of niacin eventually taxes the liver causing a new problem creating new acne. I've quit all supplements and am just taking the two acid promoters , ill update if there is interest on my progress. More research still has to be done........

    Very interesting! It will be nice to hear the results.

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    Mr. Crab you are taking non-flush for quite while now, right? Did it kill your acne?

    I had the usual results of it seeming to completely heal for a week and then it went back to normal. So I have been taking flush niacin in the middle of the day while I take the non-flush in the morning. The regular niacin just helps with my complexion I guess.

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    Well, I've been taking the flush kind and I haven't seen any results. I guess it might keep your acne at bay, but I hadn't been forming any new spots beforehand, so I can't really comment on it.

    I've got a question: Has anybody seen improvement with their red marks/hyperpigmentation whilst taking Niacin?

    Thanks :)

    It's definitely helping me with hyper pigmentation and inflammation.

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    I am taking Vitamin B Complex 100. This Niacin concept is very intriguing and I would like to give it a try. Just wondering if I can take it with the B Complex I am already taking.

    I can't see how it would be a problem since vitamin B is water soluble so the body just flushes out what it doesn't use.

    It should help if anything. I am taking a B Complex as well, but I am just about to start on Inositol Hexanicotinate. Good luck.

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    I'm going to look for the inositol type at walgreens later, and update in a few days.

    So inositol hexanicotinate is labeled as Niacin Flush-Free, which is not the same as Niacinamide?

    Correct. Flush-free niacin and niacinamide are not the same thing.

    Thanks for the direct answer! That's pretty interesting. I will get the Inositol Hexanicotinate Flush Free Niacin then.

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    im 16 and just started taking 100mgs of niacin (flush) last night. i didnt have any visible reaction to it with 100mg so i took 150mg today. my forearms just got slightly pink and my face was a little itchy for a short period of time. should i take a higher dose? im desperate :(

    500 mg seems to be what people work their way up to from smaller amounts like 100 mg. So you can increase the dose over time and keep it at 500 mg when you reach that point. We build a resistance to the flush effect after a while, so don't worry if you don't like it.

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    I am sure it's no problem taking it with Niacin. I've been on it for 2 days (with a B complex so it works better) ,so I have yet to see if this is something that helps me significantly.

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    Unless we have 2 people with the same acne and live in the same house, we can't really compare.

    The non-flush won't be better (less available niacin, and the flush might be beneficial) and the flush is def better due to more niacin available, and maybe even more beneficial cos of the flush, so do yourself a favor and go for flush!

    I took regular Niacin 500 mg a day for over a week and am now on 500 mg of Niacinamide a day for about a week, and it's finally getting better. On the Niacin, it seemed to heal my acne very well for maybe two days or so, and then got very inflamed again. It seems to be getting much better now, but I don't know if I would have been getting the same results from staying on Niacin.

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