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    Aaaah my hair is back to shedding again - this does run in cycles! It's looking good though, and I'm working towards feeling psychologically free from this problem. It doesn't affect me as much as it used to, since my hair DOES remain relatively nice. Gotta remind myself that 1 month of shedding *won't* make much of a difference
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    Hi friend, I don't have advice for you, but I can offer support. We are our own worst enemy. Step away from the mirror and do some self care. No one notices your skin the way you do. You are a unique human being with so many other incredible features. I'm in your exact same boat, I've tried everything but have a horrific breakout right now- but I'm pushing myself to be a friend to myself. I believe this gets better eventually.
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    Guys, I really think you should try what has worked for me, @Canucklehead12 and @UnusualClub which is Benzoyl Peroxide. I know some of you have tried it in the past and it didn't work. However, the first step is to eliminate the source of this bacteria which are your nostrils. Gram negative and positive bacteria including staph grows in your nostrils. Simply clean them with hibiclens for 30 secs using a Q tip for 3 to 5 days. Also apply hibiclens to your face for 2min. Hibiclens is a microbial and kills gram positive bacteria like staph. Start using BP wash or lotion at the same time which will ensure the bacteria does not breed on your skin anymore. I used BP first as spot treatment and saw difference overnight. Then used it all over my chin mouth and nose and thats it. I only use it on my problem areas. After using hibiclens on your face, i used povidone iodine for the next 5 days. Povidone Iodine is another antimicrobial which kills gram negative bacteria. This way you ensure youve removed gram neg using iodine and gram positive using hibiclens. Meanwhile by using BP everyday, you ensure bacteria doesn't return to cause these pustules. Moisturize everyday. It will help. Try this routine and it'll help in 2 weeks or less. I used to think diet affects my acne. Tbh, it does, but only when these bacterias are active on your face, they feed on sugar fructose etc that you eat and multiply. Once you remove these bacterias, you can start eating anything again.
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    I may continue to update, but honestly this site is just as full of negativity as I remember. When I share photos saying I'm thrilled with my results and the first response is "Well it's still not perfect and your filler is going to wear off" that's pretty telling. It reminds me of when I was on this site years ago, so excited that Accutane was finally clearing my acne after 10 years of unsuccessful prescription treatments. I got so many comments along the lines of "Just wait, your acne is going to come back." My face will never be perfect, but I'm happy with myself and I don't spend my days fixated on my appearance. Tbh I'd rather have all my scars back than be as bitter and negative as some of the folks posting here.
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    Yeah exactly, only heard about this last week, Australian soldiers given anti-malaria drug mefloquine and it causing massive psychological issues for some of these poor guys to the point of ruining lives. Of course it’s all played down by Government reports. Complete ignorant bullshit in a similar fashion to what we go through with our relaying info to doctors and specialists.
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    We'd be delighted to have you over there, the community is gaining some serious momentum lately, user's from all conditions are coming over. If we prove the androgenic theory we could potentially get prostate cancer research on board and get governmental funding, that's the short summary, you'd have to ask the mods. We are getting very close and the new study is to be published very soon i believe, it's looking into molecular mechanisms of action if im correct on that. Remember we are all likely to have similar cell lines effected, one breakthrough could help us all out. This is now a global effort, join the fight my friend!
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    Hey Guys, Sorry for not being around too much, i wanted to post here a quick update. I will be presenting my work in London this coming September to a team of Researchers. I will try to convince them to focus their attention to the Liver. As a summary of what i've been finding over the past 3 months. -I confirm the importance of Gut. Even though i was not looking too much at this, Gut *is* very important. -Given the latest findings of Lipkin et. al, we see Phospholipid metabolism alteration. From others we saw Bile Acid Metabolism disruption (Hanson et. al) -Gut dysbiosis may be responsible for Liver issues such as NAFLD, NASH and Fibrosis. The contrary is also true : Liver Issues result to Gut Dysbiosis (through Bile Acid dysregulation). Given the above i believe that we have to focus on enterohepatic regulation (not just Liver, not just Gut but both). Please note that Retinoic Acid inhibits Bile acid Metabolism through repression of CYP7A1. This may be setting the stage for Gut Dysbiosis (?). -One supplement of interest is Butyric acid because it induces expression of MFGE8 (Hypothesis). I will keep you posted.
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    Hi everybody! First off, I just wanna say how thankful I am to have found this thread! Before I ended up here, I was moving from derma to derma looking for different opinions but they all ended up not really knowing how to deal with the situation properly. Most of them resulted in prescribing me with rogaine 5% foam. Thankfully my new derma already knew many of the side effects of accutane and was aware of the amount of hair loss. One BIG problem is that since I'm a 19 yr old male with hairloss on my mother's side, the temples are more susceptible to receding due to MPB but I knew that without taking accutane, this probably would've happened a lot later. For those of you whom are male viewers and are going through post accutane hair loss, the side effects in my case were rapid hair loss and I was able to count the fallen 30-40 strands every day. This doesn't even include the hairs that fall out unnoticeably throughout the day. My hair was also thinning and as I mentioned before my temples were also receding. The crown was also a little bit easier to see but it's not too bad now. As for my dosage, I started off with 20 mg in September which is light. In October, I bumped up to 40 mg and this lasted until the mid of November when I was once again bumped to 60 mg. Once mid-December hit, for some reason, my dermatologist wanted to bump me to 80 mg. Being the UNEDUCATED SWINE I was, I believed him when he said that, "It's just to make sure that your acne gets out of your system." So I went along with it. I stopped my accutane treatment on March 23. By this time about a good 30-35% of my hair was gone. The entire time I was taking accutane, I was skeptical mainly because of how much hair was falling out. At the end of November, I noticed that my scalp was visible. I had noticed this because I usually had my hair styled upwards and I was starting to somewhat see the outline of my head through my hair. I was worried so I booked an appointment with the derma who prescribed the accutane to me and he told me that it was a side effect that would go away and that my hair would grow back. Throughout December my hair was still THICC enough to style which I was alright with until I noticed my temples were starting to creep a bit. It was then that I panicked and throughout January my hair was falling out rapidly. My scalp was much easier to see and my hair was harder to style so I BUZZED IT ALL OFF. Most people would say that my temples receding because of the accutane is a bogus idea. I'm aware that it accelerates MPB but one thing that confirmed it was when my barber that I visit every month asked if my hairline was always receded. He knew because he usually gives my hairline a lineup to make it straight but it just wasn't possible at this point. In fact, he wasn't the only barber to notice this either. Since June, I noticed that my long hairs weren't starting to fall out anymore so I thought the TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM had subsided. But MAN WAS I FUCKING WRONG! Now I am losing 2-3 cm hairs now. To top this off, my skin is becoming oiler and I'm getting some acne here and there. Thankfully I'm following a new skin care routine. Overall, don't take accutane. Doctors are lying to you when they say it's the best treatment for acne. In fact, it was originally supposed to treat cancer but instead, it's making us look like WE HAVE CANCER LMAO! I'm currently taking the men's rogaine minoxidil 5% foam. I just started it on the 30th. I've been working out since 2 years ago and have been drinking green tea as much as I could. I've been trying to get enough protein in my diet. However, the rest of my diet still sucks and I still have to work on my poor sleeping habits due to college. Anyways, that's my story for both the females and males going through this hell. Moral of the story is do your research, don't do drugs, and don't do accutane. If you're panicking right now, don't because it'll only make things worse and you'll end up buzzing your head like an idiot (unless you have a nice looking shaped head). If your hair loss is indeed as terrible as you think or say it is, keep your hairstyle short so it doesn't curl or kink. Find a nice hat that you look good in to hide it. I find that this helped me a lot. Lastly your final resort would be to own it.
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    Not to over discuss this topic... My point being is be your own advocate. That is the only person you can trust. Do the research. Dr Rullan while good is looking out for his and his business's best interests. You need to look out for your own. My interest is to empower you. Laser treatments (In this case rf - microneedling, same pathway to regeneration) can have standards of care of every 2 weeks to 4 weeks being treated, some Drs do multiple laser treatments in a month. Then the patients come here distraught that they lost fat and collagen from their procedures, ... they were never made aware of the side effects, nor did they have time to observe what worked and what did not. Being conservative is best in these instances and this is rarely done. The patient needs to know how they heal, if they are sensitive, what is effective, the desired outcome of treatment (often different than a Dr), the side effects of treatment, and Risk Benefit analysis of the proposed treatments. When we blast 5 treatments at once, it's flashy, sounds great, ... pushes unnecessary stress on the process of healing with possible side effects, can cause damage. The body does not heal like this, nor was it made to deal with these excess stresses. What do patient's do when Dr Emer says oh you just need more treatments or we will wait and see ... " your face is messed up, oh that is normal." They say to wait for improved appearance, yet they want to push treatments, ... do you see what is wrong with that thinking, it's reverse. Patients often trust the word of the Dr and buy thousands of "more" treatments, ... this is not in their best interest. Example. Ongoing Swelling, hiding the damage done, or inducing necrosis of the skin excessively. What worked and what does not, ... who knows. 3 different types of filler reacting to other topicals,... who knows which is it. Often the patient is blamed for negligent care. Dr's these days do not have time to monitor your situation. Let alone a med spa or general derm who goes by standards from the equipment manufacturer. These are not customized to your situation. The same standard is used for those who have perfect skin and want "a little something" for cosmetic purposes as the worse acne scar patient. Collagen is developed in 6 months, with 3 months being the minimum of re-treatment, I would not want to damage gains in collagen. Again we are not talking about someone with perfect skin who want's a little something (w/ no fat loss, no collagen destruction, no auto immune like response to bacteria - acne- causing scarring, excessive PIE, breakouts, complications, sensitivity, slow healing, complications from other procedures). It's a risk, and the risk is on you if you allow it to happen. I think that is the biggest error a patient can possibly can make is not being able to say "no," or at the very least saying I will call you back to schedule a appointment after I check my calendar. Dr Rullan get's paid to offer you surgeries and services. Read Real Self, one of the biggest complaint's with Infini (I own one - but don't go by standard of care), is using the "wrong settings" and "excessive treatment leading to fat loss, or on someone who has no fat." Or "grids" when the patient was told it was a no down time quick procedure (often they have perfect skin and no need for these procedures), ... the body takes time to heal. BA POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS (Laser or Infini - RF Microneedling) - (From The FAQ, Why Complicate the possible side effects...) Pain Post-operative pain is not as big a deal as the pain you experience during the actual laser skin procedure. Topical anesthetics are usually applied to your skin before a cosmetic laser treatment to minimize as much pain as possible. However, you can still feel discomfort after the procedure. For more invasive laser skin treatments, doctors may even prescribe pain pills. It may also be mentally "painful" to wait for your skin to recover. Redness, swelling, and/or itching This is a very common side effect of laser skin treatments. Traditional ablative lasers would physically vaporize the top layer of your skin, leaving it red and raw for months until it healed on its own. Non-ablative lasers, while less intensive, claim to have no downtime, but facial redness (erythema), swelling, and even itching are common post-laser side effects. These symptoms will usually subside after a few days, though "pink" skin may linger for many weeks later. Sensitivity to the sun Since cosmetic lasers pretty much heat or damage your skin to encourage it to heal, it is no wonder that laser skin treatments will make your skin more sensitive to the sun. After you get laser done on your face, it is extremely important to stay out of the sun during peak hours and wear proper Changes in skin pigmentation Not everyone's skin is suitable for laser treatment. Generally, cosmetic lasers work better on people with lighter skin tones than on people with darker skin tones, but both kinds of skin tones have a risk of hypo-pigmentation (lightening of the skin) or hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin). Asian skin is particularly prone to hyperpigmentation, especially with high strength or deeply penetrating cosmetic lasers. Although some laser skin procedures, such as those that treat pigmented lesions like sun spots, will make the pigmentation spots darker before they get better. Bruising Depending on the type of laser skin treatment, bruising could be one of your side effects. This symptom is more common in pulsed-dye lasers where treated areas can develop purpura, or purple spots in the skin when blood vessels under the skin leak. The bruising will usually fade on its own, however the process can be sped up with the use of KTP lasers. Demarcation line / Grids A demarcation line represents a change in your skin color where the cosmetic laser was applied and where the laser was not. If this happens, it usually shows up around the eyes, lips, and jaw line of your face. Demarcation occurs when you experience a loss of pigment in your skin from the laser in the treated area compared to the untreated area of your skin. There is not much you can do to treat demarcation lines other than trying to depigment the rest of your skin to match the lighter color, though this is a difficult task. Makeup is usually the best (yet cumbersome and impermanent) solution for demarcation lines. Infection Infection is not a very common side effect, but it can happen, especially with some of the more invasive cosmetic laser procedures. Most doctors will prescribe antibiotic creams and pills to take post-op to prevent any kind of infection from occurring. If your skin scabs post-laser, you must also resist the urge to pick them off or you will risk infection as well. Scarring It's funny how cosmetic lasers can be used to These are moderate to severe side effects of cosmetic lasers and light-based facial treatments like IPL. Most of the time, you will seem like you have a sunburn post-laser, but sometimes blistering, scabbing, and even crusting can occur on your face. These symptoms must be left alone to heal on their own. Blistering, scabbing, and/or crusting These are moderate to severe side effects of cosmetic lasers and light-based facial treatments like IPL. Most of the time, you will seem like you have a sunburn post-laser, but sometimes blistering, scabbing, and even crusting can occur on your face. These symptoms must be left alone to heal on their own. Fat Loss Fat loss, especially facial fat loss, is more common with radiofrequency treatments like Thermage. Because radiofrequency constricts fat cells, many people have experienced a gaunter looking face post-op. There is nothing that can be done to reverse the effects of fat loss short of fat grafting surgery. Recurrence of the skin issue It usually takes more than one laser skin treatment to get your desired results. However, even after multiple treatments, some skin conditions will come back. This is more common with cosmetic lasers that treat vascular lesions and remove hair. With broken capillaries, for instance, lasers can destroy the blood vessels, but a laser treatment will not prevent your skin from growing more blood vessels. Breakouts Some people experience "purging" or minor breakouts post-op. This could be from the stimulation of your skin by the laser treatment or from the emollient healing creams you apply after the procedure. In general, you should not get laser treatments if you have active acne or irritated skin. While some cosmetic lasers claim to treat acne, it is my belief that lasers best treat acne marks and scars, not active acne itself. Destruction of New Collagen Over or excess treatment can lead to destruction of collagen which is very fragile often developing over 6 or more months. Excessive wounding or induced healing can lead to poor results as the body cannot give the best benefits from the regeneration process of the skin. _______________________________________________________________________________ Fraxel provides increased improvement six months after the last treatment When any wound is created, whether traumatically, or surgically, there is a wound healing cascade that is initiated. Multiple things occur underneath the skin that are not visible to the naked eye. An infantile form of collagen is first formed and then as the wound matures, the body dissolves that collagen and lays down a mature form of collagen. Then this collagen over many months integrates in a stronger formation, similar to pick up sticks falling on the ground and then someone laying them neatly together in parallel groupings. Inflammatory cells are also recruited into the area to keep it clean and new blood vessels form, microscopically, to bring in more oxygen that is needed for the new collagen to form.Typically there are biochemical and clinical changes in healing scars that are seen even up to 18 months after surgery, but this is why with Fraxel, that there is continual improvement in collagen build-up and even tightening possibly, for six months. -- Ronald Shelton, MD
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    Thank you! I've been off it for 2 full years now
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    You might be surprised to hear that it is quite normal to feel this way. ALRIGHT HERE ARE YOUR TWO OPTIONS--- Do you want to be - 1-SUCCESSFUL WITH ACNE 2-FAILURE WITH ACNE These are the two choices you have. Whatever choice you make will impact your life in a big way. Stop overthinking it. Get rid of the mirrors. Start reading. There are tons of people like us. If only a few people had acne, I doubt this site would even exist. But it exists and the innumerable posts suggest that there are thousands out there just like us. Whenever you are feeling sad, Go on this site and read some of the positive posts. "Crying while getting ready for school, pretending to be okay, feeling like people are staring at me. Getting home and cry when I remove my make up. " Its okay. Its painful to go through this still I want you to feel the pain and accept it .I am sure it will be easy this time . Now after a few years, you will get a degree, you will have a face with less acne, you will be emotionally strong and all this will be a catalyst for your success.
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    @FungalAcne Perhaps maybe there is no cure and there is only ways to control it. Im 100 percent clear with BP wash and I dont mind. Some people are slave to skincare routines and other to diets in order to avoid breakouts. My bp wash is 7 dollars and it lasts me almost a month. Its something I can buy at walgreens and dont need a prescription. Im fine with that. It saved me from being self conscious every minuted of the day. From cancelling dates with girls. From going to the bathroom in every place just to look at my skin.
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    Hey everyone, Long-time lurker on this site. Just made an account as I felt compelled to take part in this discussion about Accutane sides, and do whatever I can to help myself find some closure. Hopefully, I can help out the rest of you along the way with this 23andme project. I have a plethora of questions, but for now, I'll ask only two. 1. What would be the best way to sift through the 600+ pages of information in this thread? Is there any way to speed this process up without missing important information? If need be, I have no problem making my way through each page individually. 2. Could someone possibly PM and explain the necessary steps in the 23andme process so that I might contribute what I can? Cheers to everyone on this thread. Best wishes to us all.
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    Sometimes all you can do is fake it till you make it. When your skin is getting you down, go out and take a walk. Look people in the eye and speak positive messages of love and acceptance to yourself even if you don't feel it. Acne is unpredictable and even if you are doing everything right, it can still rear it's ugly head. While you try to find a solution, work on your mindset and self love. Hang in there.
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    Hey friend, sorry I'm late to the game here. I wanted to say I'm 26F currently experiencing the worst breakout of my life. I've tried everything, including Accutane, which ultimately failed after a few months of flawless skin. Though I mentally struggle with my acne over and over all throughout the day, I've been reminding myself that this is MY skin. MY skin breaks out because it's doing its' normal thing. We cannot control the way our skin breaks out/if it breaks out/how badly it breaks out. I'm working hard on mentally accepting what my body is naturally producing. Though I won't stop looking for treatments, I'm also learning to love myself and care for myself. Be kind to yourself and hang in there.
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    There's one very easy way to find out if many of us share this polymorphism. If you do have 23andMe data, please upload it and take part in the propeciahelp GWAS. We all have our own hypothesis, or at least suspicion, of why we are experiencing seemingly permanent side effects from Accutane.The GWAS being discussed on propeciahelp will not be influenced by anyone's hypothesis or beliefs in what is causing our problems. It is a simple as: 23andMe data in -> analysis -> unbiased answers ...And the data can be submitted anonymously. This has to be the easiest and most low-cost thing each of us taking part in this conversation can do, compared to the hundreds or thousands many of us, myself included, have spent buying various testing kits, supplements and drugs while trying to fix this. .
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    So this is a very mild day from what i found in my pictures.. usually the white heads would be all over my nose also.. It definitely looks like using the benozyl peroxide 10%, my nose/face is much less oily and the pimples are drying out.. my face looks much clearer and will update again soon.. thx
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    you seem to always be the bearer of bad news huh , let me ask you a question. Who is this tissue bioengineer you allegedly spoke with Rez ? ( His name , position within the team/ company etc ) Also if this would be the case only until 50 years then how is it a That Skin TE which is considered a overall failure by this community able to regenerate hairs and sweat glans within the newly formed tissue ? ( And this product is considered a fail due to the cosmetic appearance ) On a scientific level scientist have discovered that they can turn stem cells into fat cells which in turn will regenerate skin without scarring , explain to me how you equate some random bioengineer scientist ( who you talked to , the biggest troll and pessimist in this community ) to a legit discovery , explain please. we will have scarless healing way earlier then what your pal proposed.
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    @FungalAcne I use Benzagels 2.5% BP as spot treatment. Order from Amazon. Also use Clean and clears BP face wash 5% on problem areas once everyday during shower. The application of BP has to be followed long term to prevent regrowth of bacteria. Hibiclens and Iodine are only used for first 10days to eliminate the crazy growth of any species on your skin. Then BP is used to maintain low bacterial count.
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    Ehh that's not misinformation dude. He's an expert doing a complex procedure. I can't go drive my car @ 160mph & when I crash blame Top Gear for misinformation.
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    Hi everyone, this thread is extra long already but I had to add my story to it. Just turned 28 years old and it’s been the worse bday of my life. It was my third accutane course (only for a couple of pimples) and I took it for only 1,5 months. I’ve been living HELL since 3 months. My face is first worse than ever and swells and is red. I am having the WORSE depression/suicidal thoughts/I feel I am going crazy/OCD/Anxiety/Panic attack... All my oft hurts, I don’t recognize myself in the mirror. I was in psych 3 times, Drs want me to take SSRI and other stuff but i tried and as feeling worse. I just feel like it’s a nightmare.
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    23andMe analysis of post-Accutane/PFS/PSSD patients to begin soon Hello everyone. The administrators of propeciahelp and the PSSD forum are collaborating on a community-driven genome-wide association study of sufferers of persistent post-drug side-effects from Accutane, Propecia and SSRIs. This is based on 23andMe SNP genotyping data. This may tell us: What genes are involved in developing side-effects from one of these classes of drugs What genes are involved in susceptibility to the symptoms being persistent/permanent What pathways may be targeted to overcome these side-effects What biological systems to inspect more closely to answer why this is happening to us If there is a strong association between some of the ~750,000 genotypes tested by 23andMe, and all, or one, of our patient groups, we will likely have some answers finally and we will use this to persuade for further research. If you have 23andMe data, please sign up to propeciahelp.com, fill-out the questionnaire (if only briefly), and upload your 23andMe raw data (should be .zip, .txt, or .raw file extension) to the digital dropbox account linked by awor here. (use anonymous name and email for dropbox submission) You are under no obligation to post on the site beyond providing a username and answers to the questionaire, if you wish. Thanks all. The more people we have submitting 23andMe results, the more power this will have.
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    I actually hate everything about this awful disease. I’m sick of living this nightmare day in and day out. I’m sick of feeling so unattractive and everything always being about my skin. Six years is too much. I really need help. No one understands it. All I get all the time is ‘it’s not hat bad’ ‘you can barely notice’ ‘why don’t you try this....’ I’ve never felt so unattractive in my life and I can’t even talk about it. I can’t stand this. It hurts so much.
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    Hello! I have acne scars worse than you. I understand your pain. I somehow landed in a bougie finance/accounting firm after college where literally everyone looks like perfect models. I’ve always been good at talking my way into things but definitely do not fit in looks wise. I can’t have a full conversation with anyone without them staring at my scars. I have also never met anyone with scarring as bad as mine. So I understand where you are coming from. If you would like to talk more about it, it would be great to have someone that understands living like this. It really is a lonely feeling.
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    Type in google gram negative folliculitis and bp. You are going to see a couple of studies of how it talks about the complications of antibiotics leading to folliculitis and how it was managed with bp succesfully. Im already clear and I wouldnt be saying this to mess with u guys. I understand the pain of this and I feel bad for not posting what worked for me since I could be helping someone. If u decide to try BP wash. Dont stop if u see dryness and irritation. That happened to me at first. What kept me going was that I didnt see any new pustules emerge. After a week or so my face stopped getting red and used to BP. My only issue now is that my face can get oily sometimes but I counteract this by splashing with water or just washing with BP morning and night imstead of just nightime. Im happy with having clear skin but my barrier is probably damaged forever since I dealt with this for over 5 years. This also controls the seb derm I had before. I tried nizoral and hibiclens before and they didnt work for me. Therefore it wasnt staph or fungal related. If you are struggling with this then try bp first for at least three weeks. If it doesnt work then hibiclens for at least 2 weeks. If it doesnt work then nizoral. At least u are ruling out whether its fungal, bacterial, or staph. If antibiotics worked for u then its bacterial and I would start with BP
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    There is a studies showing how gram negative is controlled/cured with BP. BP is effective with consistent use and applying all over face or as wash because it treats current spots but also prevents that is why when only as a spot treatment it doesnt work as well.
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    I believe diet can play a role in that if you eat better your immune system has an advantage. Same with regards to stress. Neither good diet nor stress-free living can cure it in my opinion if it's related to skin dysbiosis. The condition probably worsened after a stressful event and now you're symptomatic. You see it as if you woke up and things were one day completely different. Yet, you couldn't see what was happening all along to the ratio of good bacteria vs. bad bacteria until you became symptomatic (pustules) or the condition worsened. People with clear skin have good bacteria that crowd out or keep pathogenic bacteria in check and probably harbor less pathogenic bacteria. The skin is the first line of defense against bacteria. So, there is an immune component to this condition in my opinion. Good bacteria also secrete antimicrobials to suppress bad bacteria. I think hope lies in good bacteria whenever that comes to market. They are working on this concept for those with eczema.
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    Guys, I have created a survey for all of us dealing with this shitty problem (please spend 5 minutes to answer the questions): https://freeonlinesurveys.com/s/SFmMP7Ub Dunno if it will help but we should at least try to find common factors among us.
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    Hi! I just made a long post sharing my success with accutane in the prescription treatment forum. I completed my course of accutane about nine years ago. I’m just now addressing the depressed scarring around my mouth. I’m working with Dr. Jacqueline Calkin in Sacramento, CA. The photos show my scars before subcision + Juvaderm, the day after treatment, and a month after treatment. The subcision cost $250, the Juvaderm cost $500. I am thrilled with the results. Dr. Calkin has recommended touch-up Juvaderm as needed. She also said another subcision could be performed in 6 months if the results from the first one are not as permanent as I would like (ie results from subcision are cumulative).
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    Your scarring is light. Subcision with nokor with suction should fix it. You might only need 1 session.
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    Saucer scars, tethered scars, box car scars,- plus a few others. By definition box car scars have well defined edges, and the do not have a tether. The fact that they are saucer shaped suggest mild tethering underneath. Hence, using a 25 to 30 g needle with saline combined with CO2 fractional laser can make a good difference. Ensure that when subcsion is used, they correct or over correct and use saline. DO NOT use any HA fillers early on, as the filler will donut- ie. flow to the area of least resistance. Ideally 3-5 sessions should improve things permanently by 80+%. Any atrophic areas can be treated with HAs. All of these treatments are related to the skill of your specialist, so results will vary accordingly. All the best.
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    So lets get back on topic. Researchers have found the gene responsible for scar formation in Poland. Take it for what's worth. http://scienceinpoland.pap.pl/en/news/news%2C29146%2Cresearchers-olsztyn-identified-gene-responsible-scar-wound-healing.html
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    Currently away but I will sign up for sure when I get back. Thanks for your responses guys. It’s easy to feel bleak when you’re going through something like this but being able to discuss it in some way definitely helps. Easy to forget how many people get severely messed up by pharmaceuticals, be they accutane, hair loss drugs, SSRIs, women who take the pill... Certainly not a fan of pharmaceuticals anymore. The prostate cancer research thing sounds huge. I think the way to go is definitely to build up numbers and find similar conditions that could pathe the way to finding a cure.
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    Of course you're welcome to join! A lot of those guys also had a delay after stopping finasteride, where they recovered or went into a "hyperandrogenic" phase for awhile before all hell broke loose. It's almost unbelievable but exactly what happened to me after stopping Accutane. The focus is mainly on hypogonadal ( as you say "androgen resistance") symptoms and neurological issues, but all post-Accutane sufferers are encouraged to join.
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    I had consultation with him and he seems ok. He works at a clinic on a very fancy part of Stockholm but the place was really wore down. But he seems to know what hes doing and he has showed me some b/a photos from patients that looked real Good. Im gonna do subcision, microderm and microneedling on tuesday. I Will make a thread about it. Cheers
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    Thinking of joining over at PropeciaHelp. I still don't actually know if it is post-accutane syndrome i'm suffering from because of the delay it took for my symptoms to appear, but all the signs point to some kind of acquired androgen resistance or 5-alpha-reductase deficiency, which would implicate the accutane. If you guys who have accounts over there could let me know if i'd be welcome to sign up and ask a few questions i would be grateful.
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    Hold off on the hydroquinone; it should not be used on broken skin. Trying taking vitamin c and zinc: both of them encourage wound healing. Once, the wound is completely closed and healed, you can try the ordinary's lactic acid and their 2% alpha arbutin. Until then try your best to protect yourself from the sun. Sun exposure makes spots dark. Hope this helps.
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    Moles are normal. Everyone has them. You should see a dermatologist to verify if they are malignant before they become bigger. You can also remove or fade them but you need money as this is cosmetic and not life threatening. You have at most 1 or 2 ice pick scars which as you said are from chicken pox. Everybody has a chicken pox scar somewhere on their body. These atrophic scars are easy to treat with permanent or temporary fillers and even subcision. You do not get 100% improvement but you can get as much as 90%. Some people have enlarged pores. This is just genetics. Get over it. It's not disfiguring. It's like having freckles. AMVC is rare random scarring and not caused by acne or any other skin condition. In fact, it's not scarring at all because there's no fibrosis going on. It seems it's a genetic disorder affecting skin elastin of the face. It is similar to anetoderma which occurs on the body. Even if someone finds a way to regenerate skin, your issue has to do with skin elastin not scar tissue. Some people develop another type of acne scarring known as follicular macular or perifollicular elastolysis on the body after severe acne. Again, elastic fibers are affected but you also have fibrosis going on. You have very minimal scarring. Go enjoy life.
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    Anish004 has been a regular here claiming that he has the most absolute severe acne scarring and the worse possible acne. You'll find many trolls, others here with low self esteem or serious mental health. All you can do is offer advice and try to help. I don't believe Anish has severe acne or acne scarring for that matter. All I see is some blackheads that can easily be cleared with some over the counter creams or by a dermatologist. There may be 1 or 2 ice pick scars but those are nothing really to cry over.
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    Is there any estimate as to when Recell would be available to the general public? It won't be for scars, at least not yet. It has only gained approval for burns in the United States. In other new I talked to someone close to Austin. They seem pleased with SkinTe and she said scarring is very minimal and that he is only 3 months out from receiving skinte, so there is still quite some time before we see the final outcome, but right now the are is just a bit pinker but not super noticeable. Also, I saw pics of the lady who had grafting in combination with recell (she was cool enough to share pics). Pretty damn impressive. You lot would probably still complain but it is pretty impressive how well they healed. In early pics the legs were very dark and looked scarred but after time the color toned down drastically. https://bioinformant.com/aegle-therapeutics/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=72818 Aegle therapeutics uses stem cells to heal wounds, mesenchymal I believe. Early studies indicate ver minimal to no scars. They just secured FDA approval for phase 1 of clinical trials. Edit, just read. I might be wrong about the stem cells. I think they use something similar idk.
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    Hi There, ... this is very common with Canada. Because of the health care system, I have seen many travel to other countries for treatment after poor outcomes. Regarding your acne, you can take low dose and treat (tane) or Mino does not have these issues. Please let whatever Dr who treats you know about your acne and the medications. You must stop 1 week before treatment and wait for healing. You can spot treat any zits with a topical. You are right your scars are all surface textural issues, no major fat loss. I think you need 3-4 sessions of cannular subcision. With PRP. As you know lots of tca cross work needs to be done, some scars need paint on or spot peels with tca. Several sessions. RF microneedling could help you, it's insulated so it works for your skin type. Or CO2 3-7% low density with the highest power. Especially on some of those boxcars. This is optional depending on the results from the cross and subcision. A resurfacing textural procedure like erbium laser would benefit you once you improve the texture more. Because of your skin type you need to be using retin-a/tretinorin/differin nightly and a konjac albutin cream. Your skin type is prone to hyperpigmentation with treatment. You can use a concealer like dermablend while you treat. Picosure is very effective for discoloration for your skintype. If you wish you can start with your plan of tca cross first before sub as well.
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    Hows everyone doing? My shedding is not great, probably 150-200 hair day. lucky its not thinning, sometimes it grows back even thicker and kinkier but just sheds sooo much. no minoxidil, been only taking biotin and zinc. hope everyone surviving!
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    Everyone call this week - You may report side effects to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088
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    UCLA scientists identify a new way to activate stem cells to make hair grow Mirabai Vogt-James | August 14, 2017 http://newsroom.ucla.edu/releases/ucla-scientists-identify-a-new-way-to-activate-stem-cells-to-make-hair-grow In this study, Christofk and Lowry, of Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at UCLA, found that hair follicle stem cell metabolism is different from other cells of the skin. Cellular metabolism involves the breakdown of the nutrients needed for cells to divide, make energy and respond to their environment. The process of metabolism uses enzymes that alter these nutrients to produce “metabolites.” As hair follicle stem cells consume the nutrient glucose — a form of sugar — from the bloodstream, they process the glucose to eventually produce a metabolite called pyruvate. The cells then can either send pyruvate to their mitochondria — the part of the cell that creates energy — or can convert pyruvate into another metabolite called lactate. The research team first blocked the production of lactate genetically in mice and showed that this prevented hair follicle stem cell activation. Conversely, in collaboration with the Rutter lab at University of Utah, they increased lactate production genetically in the mice and this accelerated hair follicle stem cell activation, increasing the hair cycle.
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    Hey guys can I join? I started 20 mg daily of accurate April 24th. I also am still breaking out. I get dry lips and my skin is a little dry as well. I think it’s working but from all my research it seems like it takes a long time to see full results. Also I am 33 who has suffered from persistent acne since the age of 15
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    It doesn't look too bad honestly. But it can always be improved with some proper exfoliants, skincare and a healthy diet. And don't bother other people, when going out just ignore others and be yourself and live your life fully!
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    Still a very popular drug as you can see. Hopefully this will also mean continued research. For anyone praising the drug, yea I was there once too. (I just think those posts in this spot might be in the wrong place. We all know what Accutane can do) Even thought about taking a second course after some zits came back. Then some things started to happen probably within a year of finishing my course. The first real sign that something abnormal was going on was probably the total diffuse hair loss that spanned the entire body. Also the facial flushing, headaches, feelings of warmth in my head( inflammation?) trouble concentrating. For some the acne is so severe no cream is going to do a thing. The problem must be fixed internally. At least even the drug companies might be looking for alternatives. Isotretinoin Drugs Market Expected To Reach USD 1567.1 Million with Major Players Mylan N.V. (US), Ranbaxy Laboratories Inc, a SUN PHARMA company. (India) and Teva Pharmaceuticals USA by 2023 https://www.openpr.com/news/1132596/Isotretinoin-Drugs-Market-Expected-To-Reach-USD-1567-1-Million-with-Major-Players-Mylan-N-V-US-Ranbaxy-Laboratories-Inc-a-SUN-PHARMA-company-India-and-Teva-Pharmaceuticals-USA-by-2023.html The Global Isotretinoin Drugs Market has been evaluated as steadily growing market and it is expected that the market will continue to grow similarly in the near future. Increasing prevalence of various skin disorders, genetic disorders and cancer are major driving forces for the market. The market for isotretinoin drugs was around US$ 1257.0 million in 2016 and is expected to reach US$ 1567.1 million which is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.2% by 2023. Isotretinoin drugs causes some serious side effects such as birth defects and depression. To avoid these kind of situation, drug manufacturers are focusing more on new drug development. Due to strict regulatory policies, all the top players are trying to improve the efficacy and safety of isotretinoin drug.
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    Hi Devolution. All of the drugs you have mentioned that appear to cause this condition are anti-androgens, not necessarily 5-ar inhibitors. Lupron, for one, is a potent GnRH receptor agonist that causes desensitization of the GnRH receptors after some time. This leads to drastic reduction in androgen and estrogen production in the gonads and adrenals. It may also effect local steroid hormone production is certain tissues. Saw palmetto and Accutane have been observed to have some direct effects on the androgen receptor, in addition to their decreasing 5-ar activity. @Benjamin94 Truly, thank you for being open about the negative side of your Accutane experience and for being logical and constructive in your criticism of the viewpoint shared by many in the post-Accutane community. If our convictions could not withstand such criticism, then they would no be worth pursuing any longer. As you said, most people take the drug and are fine. Even the studies showing profound effects on enzyme activity ( e.g.: loss of %80 of 5-ar type-I activity in skin biopsies, with only a minor concomitant decrease in serum 5-ar metabolites) are assumed to contain a sample group where the majority did not suffer long-term consequences. There must be some genetically-determined susceptibility we share which leads to persistent side effects, but I must agree with Devolution that it would be wrong to consider that susceptibility a form of ill health on its own. .
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    Consider yourself lucky that it didn't permenantly mess up your methylation. If your interested in learning why some people have life altering side effects, have a read of this. Also if your going to say accutane ain't a 5ar inhibitor, it is proven to be so, i can link you the studies if needed. I'm going to a doctor for Post finasteroid syndrome on monday since it's practically the same condition, my body's been through some drastic changes indescribable by any disease or illness written in the medical field, I've researched everything that can effect skin, my elasticity is that of an 80 year old, it has become weak, fragile, it's still peeling, my penis skin is almost as stretchy as my scrotum, all this suddenly happened, no i was no born like this, i am living proof it has drastic changes on the body and im going to try my hardest to fight back everyone who tries to deny this, especially doctors, i will try contact the media, im sick of people's lives been ruined, every person matters here. Remember, nobody believes prescription drugs can cause such devastating side effects, i certainly didn't, UNTIL IT HAPPENED TO ME! Don't be that fool. aka: PAS, PFS, PSSD, most likely linked, not set in stone and there's more understanding now as this is 10 year's old, but its a baseline to a very good theory of what could be happening to a lot of us. 5AR Withdrawal Syndrome One of my old friends got cancer recently, doctors cut off a lump and it caused it to grow and spread throughout her lung's, they didn't have permission to do so, they messed her up completely and she may die. But she's not afraid, shes fighting them in the media, she's been on the news, she won't let what happened to her be unheard and that's how we must be, she's only 23. Don't let anyone else push us under the rug!
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    Yeah, stay away from Emer. He will push all sorts of lasers, peels, facials on you. Being in his office was very surreal, with different people coming in to pitch different stuff at all times. I'm not sure if he does subciscion, he has posted videos that he does but I'm sure he'd rather do lasers with higher margins.