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    I avoid these concern posts every few months but because I have been contacted a few times I will address the topic here. Firstly I need a definition of what LEGIT treatments are. This is a nebulous term with many meanings. Scars do have treatments currently, they take time and work, many do not want to put out the effort, $$$$, or have the down time. Are we comparing severe scarring, body scarring, light scarring, those who cannot heal properly, those who want to complain, those who want perfection or nothing else, or those who have other health issues happening. We have had many success stories here, the ones who are not don't heal right, do treatments wrong, have doctors who take advantage of them for bogus treatments, or who do nothing and are debilitated by their own issues and thinking - finding it easier to complain. There are MANY mental issues on this forum, that would be better addressed with a therapist. Ie. Body Dysmorphia and perfectionism. We are comparing apples and oranges. Body scars and facial acne scars, also people's ability to heal or not heal, their propensity for bad experience. Everything we offer as treatment customized is not that expensive with the exception of rf needling. You can skip anything you wish and get less results or wait for magical unicorns like Skin Te. The DIY stuff like derminator and tca peels/cross is extremely cheap. Subcision is pretty cheap without filler. Body scars you can flatten but often because of differences in physiology/vascularity you will not get the percentage of perfect skin texture, color, and quality. The face is a different thing . There is always medical tattooing for loss of pigment, but the texture will still be there, co2 can be done with steroid drip but not for full improvement. Skin Te might be the best bet for someone with body scars, It does not have to look pretty like the face after all and can be cut out all over your body to apply. Please keep these discussions there, right now ... what if's or fantasy thinking for many. The average burn victim spends over 20K$+ (for the first treatment) so Skin Te won't be cheap, but anything is better than the 10% improvement a burn victim gets and his body dis-formed and not able to move for life. That is what this is for some % of improvement. Sure if you do one session of anything like laser your not going to get what you want, or even all of it your not going to get perfection, or you just want to do DIY at home and not spend a cent that will give you some improvement but not fix everything. You have to go in with realistic expectations and know yourself very well. This is not a instant thing, different things work for different people. Often there is hidden data that is not shared. For example One person Keloids, the other does not heal well after a cut, the other has taken hard drugs, some smoke and don't heal right, a few cases of PICOS and nutritional / gut issues, some fungal infections and constant acne, some are stressed and worry all the time which effects healing, others do mega sessions all at once and Dr. E in Hollywood has scarred them for life while draining their bank accounts - this isn't how the body naturally heals. Every situation is not the same. This is not relative. Where I agree with the OP is if you expect perfection STOP NOW, a therapist and anti-depressants might be more helpful than treatment. Just be aware the medications side effects might be more scars. It's possibly not healthy for a person in this mindset to be on this forum as they want everyone else to suffer with them while doing nothing about it. Yes I get it, you have had shitty treatments, drs, luck in life, or expectations. I REALLY do get it, we all have had this, it's what you choose to do about it. A older person who needs aesthetic treatments does not say, they will not take away my wrinkles completely and make my skin perfect so I will not get a Deep peel, or filler, or a face lift. The patient is happy for improvement, or avoids them completely and get's into the accepting phase. Filler is extremely legit, it fixes aging faces for many. Yes it's expensive but so many of you are going on trips, getting massages, coffees, clothes, doing fun activities, getting your hair cut, going to the dentist... But you don't want to get filler because it's not permanent. Acne scars cause pre-mature aging of skin, ... what is the cure for pre-mature aging of skin, fat loss, bone loss, collagen loss .... ding ding ding "Filler." Over time the cost will come down and become longer lasting. This is the game changer. Some have asked for some tips to deal with scars, BDD, and treatments not working. I don't have the bandwidth to deal with both the emotional and scar cases, nor do I feel I could do the full justice and attention everyone needs (I mean this in the nicest way). This is where Therapy really does help support one through the process. I think far to many are dealing with their own issues here and this is where you get a heaviness or compounding, and it starts to weigh on posters here. Hence why I suggest get a game plan, do what's best for you, and disconnect or take a break when needed. Here is a generalized list of some ideas.* Therapy, ... few here can offer this level of understanding and depth to see what the cause of the BDD is and deal with it. This is a very important step. There is a Smart Phone App Called Talkspace which is great for therapy (text, video, call). Also colleges offer reduced rates even if your not a student. Friends while great cannot fill this space. When you plateau on results or it becomes unbearable this is what helps as well. Stress and worry can cause worse skin issues, and this deals with that.* Gym, Endorphin's are a great way to get you into a happy space. I have seen many guys and gals become happy with their appearance and somehow that helped with everything else (weather they fixed their issue or not). They became more self confident and healthy.* Naturapathic / Herbalist / Homeopathic / Holistic / Chinese Herbal - Eastern Medicine / Ayurveda / Integrated Health - Sometimes the issue is the gut and it manifests in the skin. These practitioners can work on this part of you where many doctors throw antibiotics which can make things worse. It's more than taking a supplement, it's a lifestyle. Clean living, healthy diet / food (is a big one), understanding what is bad for us out there and good. Even someone with a scientific based mind can find help in some of this in conjunction with western medicine. Cleanses of the liver, kidneys, and intestines. Stay clear of the hucksters who have a magical solution or charge high prices for a cure. If it does not work in a few months, stop doing it.* Self Improvement - Improve other parts of your life, so you can get courage and success.* Helping Others / Volunteering - Often the Scar Suffer or those with BDD are stuck seeing only what is wrong with themselves instead of seeing that the world around them is not perfect. Help others, it's very gratifying and gives back many benefits. The focus becomes not about yourself but a servants heart. It's a good way to distract.* Religion - Focusing on something more than yourself. Working on what's inside rather than the outside. Finding purpose.* Take a Walk - Get some fresh air and sunshine. If you live in a place with fog most of the year you may have Seasonal Disorder and need a sun lamp. Many are trapped inside and hiding from their issue. This is not healthy both physically and psychologically. * Do something you love.* Anti - Depressants or Natural Anti Depressants - Many need help coping, consult a Dr. Always look at the side effects and how they effect the skin.* Hangout with the Friends or Do something Nice for your Family - Support* Improve Yourself ( School, work/career improvement, classes, hobbies, learn new things, read books). Improve the things you can improve, and don't focus on the ones you cannot. * Makeup / Skincare - "Makeup Addiction" and "Skincare Addiction" are both excellent subs on reddit.com , learn as much as you can. Many more members than here. Some scientists and professionals post there. Repositories of Knowledge. * Sleep - many don't get enough of this.* Disconnect / Avoid Certain Media - Did the Buddhist Monks know something we don't or the Amish. Society wants to tell you your ugly (so they can feel better about themselves), that you should look like photos, or buy new treatments and products. What if this was not a constant message marketing, sales, media, and society was sending us, would be easier right. Obsessing on Facebook and Hollywood tabloids will not help you in the long run. So many on Youtube are using filters to give fake makeup results, special lighting, Photoshop, plastic surgery, makeup, special photographers. Those with good genes are not perfect but have far to many ways to hide their imperfections and obsess on the ego Infecting others around them to also be narcissistic - centered on superficial.* Get rid of friends who are not beneficial to your health and well being - the choice is yours, we are the company we keep. * Beauty Blogs / Acne / Skincare - Will tell you there is something wrong with you, that is the focus and the goal, to find something else to fix. This isn't reality, it's fake. * Set Goals and Bucketlists Outside of the Superficial - Achieve Greatness. This could be as simple as finishing a few things on a honey - to - do list.* Make yourself interesting in other ways besides how you look - We all get old, regret for many is off things they did not do, or chances they did not take, not off how they looked as they get old and naturally age. Perhaps beauty is for the young & vain, and transcendence is for the old and wise (are the the vessel you cultivate inside). The Serenity Prayer God grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; Taking, as He did, this sinful world As it is, not as I would have it; Trusting that He will make all things right If I surrender to His Will; So that I may be reasonably happy in this life And supremely happy with Him Forever and ever in the next. Amen.
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    You are off the hook, good work washing it off as early as you did. For you folks out there, once it has turned white, TCA has reached its end point and there is no turning back- no amount of sodium bicarbonate or water can reverse protein coagulation (frosting). So, what you did essentially saved the tip of your nose. Smart thinking washing off so quickly. As for that scar, its not TCA treatable...subcsion with saline probably the safest, together with a fractional energy device of some sort, multiple treatment. Stay safe dude...
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    Meh. I used to feel the same way, but 80% improvement is possible. My pictures are not faked and show a couple scars that have been nearly removed completely with just 2 subcisions. Some people will never be satisfied unless they have the skin of a 5 year old.
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    Chances are Devon is the one pictured in their most recent presentation (the leg injury). And my goodness, hair growth in that? That would be truly remarkable and a sign that as the healing progresses it could indeed lead to complete regeneration. After all, hair follicles have been majorly implicated as a factor for regeneration in several different studies by other researchers. Again, everyone seems to be hung up on whether or not this will or won't work for acne scars. In my conversations with both Dr. Swanson (PolarityTE) and Dr. Sun (Sunogel) they said they believe both products will work for acne, or any other type of scarring, if they can get regeneration for burns. This is why I bristle at terms like "normal" scars. A scar is a scar and in order to get rid of it you'll need to remove all layers anyway. At that point, you just have a wound bed that can either heal with a scar (as is our body's natural way) or be directed toward complete regeneration (as PolarityTE and Sunogel aim to do). Sunogel is preferred for the simple reason that you don't need to have a biopsy of healthy skin for it to work. I brought up SkinTE during my conversation with Dr. Sun and while he was familiar with it, he didn't know enough to speak too much about it. He was pretty insistent that you can't go 0-100 in humans even after preclinical success, which is why he said even his hydrogel would likely need optimization for humans.
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    @eva_li Aww girl you’re absolutely beautiful! I don’t see any signs of “premature” aging or sagging. I don’t think your acne scarring made your skin appear aged in the slightest. I get a little bit “irked” when people say that the female face should be this shape or that shape, etc. I think this type of talk is harmful and why so many people walk around looking like desperate housewives now with their face stuffed with fillers. You also have very gorgeous lips!
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    Long-term issues from exposure to chemotherapy drugs has reached the attention of the medical community. One of the biggest ones that comes to mind is post-chemotherapy cognitive impairment, or "chemo brain." It is thought that the drugs are causing CNS damage, specifically by both degrading the myelin sheath AND impede restoration mechanisms. In other cases, it is thought that hormonal therapy alone (e.g.,Nolvadex for female breast cancer) can cause long-term mental issues. To me, this is telling because it shows that a therapy which deprives normal hormone production for a period of time can have lasting consequences. This could be potentially relevant to Accutane (since it lowers so many different hormones) if we are extrapolating this finding in the broadest sense possible. But even if we aren't, it's still interesting to note there a few other potential explanation for how chemo drugs cause lasting mental disturbances. Oh, other chemo drugs are absolutely well-documented to leave long-term side effects. Possible acceleration of aging by adjuvant chemotherapy: a cause of early onset frailty? "With a growing number of long-term survivors, we are only now able to define the delayed implications of adjuvant chemotherapy. These long-term side effects include acceleration of neurocognitive decline, musculoskeletal complications such as early onset osteoporosis, premature skin and ocular changes and the most common long-term complaint; mild to profound fatigue. This complex of problems is suggestive of early onset frailty. This paper explores various potential mechanisms of aging including accumulation of free-radical damage, accumulation of DNA damage, telomere shortening with accompanying decline in telomerase activity and finally a decline in neuroendocrine/immune function." Is that paragraph referring to Accutane survivors?! No, but instead cancer survivors who were on chemo. And what's most telling are the explanations for these long-term chemo related complaints. Many of the mechanisms thought to be responsible for the pro-aging effects of chemo drugs have direct parallels to how Accutane works in the body. I don't usually jump onto the band-wagon of hyped words like "toxin" or "poison."." But I have always called Accutane a chemo drug because that is literally how it pharmacologically behaves in the body. It causes premature aging by telomerase downregulation, hormone suppression, and beyond. Here is more evidence that chemo drugs cause long-term issues (Aging and Risk of Severe, Disabling, Life-Threatening, and Fatal Events in the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study): “By age 50 years, 50% of survivors of childhood cancer will have experienced severe, disabling, or life-threatening morbidity or death, most commonly as a result of cardiovascular, pulmonary, hepatic, renal, and gonadal dysfunction, along with the development of subsequent malignant neoplasms.” (Discussion section) So yes, chemo drugs absolutely are associated with chronic illnesses and general lower quality of life. The medical community acknowledges this when it comes to chemo drugs as a general concept. But that still makes me feel vindicated given the fact so many different pieces of research have demonstrated how Accutane works, and it looks exactly like a chemo drug. In terms of the dosage of Accutane affecting the severity of its chemo effects. fair point, but even run-of-the-mill vitamin A supplementation is associated with increased health complaints and early death. Furthermore, an Accutane prescription is essentially a (form of) vitamin A overodose if the dose is high enough to dry the skin and clear acne. We're all going to have differences in our tolerances for whatever dose we're prescribed, and there are also differences in how the drug is metabolized from person-to-person as well. So although dosage is an important consideration, so is genetics and other individual considerations.
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    Most of the time, a treatment does not work because of the doctor, not the actual treatment. Most dermatologists and most doctors in fact, have zero aesthetic sense and so their results often are lackluster. Even worse, some doctors are not motivated by the desire to help the patient but to pile on treatments to get as much money as possible. In my personal experience, the things that will cause failure of treatments is 1) Not doing test spots - everyone's skin is different and you MUST ALWAYS do a test spot before jumping in head first. I found out lasers were not compatible with my skin at all, and I'm glad I did not allow a doctor to talk me into doing a full face treatment. 2) Not doing the right treatment for the right scar 3) Doing too many treatments all at once - you need to stop and reassess after each treatment 4) Not researching the doctor 5) Being suckered into "package" deals 6) Not targeting the actual scars - don't ever allow a doctor to unnecessarily treat good skin. Target the actual scars. Scare-mongering by making sweeping and scientifically false statements is not helpful. Fillers can get infected, but that's from the technique not the material. Fillers are made sterile before they leave the plant. The chances of infection are extremely small if you do it under aseptic techniques. LIke others have said, if you cannot accept improvement, than it's best to log off because perfection doesn't exist in acne scar revision. But yes, sometimes the damage is so extensive that current technology will not be able to do much. For the vast majority of scar sufferers though, it is possible for improvement (sometimes significant).
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    We talk about today's scar revision treatments, but I think daily skin care is overlooked. No, topicals aren't a standalone treatment plan, but healthy balanced skin does make your scars appear better. I'm just curious what ingredients some of the people here are using on their skin. Here is the best regimen I've come up with, AM: Any gentle face wash, followed by spf30, dermablend foundation and the white powder on red spots as needed. PM: Gentle wash, Epiduo Forte 1-2 times a week, Acne.org 10% glycolic acid once a week. Hyaluronic acid moisturizer as needed. Acura Cacia Rosehip oil every night. Dried out, under exfoliated skin tends to make my scars look much worse than when my skin is in balance.
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    “I Would Choose SkinTE Every Time,” says Patient Treated with PolarityTE’s New Skin Regeneration Product DOWNLOAD AS PDF APRIL 18, 2018 SALT LAKE CITY, April 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PolarityTE, Inc. (NASDAQ:COOL) today announced continued success with SkinTE during its limited-market release across a variety of conditions, including burns, wounds, surgical reconstruction and the replacement of skin grafts. “We at PolarityTE are incredibly excited to see the success of SkinTE throughout such a wide spectrum of patients in such a short period of time. We expect to receive additional clinical results through multiple channels, such as case studies, peer-reviewed publications and a PolarityTE hosted Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Summit to learn more about SkinTE in clinical practice from early adopters. In the end, however, the most important outcome is the impact on the patient’s life,” said Dr. Denver Lough, CEO of PolarityTE. Among the outcomes observed are a SkinTE case involving a patient who suffered from a large chronic leg wound for multiple years. Prior failed treatment attempts included not only other wound care products, but also two failed skin grafts. Skin grafts have traditionally been considered the clinical standard of care in covering both small and large wounds. Devon, who was treated with SkinTE, commented: “After a motorcycle accident a few years ago, I was treated for several injuries; however, wounds on my leg were persistent and after trying a few different options for treatment, nothing was working. We eventually tried two skin grafts, which took many months for any healing, and each time we removed those bandages, about 75 percent of the graft came off with the bandage. These non-healing wounds were limiting my ability to do physical therapy and fully recover because the wounds would bleed through the bandages. Then, a few weeks ago, I was treated with a new product – SkinTE – and it has already provided nearly full coverage of the wounds and healing is a lot better than it was with the other stuff we tried. My leg feels as close to normal skin as I can imagine, and there is even some hair growth. If I had to choose between SkinTE and another skin graft, I would choose SkinTE every time because it is actually working, and you don’t have a huge area of healthy skin removed that also then needs to heal, like with traditional skin grafts.” Dr. Mark S. Granick, MD, Professor and Chief of Plastic Surgery at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and an early adopter of SkinTE commented on his experience with the product: “I recently used SkinTE on a patient with a significantly sized leg wound which was the result of a traumatic skin avulsion. A hyper-granulating wound had persisted for more than two years despite treatments with currently available options, including split thickness skin grafts. The wound was painful, and long-term dressing care was insufficient for returning this otherwise healthy 39-year-old to his pre-injury function level.” Dr. Granick continued, “Ultimately, the best thing for this patient, and generally any patient who is suffering with wounds, is to replace his own skin. SkinTE seems to be providing that. Thus far in the healing process, SkinTE has resulted in what appears to be full-thickness, pigmented skin regeneration. Certainly, in this case, SkinTE provided superior results with a quicker and less invasive procedure. I look forward to continuing to evaluate the potential and capabilities of this exciting and ground-breaking product.” “Nothing speaks more highly of the product’s success than a patient testimonial,” said Dr. Ned Swanson, Chief Operating Officer of PolarityTE. Dr. Swanson continued, “The remainder of 2018 will be dedicated to building robust clinical packages across all wound types in concert with this first phase rollout, and we look forward to sharing additional information about these exciting outcomes.”
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    Sorry guys, I got married that year and got busy with Life. I had about 30-40% improvement the first yr and now after two year mark i still have about 20% improvement in terms the depth of my scars. Planning to get a second treatment done this year.
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    Derm should do manual vertical subcision with neurotoxin 8- 10 units, then saline vertical subcision - end point is the ' crunch of scars' with vertical delivery. IMO these are very difficult scars, and your dermatologist should take responsibly to treat them, not delegate. If they are experienced, finish treatments with non Vycoss HA fillers, very superficial , Beville up technique. Challenging and difficult scars to treat, but if you have the correct dermatologist, significant gains can me made. In this area you only have 1.5 mm to work with, from skin to bone, so accuracy is essential- wish you well. Few scars will benefit from TCA 80-90% CROSS.
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    Studies on acne scars are very difficult. .This is because everyone will have a unique set of scars, namely a mixture of atrophic, rolling, box car, ice pick, hypertrophic scars etc... Now, add the variable of age, skin type (or Ethnic origin), the number of scars, - its almost impossible to recruit a large number of patients. Then follow up these patients over 2 years, and add the other variable- including recurrent acne, skin care topically, and any other 'incidental procedures' such as Botox and dermal fillers for aesthetics, and keep all these variables constant over a period of x years. Then one has the problem of ETHICS as @CLOOD suggested, keeping a control is important. This means not treating one side of the face (split face study, blinded assessor), and hold that for 2 years. No Western ethics will ever approve of that study. If that could be done, recruit > n = 100 patients, then follow up with blinded assessors, wow... that would be one great study! Imagine consenting to those variables as well. I wonder how many recruits one would have. Yes, we can all come up with ideal studies, but real World ethics and consents, thats a whole new story.
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    Subcision Nokor - Individually treat scars or a group of scars from the entry point, a scalpel cuts easier through thick fibrous scar tissue, works well with filler or Chinese cupping. The most effective. Few Doctors do this but more than blunt cannula Windscreen - Individually treat scars, more limited range of treating adjacent scars, not as effective to break fiberous bands of scar tissue - "try to" use manual force to windscreen or windshield wiper the needle back and forth, common thing many doctors do when doing your basic filler job (they don't consider it subcision), lots of doctors / nurses do this. Not aggressive. Blunt Cannula - On the horizontal plane from one point of entry for massive amounts of textural shallow scars, few Doctors I know call it this and instead call it using a cannula to fill with (filler, fat, saline, prp) which acts as as spacer. The needle is blunt thus avoiding veins and arteries. Not a good method for deep pits. The fewest number of doctors do this, though you can get many to do filler with a cannula throughout the cheek. Poking at the invisible to try to not miss tethers. Nokor can be combine with cannula filling for different scar types (shallow and pits). The general theory is adding as much volume as possible to hide surface scars. Not as aggressive as Nokor and probably more costly due to the face doctors would charge the same $$$$ for prp or filler. Nokor has the best satisfaction rate of acne scar suffers, if it's done on the right scar types. Windscreen I have seen several bad jobs of doctors who do not know how to subcise or fill scars (doughnut) or they are too tough to break. Blunt Cannula or simply cannula can always be requested when asking for a filler and gives surface texture a better look as it works throughout the cheek..
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    I know there's a wealth of info in this thread. And I hope it never gets removed but we should start to try and structure our posts into individual threads. The organisation that comes with that will allow for individual ideas to be worked towards and for results to be actually followed up. This thread is pretty messy. We should all try to post here now. Respect to the guy/girl that set this up! https://www.pasforum.info/
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    Hey all, wanted to post a quick update. I went to the salon last week and chopped my hair (it was always fairly long but had gotten to the point of looking so thin and stringy, I was sick of it). So now it's above my shoulders and it definitely feels a lot healthier. Anyways, it was an Aveda salon and my stylist recommended trying their new Invati Advanced system for hair loss. It's a shampoo, conditioner and scalp revitalizer. I also purchased the Aveda thickening tonic to put in my hair during the day. I've been using this all for almost a week and I can already tell a difference! My hair is feeling healthier and I can see baby hairs growing in places where my hair loss has been the worst. It's too early to tell, but I have some hope! I have also been making sure I'm drinking enough water during the day (I've been terrible at that lately), and I started taking a probiotic to regulate my digestive system. I'm unsure if either of those are related, but my hair is definitely looking and feeling a lot better. Hope everyone else is doing well!
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    @Toni94 Sorry if this comes over harsh but I think this needs a bit of tough loving. I wrote the FAQ with the section on Acid peels specifically to avoid this. People get overly confident, BDD, or delusional and just slap acid on their face thinking it will fix it quickly. There was no safety measures taken here, no test spot, no building up from lower percentages. You simply state you could take it. Then you did not want to listen to the advice I or others gave you and still insisted on doing 35%. Prep was not done on the skin like Tretinorin / Retin A. Etc for 3 weeks with a week off pre peel... It looks like the acid was applied poorly, ... it is not feathered out to the edges of the jaw, scalp, and hairlines. There is uneven coverage. This will make the reds more noticeable. You could have just spot treated the acne scars only.Was glycolic and tca applied together?...., or you picked your skin, or you took a hot shower and made the skin come off, or as others have said in your sleep (you do not sleep on a peel) you picked - put socks over your hands or toss and turned it off. This freak out which could have been avoided. Here are your choices. This is a burn now and has penetrated into the dermis unevenly. There is no protective layer of dead skin over it, and it looks extremely dry. You have no vaseline, biafine, or strataderm, la roche, etc.... Like any burn you have this needs aloe vera, honey is also very healing. But at this point I don't know that you should self administer. Goto the Emergency room and tell them you burnt yourself. They will most likely give you a steroid cream, and a predisone internal steroid. Don't even worry about hyperpigmentation or redness right now which is inflammation. That is the least of your worries. Infection can happen. If you choose not to goto the hospital. Vaseline and I mean you will apply this multiple times a day. Biafine sold in your pharmacies is even better it has asprin in it to calm things down. IT needs to be moist. You will cleanse the skin with dilute white vinegar pats using water and vinegar and patting the skin a few times a day - NO HOT WATER, do not rub or put anything else on the skin. Hydrocoritsone which is over the counter you will apply a few times a day for a week, I need you to take a anti-inflammatory for allergies (whatever in your country is for swelling). You will start applying Emu oil in 10 days which is anti inflammatory. The reds can be covered with makeup AFTER you heal from the raw red skin.
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    The downtime of Infini is dependent on many factors including- 1. Level it goes from one to twenty ( measured in watts) 2 The pulse duration (all the way to 1 second) 3 The depth- deeper the shorter the downtime (within reason and anatomy) 4 The number of vertical passes eg. 3.5 2 1 mm vs only one vertical pass e.g. at 3.0 mm 5 The number of over laps 6 The pre prep (eg HQ or tretinoin) - this has a bearing on grids. Grids are also proportional to depth. Shallower the more chance of gridding 7 The operator- MOST IMPORTANT, Infini is high powered (IMO its too high powered for the level of insulation it can cope with). IF the operator prematurely withdrawals (no pun intended nor trying to be smirk), then the energy burst is not at the desired level. Take for example someone new. They dial in Level 10, PD of 500 ms and intend to go to 3.5 mm BUT as they deliver the second pulse and time it all wrong, it gets delivered at 0.3 mm as they withdrawl- thats when you see all those irregular grids and raised areas that people on other forums post- thats operator dependent error. 8 Insulation failure - that is when carbon builds up (not good). Good operator will always alway check and change on the run. In some cases of severe scarring with high levels and long PD, insulation will fail, and tip change should not be compromised. 9 Post procedure aftercare- PRP to decrease healing time (his latest video on masks shows the ?logic behind this- but he also admits on many talks that more studies needed to see if PRP actually changes or improves scar remodelling. However it does reduce healing time from 3-5 days to a predictable 3 days even with aggressive treatment coupled with CO2 low density 10 Post procedure predisione- yes, continual debate regarding inflammation and wound healing but a one off does reduces swelling dramatically. Post op arnica can possibly help as well- many other herbal remedies - yet to be proven or dispelled. 11 Complications - most specialist give doxycycline as an anti inflammatory and to reduce chances of staph. 12 Your own immune system and skin history. eg. if you are prone to rosacea, flushing etc... longer recovery. Think I will leave it at 12, will add half a dozen more less important variables. Oh, forgot the question about healing, done properly it should be 2-6 days. I keep stressing a good operator will ALWAYS adjust on the run, as the feel for scar resistance will determine the desired depth. Can not overstress this. Infini is just a device, with a good operator one can get very similar results with non- insulated Intensif, or even with Intracel (takes 4 times as long - and within reason due to depth of needles).
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    Hello all! I have lurked on here for years, mainly when I was dealing with active acne. Anyway, quickly about me, I suffered from acne from the age of 10 to about 22. However, my acne did not get severe and cystic until about 19-21. I'm sure I don't need to describe here how awful it was. I have only really had acne severely on my cheeks; although I went through periods on temples, forehead, and neck, I have no scarring in those areas. I have also never had acne anywhere on my body aside from my face. Anyway after surviving school, I was finally able to afford to go on accutane when I graduated college and I was one of the lucky ones. My skin cleared up within 6 months and now it has been about ten years and I've never had a break out since. I think when my skin initially cleared up, I was so thrilled that I wasn't dealing with cystic acne that the scars didn't really even bother me. But in my late 20s either the novelty of no more acne wore off or just collagen started depleting, but whatever it was I became a little fixated on scar treatment. What I've done so far: two deep FX laser 2011 & 2012, silicon injections 2014 (so far nothing bad from this but this was really spontaneous and not researched would not risk it), Temp filler in jaw line 2016, Infini laser 2016, Subcision & Scultpra along with Eribum Yag laser 2017, 2 more syringes of Sculptra 2017 (end of year), & profraxional laser 2018. Pending: 2 more profraxional lasers and Bellfill (already paid for in tx plan). Unfortunately I cannot find good pictures of where I started, but I see a definite improvement. I have done a lot of lasers and honestly for the money and progress I'm sure this was not the best courses of action. However, like many others, I was dazzled by the promises. I think the subcision and sculptura by far have yielded the best results. I actually noticed some icepick scars now, but I think that is because before my rolling scars were so prevalent. My right side has always been my worse side, and most problematic by the jaw line. The sculptra and subcision have really helped to even this out. Regardless of all of this, although there are times when I get caught up just tired of hating my skin, I'm really not too bothered by my scarring. Partly because I feel that it has definitely improved and in regular lighting when I wear make up, I barely notice it (others may I'm sure). One thing that has helped me with the scarring is just being really thankful that acne is no longer in my life. I don't like the scars, but I am also so thankful that I don't wake up everyday wondering what's going to pop up and what people are staring at. When I really start to get annoyed with my skin (normally looking in car windows or shadows), I do try and remind myself how awful I felt for so many years dealing with cystic acne. I have also realized that scar treatment in some form will likely be a lifetime thing for me. As I age I know that certain scars will be more prevalent, but I know going on this journey has left my skin in much better shape for aging. I really appreciate everyone sharing their journeys, as I'm sure most of us have counted the money we've spent that have yielded minimal results and it can get so frustrating and demoralizing. I will say this though, as much as it is the responsibility of the consumer to know what they're buying and to do their research, I firmly believe that doctors who sell pipe dreams to people are the worst of the worst. Regardless of how much research someone has done, when you have an expert in the field looking at your skin, showing you pictures of all of their successes with cases "just like yours," you just want to believe it and sometimes you need to believe it. So many doctors exploit people's desperation for dollar signs and it is wrong. Anyway, I finally decided to post to show my progress throughout this next year and also to get some community insight on my scarring. I appreciate this collaboration so much. It's hard to trust a doctor when clearly they have had no sign of significant acne on their face. Attached are some photos, I had to crop out most of my face because I work in a confidential setting, but I hope you get the idea. I searched for the best lighting to show my worst scars, but I'm sure the pictures can be better. Also as I attach these I will try and attach the left side first (milder side) and then the right side. The right side I have a few more pictures. Seeing these zoomed in is hard to look at! Let me know if you have any thoughts/suggestions moving forward.
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    Doing a multi-layer 35% TCA peel does NOT equate to making the peel 50-60% TCA. While adding an additional layer will certainly produce a deeper peel, the only way to measure equavalencies in terms of peel depth would be to have a biopsy performed which obviously no one is going to do other than doctors for research purposes. In addition, there are other factors that affect depth such as the application method, the pressure while rubbing the acid, and whether the skin is properly degreased prior to the peel. Whether your skin hyperpigments after the peel depends a lot on where you are on the Fitzpatrick scale. Certain acids can safely be performed on darker skin-types and that includes multi-acid peels. I am a Fitzpatrick 2 and have had peels way stronger than 35% TCA and have never had any pigmentation issues. Prolonged redness, yes but that fades within 2 months. According to the user above claiming that 30% is a strong peel is incorrect. By definition, a 30% TCA peel, even with multiple layers is considered a light peel. However, just because a peel is “light” in terms of how deep it penetrates, doesn’t mean that it isn’t risky or can’t damage your skin. That is why users are suggesting you start out with a lighter concentration. If you are set on doing these yourself, why not “get your feet wet” with the whole process first? I can tell you from a ton of experience with peels that the healing process can be emotionally taxing and a bit shocking in terms of what your skin looks like right after, while peeling, and then post-peel. I am glad I started slow so when I started to do the more aggressive peels I was somewhat prepared to what the healing process would look like.
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    @shadylee thank you! I'm glad :-) So i went to derm on monday and she was content. I mean it was cool when she wrote in report 'no acne' but hyperpigmentation is still here. She told me to put only moisturizer for like three weeks, then I'm going to another appointment and I'm starting with Eucerin serum, I'll post a pic, then I'll have some fruit acid treatment or chemical peel treatment. So far, I feel good. :-)
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    Scars Hope, in regards to why doctors get all great reviews and where do these great reviews cone from, I'll actually flip this way of thinking to the other side of the coin. If someone like Lim or another highly rated doctor has lots of botched jobs or scar treatment procedures that didnt work, then where are all the bad reviews online? Do you honestly think someone who has spent thousands on a dud treatment that didn't work is just going to go home and forget all about it? They will be mighty pissed off! They will vent and leave a bad review with the doctor. In fact, people who have good results are less likely to post a review, as they will more than likely move on and live their life. I'm skeptical with scar treatments, but I do believe you can get improvement. A lot of people are unsatisfied with 50% improvement, that is going to be human nature with something as deeply upsetting as acne scarring.
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    What you see is NOT what others see. When you stand stationary in front of a mirror, you don't see the whole effect. It's when you move your face, that's when the light bounces off your scar, creating a shadow. This is what accentuates the scars. Certain lights tend to make them stand out even more, eg. overhead light, sunlight. You got the subcision already? Who did your subcision? Did you specifically asked for NOKOR, at least for the lower portion of the face? What about filler? It looks pretty tame by all stretch of the imagination. No sign of haematoma or seroma. Not much swelling (and most of that seems to fizzled out by the next day). What you needed IMO was an aggressive subcision, which this is not.
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    I think metabolism would suggest the post nature as well. The way in the hippocampus and hypothalamus function. I've seen doctors for years and the only positive feedback I received was when I threw out "hypermetabolsim" to a neurologist and he mumbled "that's definitely possible" as he was looking at my anisicoria in my pupils. That is why I am so adamant about hypermetabolism. However, after the next meeting he had recommended treating the anhedonia with a psychiatrist and thought against a SPECT scan. Bacteria dysregulation? Sure, why not. Maybe cause people digestion and bloating issues. But enough to cause people to suffer stroke, erectile dysfunction, or suicidal thoughts? Not likely. On a positive note my mild hyperbaric chamber is complete and functions great. My engineer friend and I have tested it for about an hour. I will begin my own treatments this summer for about 45 days gradually increasing duration from 30 minutes to 1.5hrs. Here is a photo:
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    Hi guys, just giving an update! My hair is starting to get thicker and the places where my hair was thin which was mostly in the front of my scalp is growing like crazy!! I’m so happy and excited bc I can feel my hair getting thicker in the shower it’s amazing!! I wanna tell you guys the product I’ve been using. It’s this oil by Camille Rose natural mobs and honey ultimate growth serum! They sell it at target and even though it’s kinda pricey I recommend it!! I usually put the majority of oil where I had lots of hair thinning and then I flip my head upside down and massage it in, everywhere on my scalp and leave it in a couple hours before I shower. Then I just shampoo like normal and condition and let me tell y’all this stuff has really worked wonders! It makes my hair really soft and my family has been saying my hairline looks fuller so I’m really happy! I’ve been using it for almost 2 and a 1/2 weeks about 3 times a week and I’m excited to see the results I will get. I’ve also been showering or washing my hair with cold water only and it has really reduced the amount of hair that falls out in the shower. Anyways I just wanted to post this update! I hope all of you are well!
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    All this bickering over these photos lol.. How can you look at these images and say no this will not help acne scars is mind boggling. Do you know what his hand would look like if just healed naturally or with a skin graft? Or what it will look like in another 2 months time?....we can guess We just dont know....one person says its impressive and another say its shit lol. We are making judements off the back of these horrific injuries and then trying to compute in our heads that no this cant help acne scars because this dudes hand hasn't regenrated back to normal appearing skin after 7 weeks. When i see this used on very small defects or acne scars with other methods then i will make my final call. I cant say for certain anything after seeing these images from such injuries.
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    Ever heard of censoring your e-mail? Who is going to care what you say if you have 0 credibility. You never got e-mailed and your excuse is also great because you admit that you can't let go of the possibility that they will treat cosmetic defects. Why do you care about future consultations if you are insisting that this product won't work and that cosmetic revisions are bull shit? Because you're just in denial and want everyone to cry about it with you so you don't feel alone maybe? GolfPanther's list of treated conditions comes directly from SkinTE's site as well, so why would you believe the sources provided to you from the same company, yet not the source that GolfPanther provided you which is also from the same exact company? Then I'd have to wonder why you would continue to complain about this being a failed product. So if you're not here to convince me (or anyone for that matter) to believe everything you say then what is the point of complaining? You just need to rant? Why do you make stuff up fully knowing that you probably don't have the slightest clue how anything works? We're unappreciative? You had to ask about RenovaCare's status on market availability for cosmetic care. I'm not even kidding when I say you could've found the answer to that within 5 MINUTES. We're the ones who even gave you something to talk about. We haven't just been giving you undeniable evidence, but we've been spoon feeding it to you. I didn't say you protested it. You stated it back regardless of who said it first and since you had yet to verify your claims, I decided to second that your opinions still aren't backed by anything. And skimming through this reply, I still can't even see a single source to anything; just immaturity. Also, do you even want to talk about RenovaCare anymore? It's amazing that you can make a conclusion about a product that was developed just over a year ago yet you have to ask about RenovaCare; something that has been in the works for over a decade. Do you even research? Not really. I logged in every now and then to check out the forum and to reply to some people. I never bothered caring what you had to say neither until you asked me a question out of nowhere. At that point I only wondered why you cared about my opinion. You're going around insulting everyone and replying with nothing but fits. What'd you think was going to happen? Did you want me to slap their wrist as well? I can't really do that if I agree that you should probably not be talking if you don't have anything useful to say. Okay you should get help. https://www.psycom.net/paranoid-schizophrenia Basically you think someone is out to get you or watching your every move and you always get high suspicions of people for no real reason. I can tell because most of your post is about me being out to get you. I didn't actually know the term for it so I had to look it up, but I knew a college friend who suffered from it. What you're saying makes no sense so I'll just suggest you look into the link above and assume it's that. If you created that fantasy because you thought I was out to get you, I replied because I logged on to see that the last page of this thread was mostly you making up things and throwing fits with everyone. I don't care if you argue, but don't make stuff up. That's an insult to those who researched for you. No you won't. You'll be back to cry about products not working when there isn't an end result out yet. You'll continue to cry throughout 2018 and when nobody gives you the time of day anymore, then you'll make a new account and start the cycle all over again.
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    this is my problem too. even very little pimples cause scarring after accutane hell even if i scratch my face a little because of itchiness it leave scar.
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    Quadboy summed it up beautifully. In fact, I would run as fast as you can out of any office that suggest Fraxel laser. Just not simply worth the downtime.
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    1) Attenuation of Acne Scars Using High Power Fractional Ablative Unipolar Radiofrequency and Ultrasound for Transepidermal Delivery of Bioactive Compounds Through Microchannels 2) Fractional Radiofrequency in Cosmetic Dermatology 3) Treatment of Acne Scars by Fractional Bipolar Radiofrequency Energy 4) Evaluation of Combined Fractional Radiofrequency and Fractional Laser Treatment for Acne Scars in Asians 5) In Vivo Animal Histology and Clinical Evaluation of Multisource Fractional Radiofrequency Skin Resurfacing (FSR) Applicator 6) Fractional Radiofrequency Treatment in Acne Scars: Systematic Review of Current Evidence (Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy) 7) Novel Technology in the Treatment of Acne Scars: The Matrix-tunable Radiofrequency Technology 8) Treatment of Acne Scars of Skin Types II to V by Sublative Fractional Bipolar Radiofrequency and Bipolar Radiofrequency Combined with Diode Laser 9) Use of Radiofrequency in Cosmetic Dermatology: Focus on Nonablative Treatment of Acne Scars 10) Treatment of Acne Scars With High Intensity Focused Radio Frequency
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    @eva_li Sorry, I didn't bother reading others' post before me (maybe I should have), but do you remember the above post that I wrote on Page 1 of this thread? Well, I hope you now realize that subcision DON'T work for mild-to-medium scars like yours.
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    @UpliftingCat Of course, I Want to work as a team. I don't have the bandwidth to help everyone. As such if I every say something offensive please PM me and I will edit it. I now see the OP thought I was commenting on her appearance and not on field subcision (using sculpting techniques w/ filler to hide scars). I love seeing the world from others points of view. I get caught up in the technical part of helping. I tried to keep the subject about shadows and their effects. I would encourage the posters here to help others in ways I cannot. Thank You for your care. She is truly a beautiful woman, who I see no issue with! I would not think twice to offer advice if I wasn't asked to do so with a critical eye. I encourage others who have minor imperfections to not only work on those flaws but the cause of them which can often be explored with a therapist who understands the deeper ramifications and pitfalls. We are a team! BA
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    This is whats a little random. Some of the rest you don't know what youre talking about so much. I don't claim to have the answers, but I think some of you have seen enough of my posts to know Im not full of shit either. You literally just got done posting a chart about the autonomic nervous system and that's what we were literally just talking about. You are so strange on here sometimes, I question your priorities. Others should too. I get the person that posts the most on here is open to the most criticism. I can take criticism. But you better give me a better answer then "just because" if you are going to go out of your way to criticize me. I have put as much effort into this as anyone. I can stop posting, and you can thank people like @macleod if I do. Do you see me going after any of you guys? I could. That's not what I'm about on here. People are already fighting enough in real life.
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    @Srananman In addition, I think you're correct to do a series of subcision before moving on to Infini. We know Infini doesn't do as well for deeper scars, so it would make more sense subcise the deeper scars until they're about even with the moderate ones, then get Infini. In my opinion, it's best to treat the scars INCREMENTALLY. Subcision should be the first course of treatment for severe scars. This should be repeated until the scars are "moderate" in appearance. Then it should be proceeded with Infini. With Infini, the goal is to fill the pit to the level of a deep wrinkle. At this point, dermal fillers can be used, which is known to work very well camouflaging wrinkles. After that, you can smooth out any surface irregularities with either laser or peel. Just my 2-cents.
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    @Amp2695 Doing sub with filler acts as a spacer to heal and create collagen. Further you get stimulation with the rf needling. No your filler will not go away. Your doing erbium resurfacing and this is on the skin surface layers. Also your not doing "profractional" your doing fully abaltive deep erbium resurfacing. No grids or fractions. If you can stretch your skin build up the filler in your jawline and under your eye on the boney arch aka orbital rim this will stretch the skin and make it look better, as well as sub and filler to the pits.
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    i think they said 2nd half of 2018?? They aim to release peer reviewed results 1st half 2018. They have until the end of June to post clinical results if they stay on track. The waiting is driving me abit insane to be honest and sunogel lol once you know something exists its hard to chill out. I watched a documentry about one of USA first face transplant. This guy blew the bottom half of his face off in the 90s not realising the gun was loaded. He was drunk. Anyways. He spend 15 years as a recluse wearing a germ mask if he needed to go out. His mum never gave up hope and finally face transplant was a reality. He had it and tbh he looks great for real. He has moved town. Got a girlfriend the lot now. Do you think he would have believed he would have a FACE again!?...i cant imagine. Dont give up hope. It might be another 5 years but it will happen. In the mean time try not to wait to live once its here. Instead live knowing one day it will be here. Mantra i tell myself x
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    Looks fine so far. Just make sure you keep your skin moisturized even though a crust hasn’t formed yet. This will help you heal faster and prevent the crust from being thick and scab-like. I have done a light peel and didn’t apply any emollient on the injured skin and this caused a big, brown scab to form and the skin was alarmingly red after the scab fell off. Applying a moisturizer or emollient has always helped to lessen the degree of redness after the skin has fully peeled plus it’s more soothing when the skin doesn’t feel so tight and dry.
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    There are a range of complications that can occur from chemical peels just like any other resurfacing technique. A single layer of 35% is still considered a light peel so the chance of complications are minimal compared to an acid peel that penetrates to the reticular dermis and causes prolonged edema and redness. However, there is a small change of hyperpigmentation and an even smaller chance of scarring. You can minimize the chance for complications like that by doing the following: - prepping the skin 3-6 weeks prior with Retin A - degreasing the skin with acetone in order to ensure the peel penetrates evenly - for the beginner peeler, only starting off with a single layer so you don't overcoat - cleansing the skin twice daily (I use Bedadine mixed with Dove soap) to prevent infection - keeping the skin moist throughout the peeling process - letting the skin peel off on its own and not manipulating the peeling process in any way - waiting the required time before you perform another peel Once the acid has neutralized itself, that is the end point and there is nothing you can do to reverse the process. TCA does not penetrate nearly as quickly as phenol does which is why many doctors will apply a single layer, wait 10 minutes, examine the frost, and then apply another layer. Glycolic Acid does help prep your skin for TCA peels but using Retin A beforehand is what most doctors require because not only does it help the skin heal faster, it is also believed to help prevent scarring during the healing process.
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    I hope I can be of help to all the acne sufferers reading this post right now. I have been an acne sufferer for the past 14 years. I could remember those darn pimples swelling on my face especially when my period comes along. Years have gone by, and I have noticed that my face had gotten worse. From mild to moderate pimples, I started to have moderate to severe acne I believe. I was even scared to look in the mirror just to see those ugly, big red bumps all over my face. After one bump or another disappears, 3 to 8 big, ugly bumps appear. I had big, ugly scars that I wanted to hide from the world. I have gotten tired of hiding from people especially my friends. Fortunately, they have been very understanding of my condition. I have not tried everything, yet I have tried sorts of soaps, exfoliants, creams, washing my face regularly, changing my diet, and hoping on green tea, sweet potatoes, and vitamins. I have tried Benzoyl Peroxide when I was in college. It helped to fade a lot of my acne yet leaving behind ugly scars. Ever since I got tired of using it, I noticed that my acne became worse to the point that I was not leaving home for almost a year because acne almost covered my entire face. I know the feeling of having that low self-esteem that my mother had even saw me crying to death because of this dreaded disease. After that year, I started to work in one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines when my acne started to clear a little while. My cousin there suggested that I use Golden Horse cream. It made my face became almost clear after an episode of horrible acne when first using the product. However, my face didn't clear up that much. However, acne still returns with a deep vengeance. When I got back to school again to pursue another course, stress swelled up and my acne worsen. I used creams to battle the acne off but to no avail. I just don't understand why my acne won't just stop. I know I just can't control my diet that I was even having a junk food for breakfast. When I realized that I was really having this gruesome difficulty, I started controlling my diet as I have learned from the Internet. I tried to eat sweet potatoes and green tea while avoiding sugars and processed foods (such as colas, junk food, bread, rice, pasta, etc.) for almost 2 months. I even almost overdosed myself with expensive vitamins. I lost weight and my acne was controlled, yet my acne still return over a short period of time after I started to break my diet. The worse thing was in every small pimple growing on my face, expect that it will grow to a horrible, big bump and would disappear in a matter of weeks or more than a month (or even months!) and more big bumps will grow before the old ones disappear. I was very desperate in searching for a solution. I searched websites to help me with this terrible problem that almost ruined my life. Finally, I have stumbled through an article in the Internet claiming that ginger tea works wonders. It made the author cure his severe acne and he was drinking 3 cups per day. Why not give it a try? So I continued to control my diet and started doses of ginger tea of 2 cups per day. Fortunately, I did see wonders. What I have done was this. I started to use lukewarm or even hot water to wash my face twice a day (can be very antibacterial as my sources have suggested) for I was only washing my face with cold water. From what I have learned in the Internet, a mild soap (I have been using guava soap. It had glycerin, olive oil, and guava extract in it. Very mild.) can be very helpful in reducing the inflammation caused by acne. I drank 2 cups of ginger tea per day, commonly for breakfast and before going to bed. As for the acne and small bumps that were still remaining, I have used zinc oxide plus calamine ointment after washing my face. I'm not rich, you know. I have to find means that are not costly. For a month, I noticed that my acne had been disappearing. I noticed almost unnoticeable very small pimples (slightly red) not growing to very big bumps that can be too pronounced on my face. I put some ointment on them everyday and they disappear quickly. The miracle here was my acne doesn't respond to any ointment I put on my face. The bumps took a matter of weeks or even a month before disappearing. And now, if I apply this ointment on my face after every wash on even a big, red bump, it disappears in 2 days or utmost, 5 days. At least I have found some miracle in here! Maybe I can attribute this to ginger tea as researches claim that this tea is anti-inflammatory. I have been taking doses of green tea and eating sweet potatoes for 2 months while having my diet controlled. I have lost only my weight but the acne still continued after breaking my diet. I started ginger tea with my diet controlled and it had worked some wonders. When I started to get back eating processed foods and all those nasty stuff that can contribute to acne but still drinking ginger tea, it really is a miracle that my face is still 96% clear up to now. MY FACE HAD NEVER BEEN THIS CLEAR. Now, I am drinking ginger tea once a day only at breakfast. My only problem now is that there are still acne scars left on my face. Maybe I can find a natural way to remove these in the future. Maybe those who have read this post should try. There's nothing to lose in trying. I hope I can be of help to all those battling with terrible acne.
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    I believe the chemotherapy adjunct medication Isotretinoin has the potential to insult the PNS, as it is more susceptible to chemical injury than other regions (CNS or the brain directly), especially in those of developmental ages. As a result, the Autonomic nervous system can be affected. The PSNS for instance controls many regulations throughout the body, such as glandular function. Isotretinoin is marketed on its ability to shrink sebaceous glands, which are exocrine glands. I question how a chemical is able to discern between exocrine/endocrine, throughout the body, as its "effect" takes place. The drug has been remarked as having the ability to "make cancerous cells appear normal" in medical journals. I urge people to look into their symptoms as it relates to the nervous system. Here is a photo, now recall our pattern of symptom commonalities in the a.reproductive region b. digestive region c. neurological region I don't think it's far-fetched at all to make a PNS>ANS>Limbic System pathway of chemical toxicity, I think someone who actually knows about this stuff would say it's feasible, and if not, I'd like to hear why not. I think people should focus their effort on a chemotherapy toxicity induced dysautonomia.
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    I'd ignore the "discussions" on this thread and just check it for thr occasional updates on technology.
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    So I got my sed rate back.... it was 2.... the range is 0-15 So since there can’t be a negative sed rate, I decided to look up the causes of a lower measurement. What pops up? Hyperviscosity of the blood. TONS of CFS sufferers have sed rates ranging from 0-3 and a lot are forced to believe it’s a result of really thick, sticky blood. This would explain a lot in my opinion. I had an abnormal protein spike on my electrophoresis. Not entirely sure which protein was spiked but I was diagnosed with MGUS and need to get checked up on every six months to make sure it doesn’t turn into anything more serious (cancer etc). Wanna know what causes Hyperviscosity? High plasma proteins in the blood. What causes high proteins? Not entirely sure. Certain infections, immune dysfunctions have been known to set them off. But having high amounts of plasma proteins means high antibody rate.. which would explain my immune system issues. Certain forms of low grade inflammation are also not detectable by CRP or ESR my doctor said. I think my symptoms are a result of the constant stream of antibody release mixed with poor blood flow due to Hyperviscosity. Even though I can’t find the exact cause as to what triggered these plasma proteins to become overactive, calming them down with an immunosuppressant seems like the next best thing until we can figure out how to remove the root problem. Thought this was super interesting. Anyone else have lower sed rates? Slowly but surely piecing this together.
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    man from your pic it is sure that it isnt going to scar..only some hiperpigmenttation which fade with time..be bopefull
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    i dont think this will left a scar but maybe it will cause a hyperpigmentation that will fade over time, just keep it moist
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    I am thru the exact same thing. It's been almost 2 years since I gathered severe scarring and began to imprison myself from the world except minimal necessary social life. I feel sympathy to 100% of your words, but I'd bet my scarring would be more severe than yours. I am trying to overcome this stuff, but whenever I go outside, some part of me blocks myself from eye contact to other people, and makes myself run away the spot whenever I feel stared by people especially in sunlight. I want to change this mindset because it seems like modern technology has a limit to treat this scarring... but it is not so easy as words... Yes... so, I need an advice as well... but I am thinking about making a company whom we can share what we are feeling would be a good option. If we let out the painful thoughts to someone who can understand situation, then we would be relived a lot, I guess. That's why I recently joined this site. So... my advice is this. Try to stay strong, stay positive... but when you think it is not so easy, then I can be your company on here. Message me if you need a colleague to rely on. I also need a friend to share the progress and share my story. So, I'll be here always!
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    Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but I have been told by two different doctors that I have Seborrheic Dermatitis, specifically on my chin and chin only. I am a 22 year old male, I live in Colorado where the weather is dry with low/no humidity. This condition has lasted for about 6 years. I grew up believing it was acne, and therefore treated my chin as acne. The truth is, my SD causes pimples on my chin. My SD could have been caused by the climate I live in, the food I eat, the treatment of harsh benzoyl peroxide products, oral antibiotics, genetics, some factor I don't know of, or all of the above. My face will either produce surplus sebum levels leading to a breakout or dry, tight, flaky skin which also leads to breakouts. I have removed sodium lauryl sulfate products, and this has helped. Ketoconazole has SLS in it, which helps with my SD, but still causes breakouts. I have also tried taking it orally. My current routine is T/Sal Therapeutic Neutrogena Shampoo at night sometimes followed by Aczone. In the morning, I only use sea salt with water. Currently take a strong probiotic, turmeric pill, and zinc. I have tried many other supplements and tropical creams and nothing appears to work. I do believe what I eat affects SD as well. Looked into taking Accutane, have not decided if it is worth it or not. Thoughts?