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    Wanted to Share... Thank to Dr Lim For his contributions to the acne scar community. Happy Watching. Welcome New Poster's. You can PM - message me for help (please be patient), post, or read the FAQ - the very top post of the acne scar sub for recommendations and general information. BA
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    we really need your before and afters. My befores do not show the scars the way the OPs do. That is why I replied to this post. Hers are so similar to what mine were that I felt I had to chime in. Even my current pictures do not show what I see, but you know we are our own worst critics. If I posted my Facebook picture you would see nothing. I am going for a facelift in January and I may post then if I come out looking like George Clooney. LOL The skin laxity removed with the facelift could well bring me to 100%. Plastic surgery is not generally for acne scars, but Fraxel Repair has brought me to the point where even the slightest tension on the skin erases all shadows. Fraxel Repair may well have taken me to 100% alone, but I got involved in something else in 2011 that pulled me away. Now I am 71 and in need of the facelift anyways. I don't have a need to satisfy you or anyone else on this forum to prove what I know is true. I am here to help the OP. I lived through an era where Dermabrasion was the only option, and I did that with no results much like the OP - that was 1966. About 30 YEARS later they came out with CO2 laser and I did that with no success. I lived with the agony of acne scars longer than many of you have been alive with no hope in sight. Around 2007 Fraxel Restore was introduced and I was set up to have that until the doctor came back into the room and said that it would not help me. Over 40 years of hoping for something and I was back to square one. About 2008 Fraxel Repair came out and I was lucky enough that a plastic surgeon in my area had one of the few machines in the country, and I had my first treatment, and I got about a 20% improvement, but that was after 40+ years of no improvement. After my 2nd treatment my improvement jumped to about 50%, and I thought OMG something is working. Each subsequent treatment resulted in about a 10% improvement to bring me up to 80%. I have been through wars that you can't even imagine, and only Fraxel Repair worked.
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    Good question, it’s all about how you feel at the end of the day isn’t it!! I won’t bullshit anyone, thus far I have much more muscle strength which I know heaps of people have had issues with over the years, that in of itself is a welcome change I’d have to say!! It’s early days as I’ve only calmed the nervous system, I’m expecting more changes as I now start to work on gut/brain connection. So absolutely no changes yet to: systemic dryness sleep issues light sensitivity thinning hair eye floaters irritability But as we know, even 10% fucken change is a step in the right direction yeah - I’ll certainly take it!!
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    It was a bit of sarcasm. I feel as if some are being duped by doctors who have found a good source of income. There is just no basis in reality for applied kinesiology. i.e.: There were no studies indicating that a weak pinky finger is a sign of a bladder infection, or whatever fabricated ailment. A weak pinky finger is only a sign of bladder infection because the kinesiologist tells you your pinky is weak, meaning you have a bladder infection.
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    Vitamin a exerts a lot of its actions on thyroid, testosterone productions, hyaluronic acid production thru the second messenger molecule cAMP. So it's accutane affects the way our retinoic acid receptors respond to vitamin a, camp will be unable to do its thing. This is were forskolin comes in. Forskolin is able to directly increase cAMP throught the body. I believe this is partly how Tane messes with our metabolisms. Less so, by affecting the function and levels of other nutrients. Been on TRT for year and slowly titrating down because reasons. Started feeling like shit since levels were coming down and I was crashing. Started using 1-2 drops (very little) forskolin and the effect is incredible. I literally went from feeling like death one morning to feeling great almost instantly. I have no labs to back it up yet but I feel an effect on my thyroid and testosterone levels. Energy is up, ability to get work done is better, motivation is better and overall mood is better. If you look at studies, cAMP is needed to get the thyroid working, to activate NRF2 for testosterone production and many other pathways that were affected by Accutane. Definitely something to research further. Remember, no Vitamin a = no cAMP = no downstream effects of vitamin a. How will I know if this is working? Need to completely get off TRT and wait a week or two while using forskolin. If my T levels remain within normal, then it works. This is my second major discovery. First was beta alanine and improve dryness. How many of you are diagnosed with hypogonadism or low testosterone levels since using Accutane? What's your lowest tested level? Forskolin might help you where everything else failed.
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    Have any of you ever had the impression you were being scammed by an applied kinesiologist?
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    All top injectors will get at least 2 of these per year. Its an odds game. So here is the theory behind WHY this happens so frequently to acne scar patients. Facial anatomy is not normal in acne scar patients. The arteries lie below the fat layer, so one has a buffer. Now, in acne scar patients the abnormal collagen 'picks up the artery. The artery caught up in all the scar tissue - the auriculotemporal aa. Scar attachments are deep. Now in acne scar patients the artery is very superficial, as fat and dermal atrophy occurs. So even the most inexperienced injectors in the World would know what level to inject, but they do not know the level of the artery, This is why good injectors who perform this procedure will always give their mobile numbers to patients if they cross the facial artery, no matter how superficially they inject. Sterile pustulation precedes total necrosis, so it is good you got it in time. The good news is that this will heal without sequelae, add gentle vascular treatments in 2-3 weeks time as you will experience reactive hyperaemia (redness), if you can see a dermatologist who has done many of these 'salvages' as the pulse duration and energy settings need to be gentle. Silicone patche or liquid can also help. Wish you well.
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    Thank you please post the pictures. Scars make shadows. Use a flashlight or directional lighting so I can advise specifically based on your scarring a plan. Dermapen will not fix icepicks. TCA Cross is most effective, ... but I need to make sure they are icepicks or we may need another recommendation.
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    Anyone here has high SHBG but normal testestrone and estradiol? (Also cracking joints....). How did you deal with it? Did you figure out the cause?
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    Sending positive vibes that your spiro journey is going well! It has changed my life in so many ways and given me confidence and freedom. 5 years later I am so thankful for discovering this solution to the challenges of PCOS. Stick with it wherever you are, if you can personally, the bright side at the end is worth it.
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    video from birchbiomed last week. They say they want to release fs2 in cream topical form maybe next year.
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    It's called "Spots" Will I ever not have acne, I have to wonder at 26. The hours I’ve spent covering angry throbbing spots. Why can’t you make your home somewhere less obvious? like my ass cheeks? or the soles of my feet? This has gone on long enough, I have the scars to prove it. And the messed up thing is people think I choose it. Dermatology has failed me, it’s a genetic curse And when people make suggestions It makes me feel so much worse Yes I’ve tried witch hazel, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide too, “Have you tried homeopathic remedies?” Yea, I’ve tried a few. I’ve tried not drinking milk, eating gluten, meat or soy, My diet consists mainly of vegetables, and the occasional La Croix. I try my very best to still feel attractive But I die inside every time a stranger asks “Have you tried ProActiv?”
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    I do not know if u guys believe in prayers. But I hope everyone will try to project a thought every night before going to bed that scarless healing would be a reality. Maybe our collective prayers will be answered if we focus hard enough. I've had unexpectedly good things happen by really wishing it hard enough by believing and somehow manifesting it to reality. All these may sound like pseudoscience, but really no harm trying it at these stage.
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    it's not a scam, i had a deep ice pick/box car right on the tip of my nose that was making me super self-conscious. three rounds of TCA cross (100%) and i barely notice it now. if the scar is relatively small in diameter and has sharp, defined edges it will probably help you. make sure you consult with someone who knows what they're doing! it's a long road, but worth it. oh yeah, i am nearly 50, was 47 when i had this done. healing was fine, i just took care to wash gently (so as not to dislodge the scabs), eat well, stay out of direct sun, etc.
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    I've actually been making a considerable amount of improvement recently as far as mental health and digestion is concerned. So much so that I really think that not only can we catch up with the rest of the population of "normal" individuals, but that we can even surpass them one day. This curse that has been brought upon us may actually be a blessing in disguise. Digestive protocol: Basically as I've mentioned before in past posts, I started out with 2 table spoons of "kefir grains" lactobacillus that I purchased on eBay two years ago. They have multipled and grown to about three cups worth over the years. You put them in a container filled with milk, coconut milk, or Lactaid. Sit them on the counter with the lid closed loosely and in about 48 hours you can drink the concoction. It's a very sweet and sour drink (no it does not spoil). This has been done for centuries in the Caucusus regions of the world and Russia. You can blend the fermented milk with any tye of berries, kiwi, and banana so it goes down easier. And whenever you want to take a break, you put them in fresh milk, and set them in the fridge or freezer. This "slows" them down into hibernation. I also take VeganZyme or OmegaZyme with my meals that are high in fat and protein. I also eat a balanced diet of raw natural fruits, veggies, and meats. I haven't been to a fast food place in years. I hardly ever buy any processed foods even at the grocery store. My stools have been solid, healthy, and brown. I've gained weight from 155lbs to a solid 176lbs. Hormone protocol: I do TRT, which has also contributed to my gain in weight and lean muscle mass. I started out with a doctor, but it is much cheaper to source your own online, which I can't recommend on here for obvious reasons. I do the injections myself, but you can start out with the androgel under the armpits if you are a first timer. I take the necessary Liver detox supplements (NOW Liver detox & regeneration) to counter any adverse impacts, but it is a good idea to get blood tests done every 6 months. I keep my T levels at around 700-800. Which is completely healthy for a young male in his 20's-30's. Mental Health: I don't know if it was the Accutane directly that caused my clinical Depression, or if it was indirectly a result of the transient ischemic attack, and the post traumatic state that my brain is stuck in, but I have been microdosing Psilocybe Cubensis (magic mushrooms) every 3-4 days and I'm starting to become myself again. The brain fog is dissipating and I feel smart and happy again. I am able to delve deep into my inner consciousness and see reality around me. That I am a product of my fathers military upbringing. That I am affected by the side effects of Accutane and harbor resentment and hatred.That I've pushed my friends closest to me away out of fear of abandonment and anger because I can't create social connections as I used to. That I bullied the love of my life into the hands of other men when she was just looking for security, recognition, and appreciation. That all of us are just products of society, our environment, and parenting (or lack of parenting). The hand we play in peoples lives and our own is far greater than anyone ever taught me growing up. We literally create reality (as we know it) around us by our thoughts and actions. Aside from create neurogenesis in the brain, Psilocybin allows you to feel emotions again. Hapiness and laughter. Sadness and crying. All these years I've gone without emotion. Self medicating with alcohol, harboring resentment, taking my frustrations out on friends and strangers alike. It allows you to truly look in the mirror. It allows you to see your mistakes and devise a plan to fix them. It has allowed me to finally mourn so that I can get rid of this excess baggage and move on. Please, YouTube the keywords 'Psilocybin Depression' for more information. I think this quote applies in any situation, but especially one that's out of your control, like against an unstoppable force such as a Pharmaceutical company. "So people hurt you, that's their problem, those are their character and actions, it is ordained by nature, how you respond is yours." ---Marcus Aurelius (Meditations) I still have poor sleep schedule,Tinnitus, low night vision, light sensitivity, persistent images, and floaters. But everything else is getting better finally. I promised I would find a solution naturally (or at least semi-naturally). And I still do a ton of other things such as running long distance, weight lifting, CBD oil for joint inflammation, hyperbaric o2 therapy. It's still a work in progress, but we can definitely do this. And we can surpass the normal individuals who lack in physical, mental, and spiritual health improvement if we start now.
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    No it's not a scam. But many do not understand the action and freak out. We are rasing the scar floor. As such your scars may widen, ... you will need multiple treatments with the end goal being a resurfacing weather by peel or laser for the texture. New wounds are red, so you may have to conceal them. If they are widespread and more of large pores fraxel can be hellpful. If you only have a few some do punch excisions. Older people tend to heal slower, so be aware of all of this and consult with the Dr about treatment. Our list of Drs in the faq - top of the acne scar sub.
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    Your scars are very minor, there is no 1-10 rating in scar work... @TheMadTitanNamedThanos You do not need filler. You mainly have box cars, and some icepicks. I cannot tell from the pics the depth of the scars, ... scars make shadows. They look very superficial. Monomorphic (same plane). You can try a few at home tca peels to the cheeks. I would definitely get picosure done for the hyperpigmentation or vascular laser. You may need some tca cross (this may be enough) and or paint on spot peels to the individual pits of the box cars. You can finish with erbium resurfacing or a peel(s) by a Derm. If you wish to do only at home treatment first try the derminator or dermastamping as well alternate every month. You have ethnic skin so please use retin-a/tretnorin/differin nightly with a konjac and albutin cream to avoid hyperpigmentation and cause cell turnover. Stop during treatments. All this is optional. Treat when you have time and money.
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    I would say your scars are a 3-4. The redness makes them very noticeable but you can do V-Beam and it would look much better or wait for it to fade. My scarring is somewhat similar and I had good results with injectable fillers (juvederm as you said) but it's important to find a good doc. But you're scars are not severe in by any stretch of the imagination. They are very textural and once the redness fades it will be hardly noticeable.
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    @49ersFan I think 20% is realistic now. It does looks 30% on my cheeks when I just wake up. I'm planning to do subcision, phenol cross and sculptra for stimulating collagen x 2. Finish off with resurfacing peel.
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    @jiraiya69 When someone uses the term fade away they mean hyperpigmentation and that can take a year for some people to heal from. I don't know that I would say your scars are worse. I do see PIE or redness due to wounding after treatment which is common in your skintype. I also see some inflamation. Have you been using differin/retin-a/tretinorin nightly and a konjac and albutin cream. Stop one week before treatments. Your skintype is prone to hyperpigment. Many do picosure laser for this or vascular laser like V-beam. The main issue I see with your skin is discoloration. Your scars are very minor and they could do 3-7%co2 laser at low density and the highest power to the scars. I would try that and picosure first and see the collagen stimulation that happens. Perhaps some light peels you can try Glycolic or Salicylic are ok for your skin type. We have a guide in the FAQ (top post of the scar sub) under peels, and a mega-post.
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    Yeah I’m reconsidering my options with Vit A too I have recently pointed out though that when having Kinesiology, Vit A did stress my body out when tested with the vile Having done some work over last few weeks I am now responding better to it - both A and Beta Carotene aren’t stressing me out - this could only be the result of Tane messing things up!! I’m now curious on how I’d respond supplementing BC but I’m trying to avoid self diagnosing which up till recently has been out of control for me, definitely something I’m trying to avoid. I’d run it by practitioner and get their thoughts firstly Currently I’m responding well to both B12 & ALA which I’ll continue. I’m also curious about this Forskolin product but will see what others have to say before I look into it more. This cAMP is a new area of inquiry that’s for sure!!
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    Hi Negga, ... your scars are severe and will take many treatments. You have extensive boxcars, fat loss in the cheeks and icepicks. I would never start with lasers first. Why, because you have lots of manual work to do on the scars before starting laser. You need extensive TCA cross and tca paint on or tca spot peels. This is where to the boxcars acid is painted on the floor of the scar only 3X in a session. TCA cross at a higher % is used on the smaller icepiclcks. Several sessions will be needed. I would do 4 sessions of subcision with filler for the fat loss in the cheeks. Treat again when you need a top up. I would then do co2 3-7% density with full power angled only to the borders of those boxcars. This will soften them. You can also do rf microneedling. A few sessions are needed. Lastly you will do multiple TCA pees for texture. Scars are not one and done. Many treat over 3 years as they have time and money. Separate out your treatments and space them a minimum of 3 months apart. Everything is optional. Because of your skin type start on nightly retin-a/tretinorin/differin and a konjac arbutin cream for cell turn over and to avoid skin discoloration. I think your scars are much more extensive than his plan and treatments should be spread out, the body is slow to heal. Thanks, Ba
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    It's been almost 7 months since March 23, the day I stopped taking accutane. Just an update on how things are going! All of those smaller 1-2 cm hairs that I was constantly shedding have stopped falling out now. I've been doing my best to keep up with the minoxidil foam routine which is twice daily. I can say for sure that it does work wonders if you put in the effort not to neglect. I'm starting to see some smaller hairs grow out of the temples. However, I've read online somewhere that if a patch of hair were to really grow, it would need to feel like a peach fuzz. My temples don't feel that way. At this point, I'm just trying to maximize the amount of thickness I can get on top and I've seen much improvement since the beginning of the year when I looked like a crack addict. So yeah, I've kinda given up on my temples and become realistic. To make matters worse, my dermatologist closed her clinic down... (she was lazy af anyways). How are you peeps doin?
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    Firstly....hang in there. I remember when i started Spiro and my acne got so much worse for the first few months. I didn't see consistent improvement until well after a year. Spiro ended up not being my solution but for others, it can be a miracle worker. Retinoids are known for irritating skin so maybe your derm can put you on the lowest possible concentration and form (ex: differin). As much as you want to stop, give it at least 6 months so you can cross it off your list. Prior to this treatment, what else have you tried?
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    Hi there, Your scars are severe as you know. I suspect you have sensitive skin. Something bacterial, or heal poorly hence the MUAC. AS you know any time we do a peel or procedure we open our skin up to opportunistic bacteria. Your skin was not having the peel. Good to know. Please be under the care of a DR who can support you, as it sounds like you have one currently or find another if they are not effective enough in your care. This isn't a one and done sort of situation. We need to do ongoing treatments as you have heavy scars. Many treat over 3 years. Everything I say is optional, treat as you have time and money. Allow 3 months between treatments. ***** You heavily need more sessions of cannular subcision. In your case we are talking 4 or more sessions. I would possibly inject overly dilute sculptra throughout your whole area of scarring deeply. CO2 or RF needling will stimulate collagen growth. We also need to do some laser work to break up all those scars (fibrotic). I don't think RF needling will be enough. Consider co2 laser (just to the scars). I would not have applied a peel to you, but instead done individual paint on also called spot peels (for more on this see the faq - top post of the acne scar sub, acid section, mega post link, paint on) ... some Drs also call it tca cross inside the box car scarbed floor. If you have a fear about this do a test spot on some pits and see if they raise up. Finally I would do a erbium fully ablative resurfacing as you have widespread scars, ... we have to raise them first as much as possible. Yes scars age you prematurely. Some have auto immune like conditions that make them loose their fat. You counteract this with filler 1-2 a year. This will hide some of the scars too with enough volume to the cheeks. Perhaps your prone to hypertophic (raised) scarring post procedure, ... let your dr know about the peel and what happened. There is hope, ... just don't expect glass smooth skin. Subicsion will help a lot. You got 50% one procedure, ... see that is a good result. Buy a derminator or dermastamp and stamp the skin between Dr treatments. Use tretinorin or differin nightly with a konjac and albutin cream. BA
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    @spasticated You have a compromised artery. They injected the filler into. Get it reversed ASAP! @Obi wan Thoughts on this?
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    Rolling scars. We really don't know how much fibrosis there is under your skin, but there are lots of tethers. Subcsion is very hard to master. Given the extent of scars, may I suggest blunt subcision. If its a few tethered scars - sure Nokor can help, but you have lots at different attachment points. Scars are orientated vertically and obliquely. Combining say RF microneedling with subcision , 3-4 sessions would be advisable. Rullan probably best for the job. Most good guys won't put filler till the end. Why? Because if you tethers are broken down, and you can stimulate collagen over time - only the truely atrophic areas need to be filled. Also the poster has a ethnic skin type and cannot have overly high energy levels. ** Its not the method nor the device/settings, but the specialist behind the procedure that will give you the best results. Blasting scars with high energy does nothing but give side effects or added cost. Manual methods always win out.
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    I seldom post anymore, but when I saw your pictures I had to say something. Your pictures mirror what I was dealing with. I did 5 treatments of Fraxel Repair, and saw an 80% improvement. Proper protocol for Fraxel Repair must be followed or you will not achieve good results. Very, Very few people on here have followed proper protocol so you will hear from critics who do it their way without success. You must be treated at high megajoules, and multiple times or you will not be satisfied. If you look at my signature you will see that I was treated each time at 70 mj - 60%. The first treatment I was so swollen as to be unrecognizable, but that subsided in a couple days. I went through the grandaddy of all skin peels with dermabrasion and regular CO2, with no improvement. I look at it this way if you had a block of wood with a dent in it how much would you have to sand the wood to get it level with the dent. There is only so much skin that can be peeled off. If you do research you must used the words Fraxel Repair or people will automatically defer to Fraxel Restore, which is useless. You mentioned Texas, well I had mine done at the LaserLight Skin Clinic in OKC. http://laserlightsc.com/
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    Thanks for the advice. I have been on that site but not their forums.
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    I don't see anything in the pic that is a depressed pit. It must be very shallow. You can get some "soft" HA filler if you wish, spot peel the area to soften the borders. I can't tell quite well as scars make shadows - flashlight, ... is this fat deficient or something between the smile lines and cheeks, ... if so subcision and filler could help. If your main issue is loss of volume, filler is the best option.
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    @jcbdigger365 where did you get azelaic acid from? bp works for me but i wanna see how azelaic acid does. Amazon does not have a lot of options. which brand did you get?
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    @bungholio That's a great summary, thanks! Personally, I can tolerate goat and sheep dairy products. And another trigger I found out just a few days ago, is trimming the hair inside the nose I think I will now just let it grow...
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    Um what? Anyone with stiff hypertrophic scar or a keloid has had skinte?
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    Does Oral Isotretinoin Prevent Propionibacterium acnes Resistance? https://www.karger.com/Article/Pdf/246012 This paper reports preliminary data demonstrating that oral isotretinoin (Roaccutane®/Accutane®) significantly reduces total numbers of resistant P. acnes on the skin of all patients. So what about other bacterial resistance? possible? "These compounds exhibited significant antibacterial activities against the Gram-positive bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, S. epidermidis, and Propionibacterium acnes. They also exhibited antiandrogen activities."
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    I wouldnt know anything about what to know, but im sure if you go to a derm theyll know they usually laser the skin like they do with tattoos small dot and the skin should repair itself.
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    Hi True Justice - my summary of Grant Genereux’s theory wasn’t clear enough. Much of his research into the rising epidemics of so-called auto-immune diseases identifies the simultaneous rise in Vit A intake that may be the underlying cause. Modern supplementation in food (milk and cereal for example) and vitamin pills, plus the non-linear rise in fish oil consumption, plus the “healthy eating” craze of overconsumption of Vit A vegetables, combines to overwhelm the liver’s capacity to store this potential toxin safely, which it releases in a non-destructive, transportable form under normal circumstances. When capacity is breached, the retinol and its more toxic sibling, Retinoic Acid, are stashed away in fat cells and endothelial tissue, and as I understand the theory so far, we get to the point where there’s quite a bit of “free floating” A and RA causing stem cell disturbances that trigger immune responses, inflammation and tissue damage. Reaching liver capacity used to take decades, but now these diseases are hitting younger people who are growing up consuming much more Vit A than those of us in our 60’s and 70’s did. The Accutane discussions over at his blog (thanks Admin for doing the link edit) are in this context above. I’m still sorting and self-referencing the information but am convinced enough to get as close to Zero A intake as possible, due to a couple of “auto-immune” conditions that have given me a bunch of grief over the years. It it
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    Hey guys my skin is clear after using benzoyl peroxide gel for about 2 weeks! I'll take dryness/flaking over pustules any day! Also, I think I might be able to shave again xD. I might even switch to using azelaic acid sometime in the future as it doesn't cause dryness like BP does.
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    1 year 3 months off accutane. started minoxidil 27 days a ago. horrendous shedding but thats related to monoxidil (hopefully). :S
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    Mimi- Me and you have the exact same expierence!!! I thought I was alone!!!! I am 16.. and I try to eat A low glycemic diet to clear my acne, but finding the the right diet for acne gave me an eating disorder as well. Acne ruined my life the point where I stay home from school and quit my job. Following a strict diet for acne Will produce results but it is hard. I avoid bad foods such as dairy/ sugar/gluten for acne but when my family lives off that food, it makes me feel tempted to eat it with them! Every time I eat high glycemic foods I get terrible acne on my checks. So my point is I also eat a strict diet for clear skin, but it is important to not feel guilty about eating “bad foods”, or restricting your diet to be point where you are underweight (I have been there & ended up with anorexia). I belive acne is related to gut health, insulin levels and SUGAR. People say acne is “topical” but NO IT IS INTERNAL!!! You are not alone, i am batteling acne as well by changing my lifestyle, and it is hard when I’m only a teenager trying to analyze my body/acne /foods without having orthexia, anorexia, or bullimia because topicals are not working. I also did everything under the sun such as going vegan, keto, raw foods, carb free & It is tricky when I am already very thin. The key is avoiding sugar (which is hard in america), gut health and lots of vitamins.
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    I avoid these concern posts every few months but because I have been contacted a few times I will address the topic here. Firstly I need a definition of what LEGIT treatments are. This is a nebulous term with many meanings. Scars do have treatments currently, they take time and work, many do not want to put out the effort, $$$$, or have the down time. Are we comparing severe scarring, body scarring, light scarring, those who cannot heal properly, those who want to complain, those who want perfection or nothing else, or those who have other health issues happening. We have had many success stories here, the ones who are not don't heal right, do treatments wrong, have doctors who take advantage of them for bogus treatments, or who do nothing and are debilitated by their own issues and thinking - finding it easier to complain. There are MANY mental issues on this forum, that would be better addressed with a therapist. Ie. Body Dysmorphia and perfectionism. We are comparing apples and oranges. Body scars and facial acne scars, also people's ability to heal or not heal, their propensity for bad experience. Everything we offer as treatment customized is not that expensive with the exception of rf needling. You can skip anything you wish and get less results or wait for magical unicorns like Skin Te. The DIY stuff like derminator and tca peels/cross is extremely cheap. Subcision is pretty cheap without filler. Body scars you can flatten but often because of differences in physiology/vascularity you will not get the percentage of perfect skin texture, color, and quality. The face is a different thing . There is always medical tattooing for loss of pigment, but the texture will still be there, co2 can be done with steroid drip but not for full improvement. Skin Te might be the best bet for someone with body scars, It does not have to look pretty like the face after all and can be cut out all over your body to apply. Please keep these discussions there, right now ... what if's or fantasy thinking for many. The average burn victim spends over 20K$+ (for the first treatment) so Skin Te won't be cheap, but anything is better than the 10% improvement a burn victim gets and his body dis-formed and not able to move for life. That is what this is for some % of improvement. Sure if you do one session of anything like laser your not going to get what you want, or even all of it your not going to get perfection, or you just want to do DIY at home and not spend a cent that will give you some improvement but not fix everything. You have to go in with realistic expectations and know yourself very well. This is not a instant thing, different things work for different people. Often there is hidden data that is not shared. For example One person Keloids, the other does not heal well after a cut, the other has taken hard drugs, some smoke and don't heal right, a few cases of PICOS and nutritional / gut issues, some fungal infections and constant acne, some are stressed and worry all the time which effects healing, others do mega sessions all at once and Dr. E in Hollywood has scarred them for life while draining their bank accounts - this isn't how the body naturally heals. Every situation is not the same. This is not relative. Where I agree with the OP is if you expect perfection STOP NOW, a therapist and anti-depressants might be more helpful than treatment. Just be aware the medications side effects might be more scars. It's possibly not healthy for a person in this mindset to be on this forum as they want everyone else to suffer with them while doing nothing about it. Yes I get it, you have had shitty treatments, drs, luck in life, or expectations. I REALLY do get it, we all have had this, it's what you choose to do about it. A older person who needs aesthetic treatments does not say, they will not take away my wrinkles completely and make my skin perfect so I will not get a Deep peel, or filler, or a face lift. The patient is happy for improvement, or avoids them completely and get's into the accepting phase. Filler is extremely legit, it fixes aging faces for many. Yes it's expensive but so many of you are going on trips, getting massages, coffees, clothes, doing fun activities, getting your hair cut, going to the dentist... But you don't want to get filler because it's not permanent. Acne scars cause pre-mature aging of skin, ... what is the cure for pre-mature aging of skin, fat loss, bone loss, collagen loss .... ding ding ding "Filler." Over time the cost will come down and become longer lasting. This is the game changer. Some have asked for some tips to deal with scars, BDD, and treatments not working. I don't have the bandwidth to deal with both the emotional and scar cases, nor do I feel I could do the full justice and attention everyone needs (I mean this in the nicest way). This is where Therapy really does help support one through the process. I think far to many are dealing with their own issues here and this is where you get a heaviness or compounding, and it starts to weigh on posters here. Hence why I suggest get a game plan, do what's best for you, and disconnect or take a break when needed. Here is a generalized list of some ideas.* Therapy, ... few here can offer this level of understanding and depth to see what the cause of the BDD is and deal with it. This is a very important step. There is a Smart Phone App Called Talkspace which is great for therapy (text, video, call). Also colleges offer reduced rates even if your not a student. Friends while great cannot fill this space. When you plateau on results or it becomes unbearable this is what helps as well. Stress and worry can cause worse skin issues, and this deals with that.* Gym, Endorphin's are a great way to get you into a happy space. I have seen many guys and gals become happy with their appearance and somehow that helped with everything else (weather they fixed their issue or not). They became more self confident and healthy.* Naturapathic / Herbalist / Homeopathic / Holistic / Chinese Herbal - Eastern Medicine / Ayurveda / Integrated Health - Sometimes the issue is the gut and it manifests in the skin. These practitioners can work on this part of you where many doctors throw antibiotics which can make things worse. It's more than taking a supplement, it's a lifestyle. Clean living, healthy diet / food (is a big one), understanding what is bad for us out there and good. Even someone with a scientific based mind can find help in some of this in conjunction with western medicine. Cleanses of the liver, kidneys, and intestines. Stay clear of the hucksters who have a magical solution or charge high prices for a cure. If it does not work in a few months, stop doing it.* Self Improvement - Improve other parts of your life, so you can get courage and success.* Helping Others / Volunteering - Often the Scar Suffer or those with BDD are stuck seeing only what is wrong with themselves instead of seeing that the world around them is not perfect. Help others, it's very gratifying and gives back many benefits. The focus becomes not about yourself but a servants heart. It's a good way to distract.* Religion - Focusing on something more than yourself. Working on what's inside rather than the outside. Finding purpose.* Take a Walk - Get some fresh air and sunshine. If you live in a place with fog most of the year you may have Seasonal Disorder and need a sun lamp. Many are trapped inside and hiding from their issue. This is not healthy both physically and psychologically. * Do something you love.* Anti - Depressants or Natural Anti Depressants - Many need help coping, consult a Dr. Always look at the side effects and how they effect the skin.* Hangout with the Friends or Do something Nice for your Family - Support* Improve Yourself ( School, work/career improvement, classes, hobbies, learn new things, read books). Improve the things you can improve, and don't focus on the ones you cannot. * Makeup / Skincare - "Makeup Addiction" and "Skincare Addiction" are both excellent subs on reddit.com , learn as much as you can. Many more members than here. Some scientists and professionals post there. Repositories of Knowledge. * Sleep - many don't get enough of this.* Disconnect / Avoid Certain Media - Did the Buddhist Monks know something we don't or the Amish. Society wants to tell you your ugly (so they can feel better about themselves), that you should look like photos, or buy new treatments and products. What if this was not a constant message marketing, sales, media, and society was sending us, would be easier right. Obsessing on Facebook and Hollywood tabloids will not help you in the long run. So many on Youtube are using filters to give fake makeup results, special lighting, Photoshop, plastic surgery, makeup, special photographers. Those with good genes are not perfect but have far to many ways to hide their imperfections and obsess on the ego Infecting others around them to also be narcissistic - centered on superficial.* Get rid of friends who are not beneficial to your health and well being - the choice is yours, we are the company we keep. * Beauty Blogs / Acne / Skincare - Will tell you there is something wrong with you, that is the focus and the goal, to find something else to fix. This isn't reality, it's fake. * Set Goals and Bucketlists Outside of the Superficial - Achieve Greatness. This could be as simple as finishing a few things on a honey - to - do list.* Make yourself interesting in other ways besides how you look - We all get old, regret for many is off things they did not do, or chances they did not take, not off how they looked as they get old and naturally age. Perhaps beauty is for the young & vain, and transcendence is for the old and wise (are the the vessel you cultivate inside). The Serenity Prayer God grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; Taking, as He did, this sinful world As it is, not as I would have it; Trusting that He will make all things right If I surrender to His Will; So that I may be reasonably happy in this life And supremely happy with Him Forever and ever in the next. Amen.
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    @tramyhurricane Microneedling is a ongoing procedure, sometimes taking years or used for upkeep. It can be done at home as you know. You only do the scars, ... if it's not broken why do it. I don't use the machine for improvement, I use it for beauty upkeep. If you do microneedling you must do tca peels or tca cross, they work together, please look at the top of the scar solutions sub, first post faq, under success stories first post is scientific studies, click this and read what they did. It all depends on your scar type.
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    You’re suffering from chronic inflammation induced my tretinoin. Your derm should've advised you to stop using it and prescribed you antibiotic and steroid to calm your skin.
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    Hey guys! Today marks my two years and a month into The Regimen. I am happy to say that majority of my acne is still under control and I haven't had my skin feel and look as good as it does in a long time. Below are pictures of my current skin situation. No make-up, just freshly cleansed skin. I am healing two acne marks on the left side of my face for now but they are already dried out and flat and I am just dealing with the dark marks with the use of AHA. I thought maybe I'd make this post because I have gotten quite a few personal messages asking about my experience with The Regimen, how I do The Regimen, side effects, other products I use, and many other things. So I am sharing my responses and tips to the rest of the members on the forums. Here goes... 1. The Regimen isn't an easy regimen. This whole routine is not a one-time-fix-all kind of thing. It takes patience, effort, consistency and even willingness to go through some discomfort to get your skin where you want to be. So if you are considering it, do your research and be aware of the possible side effects and inconveniences that comes with it. A lot of people ask me questions that are explained on the site, I think they just need to be reminded to read instructions first. Questions are always welcome if more specific information is needed. 2. The Regimen is not an overnight success. It took me 10 weeks to get acne free and months to get rid of my red marks. For other people it was faster and for others it took longer (up t six months). Do not compare your experience with other Regimen users because that will just get you disappointed. 3. Breakouts will come and go. The Regimen controls acne and does not completely eradicate it. There are times, especially when you start The Regimen, that breakouts will come. This does not mean your skin will not work with The Regimen it is just adjusting to the medication you are using. So don't get all freaked out. I experienced the worst breakout on my 4th and 5th week into the process and it almost made me quit, thankfully I did not...it was the best decision I ever made. 4. I currently use a mix of Acne.org and store bought products in my Regimen routine. To be clear I initially did not use Acne.org products. For the first six months I used items that I bought in my pharmacy. It was on my sixth month that I purchased the Acne.org Benzoyl Peroxide and really enjoyed it so much that I explored the other products from the line. So yes, you can get clear with the correct store bought products. 5. The Regimen does not take care of scarring. People often ask me how I handled acne marks and scarring and to be honest I can't say much. I have very minimal scars. They aren't very noticeable and can be easily noticed only if you are extremely close to my face. The Regimen does not help with any physical scarring but when we are talking about red and dark spots left by acne, I trust the AHA. The Acne.org AHA+ is my bet when I get those annoying spots. With time, it speeds up the lightening process of those marks and makes them go away a lot faster. 6. I use products outside of The Regimen. Aside from the cleanse, treat and moisturize routine, I have also incorporated a scrub, a mask and an eye cream to my routine. I use a scrub twice a week to just get rid of the build up of BP when application of things to my skin aren't as smooth. I use a facial mask once or twice a month when my skin feels very dry. And the eye cream I use twice a day which I apply on my under eyes before I apply the BP to my face. I advise you add only one product at a time when your skin is already clear. This way you can see what products work and which ones break you out. 7. I used make-up when I started The Regimen. While I started the The Regimen I used only a tinted sunscreen and some powder. This is because my skin was irritated and still adjusting to the BP. Eventually when my skin got used to the BP I was able to wear more make-up such as primers, foundations, concealers, etc. 8. There are initial painful and annoying side effects. When starting The Regimen your skin will go through a phase where it gets used to the BP treatment. This will make skin red, irritated, itchy, it will flake and it will be uncomfortable. But rest assured that this will pass after a few weeks. Gauge your skin if you think that the moisturizer you are using is not helping enough. You can switch moisturizers, add jojoba oil, or keep a fan handy to keep your face from heating up. I used to carry a small bottle of moisturizer and add to my face throughout the day if ever it gets too uncomfortable. 9. PCOS has is the cause of my acne. My hormones are very imbalanced and this is a big part of why I have acne. I have tried many many different things to get rid of my acne. Diet, antibiotics, birth control, vitamins and exercise have done very little to help clear my face. It was only once I started The Regimen that I had cleared my acne and stayed clear. Some people might have an issue on why I don't treat my skin problem from inside out, but this is the way I chose to deal with it and it currently suits my lifestyle at the moment. 10. I still take vitamins, medication and birth control. I take a few things to help with PCOS symptoms with the birth control and metformin. With my vitamins D and zinc that is to help calm down any acne cysts that get too inflamed. I would say the birth control has helped a little with the acne, but not as much as The Regimen has. 11. I still get acne spots once in a while. Although The Regimen does control most of my acne, there are times when I get a spot or two. This usually happens a few days before my period because my hormones are all over the place. This practically doesn't bother me anymore because two spots is so much less than the acne that I started with. 12. Big tip! Spot treat with AHA. When I feel like A zit is coming to the surface, I spot treat with AHA. I take a little dab of AHA on the spot, let it dry then apply my BP. This helps a lot to calm my spot and prevent it from getting very red and irritated. Also sharing with you the list of products that I have used that have not broken me out. Skin care products: - St. Ives Apricot Scrub for Blemish Control - Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel - Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion/Cream - CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion - Clinique City Block Sheer SPF 25 - Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser - Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser - Clinique All About Eyes Rich Eye Cream Make-up products: - MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder - Smashbox Photo Set Pressed Powder - The Balm Sexy Mama Translucent Powder - MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer - Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer - Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser - Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Oily/Combination Skin - Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer - Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide Foundation - Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer I hope this post kinda helps you guys a little. I wish you all luck on getting clear however that may be. You can read and see how bad my acne was before through a link in my signature. Lastly, I wanted to point out that these thoughts are all my own and even though I am a Site Watcher for Acne.org that has never clouded any judgement I have had on any of the Acne.org products. There are steps in The Regimen where I prefer to use Acne.org items and some where I enjoy store bought products much better.
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    This was my point. This seems like semantics. We are on a site called Acne.org after all so this is the basis of all treatment. The sub forum we are in is for scars. If you healed poorly yes probably that was from acne, could be from picking, or it could be from bacteria (ie. Staph, P. Acnes, ect...). The point is I think most acne suffers have a greater knowledge to their healing capabilities and history of the fight if you will. So I think it's trivial to say scars are not indicators of auto immune like disease, ... after one has many diseases there are indicators it was there and of their bodies process of healing from it. IF I know through many white papers and data that lasers have side effects of tissue loss and poor healing, yet I let a doctor sell me they are magical or I take a chance at the poker table, then I may have serious side effects. If you have read my FAQ which is below each of my posts, I approve with sounds data what causes scars and acne. I have even had doctors and scientists contribute to it. Back to the original topic, as this has veered into theoreticals. Lets be realistic with our expectations. No laser can provide 95% improvement, so how can Infini (it's fractional skin desiccation (death) kind of like a laser but protects the epidermis)? It relies on your bodies ability to heal itself. This is marketing 101 in aesthetics, make high numbers, and pay for data that proves it's the next best thing. Prove that it can work for all people and all things. Pay doctors gobs of money to sell, sell, sell for non FDA approved conditions (This sounds like the pharmaceutical industry). Can the Infini improve you, yes it can. Does it have side effects including fat loss and poor healing in those pre - disposed to such things, of course "acne scar suffers" have this side effect often. After 3 treatments, and having seen hundreds of other of these treatments, ... you will not get 95% improvement, unless your acne is so superficial, a simple acid peel would correct everything. Especially with fat deficiency. Lets be realistic and not buy the fake news which is so popular recently. To Robertitoo valid points, what does scabs and other places on the body have to do with acne or acne scaring. I have terrible acne scaring and can get a scab or wound and heal perfectly. It has to do with bacteria, mainly as a recent UCLA white paper reports (What causes acne)... Those with acne scars can be predisposed to acne because they do not have the valid immune process to handle the bacteria. They did biopsies and bacteria cultures in thousands of bacteria patients and found those who had acne unless it was brought on by a drug side effect, or hormonal shift; their bodies did not produce the enzymes to fight the bacteria for for them to heal correctly "from acne." ""Some"" causes of acne scaring are considered auto immune deficiency related. Has anyone looked up the disease recently on Wikipedia. Conditions associated with the disease acne, cysts, rashes, poor healing, rosacea, eczema, scarring, blood deficiencies, poor skin tone and enlarged pores, susceptibility to other bacteria infections. For instance Celiac disease is related to Auto Immune and to leaky gut, but most doctors are not trained for naturopathic and functional medicine so they just treat the symptoms not the cause with antibiotics. This can give some relief but for others it comes back after the medication is stopped. You can have auto immune thus on certain parts of your health and have no effect on others. We have a section on this site about nutrition and many with acne suffer from Gluten intolerance. "Some" doctors have stopped Accutane because of the history of side effects from the drug, they are now using PDT (blue led 400-450nm or lasers w/ ALA) to fight acne (kills bacteria and shrinks pores) avoiding the drug and its unknown outcomes on the skin. Basically it all comes down to bacteria and how the body handles it. After helping thousands on here, poor healing is the number one complaint of these treatments and their ability to heal. This is why as Robertitoo said we rely on methods which cause less trauma and side effects like subcision, tca peels, filler, microneedle, creams, and led light first before we take a chance with energy devices. Remember ChildhoodDreams the posting your made after I posted on how effective are lasers by a aesthetics doctor round table. So how can the infini possibly be better than lasers, when it uses the same technique. The real story on acne scars Here's the deal with acne scars: no laser is really going to do all that much for them. Sorry, but acne scars are very difficult to treat and you are never going to go back to where you want with any laser alone. Even with the best of treatments, you are going to have about 50% improvement and that is with fillers such as restylane and perlane, which will be doing the heavy lifting. Prior to having Fraxel, Cool Touch, Fraxel Re:pair and every other laser that has promised to improve acne scars but didn't, I performed full face CO2 lasers on patients with acne scars. The results were not all that impressive, despite the fact that patients went through 2 weeks of sheer torture during the recovery phase. That, on top of the price in the $4000 range that made it *seem* like something ought to have happened. Due to this fact, I stopped doing the older, CO2 laser and haven't missed it one bit. Now, unfortunately, we have a whole new generation of doctors and quasi cosmetic surgeons (family practitioners, nurse practitioners, Ob Gyns, etc) who have now purchased these lasers for their medispas and are trying to generate some cash, along with laser companies that are desperate to sell their machines. So, the old concept of treating acne scars with a laser such as Fraxel is once again being trotted out and desperate patients are being duped once more. The truth is that it does precious little for acne scars and typically not enough to make someone spend the money and recovery time to do the treatment. What I tell patients is that if the money is something that you care about and it is anywhere near a stretch to do the procedure, you don't want to do it for acne scars. Wrinkles are a whole different situation because it does work for these. Acne scars not so much. And the recovery time, if the scars are done correctly with it, is going to be about a week or two along with major downtime and oozing. So, think twice before doing this procedure, despite what the laser companies and many doctors are telling you! -- Joel Schlessinger, MD What concerns me is your use of the word "disappear". No one should ever tell you that any procedure, no matter how many you do, will cause your scars to "disappear". The problem with acne scars is that no matter what you do they will never be 100% gone. You could do 20 Fraxel treatments and your scars wouldn't be 100% gone. It's true that the more treatments you do, the better the results but there is a law of diminishing returns and for acne scars it's more a logarithmic curve--at some point, you do not get back as much as you put in and eventually the results just level out and don't keep getting significantly better. The reason is that acne scars are holes or defects in the skin--the laser cannot remove the hole, the best it can do is to soften the shoulders of the hole so the drop-off isn't so apparent. That's why fillers often work better than lasers on deep crater scars because they plump up the depression but it's very difficult to treat every scar on the face with fillers. It's also very cost prohibitive to use temporary fillers because they have to constantly be redone to maintain the results. A permanent filler such as Artefill might be appropriate for certain deep depressions or crater scars. However, acne scarring has 4 types: ice-pick, box car, rolling, and hypertrophic. Each type of scar has to be addressed in a different way. In addition, most people are more bothered by the discolorations than the actual depressions themselves. -- M. Christine Lee, MD Acne scars cannot be eliminated by any means. They can only be improved, regardless of the type of treatment. This discussion should take place with any consultation of acne scars. The improvement of acne scars can be qualitative and quantitative but is never predictable. --Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbNOH2Q2pGA Quote: 5 lasers later my skins the worst its ever been in Scar treatments ChildhoodDreams Posted June 20, 2016 · Report post Hearing those doctors drop those truth-bombs is soul crushing. "Your scars will never be 100% gone" "No laser will do anything for them" "Even with the best treatments you are going to have 50% improvement with fillers doing the heavy lifting"
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    First of all the study is sponsored by the company who makes the product. Regardless of lighting and angles. Secondly NO treatment gives 95% improvement. There would be a very narrow percentage of acne scar suffers who even have the right type of scars to improve this much. IF your tethered, or fat deficient forget about it, it does not make fat appear. If you have ice pics those go down to the bone. So it would be a very superficial type of acne. What laser do you know that gives 95% improvement, ... None! You would have to have such minor scars it would be the equivalent to a light acid peel. These studies and doctors do not tell you they often use multiple other treatments to get these results including filler, or acid peels, skincare and makeup, etc... That is BS that there is no down time from Infini. I have done 3 and have down time for up to a month. They even tell you to wear makeup. Read realself, most of the reviews complain that their is sometimes 3 months of healing or scabs, when they were sold this low down time line, which is a complete lie. One guy posted recently and was upset over his Infini treatment, you get much worse before you get better, it can take 3-6 months to build up some collagen. Until then it look like fat loss. Have you had a hard CO2 treatment, healing time is long. I know Dr. Lim uses the procedure instead of laser or sometimes with it (he also uses filler, subcision, and other treatments to obtain results, but this is rarely said). Look at this posting. Acne scars are not a one size fits all procedure. Often these treatments have down time and get worse before they get better. As acne scar suffers we often have auto immune like disease, we heal poorly, or we would not have scars to begin with. So some people get worse from energy device treatments, this is why we suggest starting with filler and subcision or TCA Cross. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/364723-did-infini-destroy-my-skin/
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    Dan's cortibalm is the only thing that made my lips look like human lips again, lol. But if a chunk of dead skin accidentally flakes off I apply actual cortisone ointment onto the spot and all of my lips and the next day they are healed.
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    I just found out that masturbation was the reason of my bad breakouts. This is the start . day 1
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    It started out as a little discomfort a few months AFTER I finished accutane. Then I would feel like I had diarrhea (that burny feeling) that would last for days. I had diarrhea and constipation, but the diarrhea feeling was the worst. It would come and go, but did last for around 2-3 years. I fasted every few months if I was feeling bad, seemed to work. Eat a bowel healthy diet with yogurt or probiotics. It definately got better gradually over time and easier to deal with. And yeah, the oils took a few years to fully return to my body. I literally covered my whole body in aveeno lotion after I got out of the shower. I probably should have skipped showering a bit, but can't stand too.
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    Glad that I found this, I just searched accutane+tendonitis on a whim and it brought me here. So far this is the only reasonable explanation I have found. I took accutane for 4-6 months when I was 15 or 16 and I am now 19. For almost 2 years now I have been suffering from chronic tendonitis that my doctors cannot explain nor find any cause. The tendonitis started in my right wrist thumb area, soon after it developed in my left wrist and now it is causing pain from the wrist to about 3/4 the way up both arms. My lower shin area on both legs developed similar symptoms that have improved slightly but are still present. In the past few months I've noticed my hair on top thinning a fair bit. In the past year and a half or so I've developed a chronically dry throat that can make it difficult to swallow at times and also has been causing bad breath. My throat continues to feel dry no matter how much water I drink. In the past year I have developed lower back pain that makes it uncomfortable to sit in any chair for longer periods of time(>10 minutes). I have to constantly wiggle around and move in the chair changing positions and it is still uncomfortable. I've had depression that comes and gos since I've stopped accutane. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Is there anything I can do that will help? Driving is painful, using a computer is painful, writing is painful. I cannot play any video games any more aside from rarely when drinking with friends(alcohol seems to dull the effects of the tendonitis enough to play a few games pain free). I can't run or work out anymore. If it wasn't for the fact that I have a girlfriend of 4 years and a loving family I would have jumped off a cliffside or driven my car into a ravine long ago. The thought has crossed my mind many a time standing near a high window. I'm not worried so much about depression or suicidal thoughts, that I something I feel will be fixed if the other issues are taken care of or better managed.
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    All acne is hormonal with the exception of a toxicity issue. Elevated free testosterone and secondarily insulin. Get both of the above in check and it's highly likely your skin will clear. You have complete control over insulin based on what you eat. This requires no outside help. Only eat organic, free range meat, and organic fruit and vegetables along with nuts (no peanuts) and healthy oils such as olive and insulin be taken care of. Elevated free testosterone is more complicated because it requires a doc who may not want to go along with the program. You need a female hormone panel, testosterone, cortisol 8 am, and DHEA sulfate to determine what's going on. If you do blood testing make sure it's on day 21 of cycle with bleeding starting on day 1. Day 21 is when progesterone peaks... If you think you have PCOS make sure you get both Estradiol and Estrone.