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    I've been in your shoes. I didn't lose my virginity until I was 23, and didn't date again until I was 26. I'm 28 now and have had a normal dating/social life, even with some scarring. I was was able to improve my skin to the point that it doesn't bother me, or apparently girls anymore. Ive hit rock bottom, was miserable to be around, and suicidal trolling this website. Now I'm on here killing time until my girl gets off work. Improve your skin as much as possible, make sacrifices, work on your body, develop skills for a career, surround yourself with the right people, and build character. Do these things every day and I guarantee people will want you. It is hard but if I can do it, anyone can.
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    No changes from me either. Some days are better than others.. I feel like my regrowth is improving but I'm still losing just as much hair. I'll be at the two year mark in a few months.. who knows if this will ever end.
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    It takes 9 months to make a baby. Its not going to take 12 weeks to regenerate a wound that needs to develop hair, sweats glands and all 3 layers. It will need time to remodel. None of us are skin experts just knowledgeable lay people. If Polarity say it needs a year then thats what it needs. A scar heals within a month but remodels for up to 18 months until its final outcome. I dont see why a year for regeneration healing would not be feasable?
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    Same. Still loosing buckets of hair, no update/change from me :(!
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    Firstly, i am not sure whether you can be sure the cortisone shots were a good idea or a bad idea. Because the risk of not getting these shots is even worse scarring, keep that in mind, therefore please don't dwell on that. I haven't seen any picture of your scarring, but as far as i can tell from your concerns, you are dealing with non-severe scarring. I'd have to see some pictures to try and put myself in your position, but considering burn survivors and worse, i think we need to appreciate our current conditions. In my thread i said that my expectations lookwise is possibly much higher than what it should be, and perhaps yours is the same. And i completely agree with your point that dealing with these scars have really given me some perspective and sensibilities in life that i'd probably ignore if i hadn't dealt with them. This doesn't necessarily mean it's a good thing, but it's a good thing that i can empathize with people who go through similar stuff. I hope for the best. Keep your spirits high, be strong, the harder the challenge the more rewarding
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    My shedding magically slowed down! but I think thats what Chronic TE is, it sheds like crazy some weeks and then it slows down and then back to crazy again. So it doesn't really mean anything.
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    LH and FSH are not nearly enough. You need Total and Free Testosterone, CMP, DHT, Prolactin. IGF-1 would be good too. TSH is only going to catch really obvious thyroid problems well after they have manifested themselves. It’s sort of like relying on glucose to screen for diabetes. Not a great indicator because it’s the last thing to go bad after everything else is out of whack. Comprehensive thyroid would include Free T3,Free T4, and most importantly Reverse T3.
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    Defenetevey, my ED improved during fasting and i can say that changes are permanent, as i can get an erection now (Still weak but better, semen volume is still low though). I'm not sure if it was due to fasting or time (Started fasting 5 months post-tane), also it's worth to mention that some side effect vanished, like the face flushing 1-month post tane (Got it for 2 consecutive days). I can say that it seems like something is downregulated (5ar) or accumulated (VitA) every time i start a tane course, until it reached the limit.
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    Birchbiomed is doing clinical trials and Allergan is coming up with a new product soon. Also people are getting great results with Rejuran S in asia. You are wrong.
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    My hair is super dry, feels like straw. That's why I shampoo once a week to keep it a little oily. Super flaky, constantly dig into my scalp with my nails which is turning into a habit. Also I shed a lot but I guess it grows back and its still thick, i dont see any visible thinning.
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    hello, well... same here, actually I heard a doctor say that it is better to wash your hair every day, to perceive less fall. He is right, i'm washing my hair every single day!
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    Dear diary, My hair shed a lot this week! Hows every one doing?
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    @439273_1443952088 Thank you for attaching your pictures. You have a combo of box cars, some rolling scars, and a few icepicks. All at the surface, not to deep, and textural in nature. No major fat loss. 1) There are a few spots I would do nokor subcision on, ... most of your scars are superficial, they can also use a cannula with some filler and go throughout the area of concern (several passes) which works best for the surface ones (this is called filling with a cannula or cannula subcision). 2) RF microneedling or Infini RF would help you also. Your type of scars (mainly boxcars) would do well with this. Find a local practitioner even a med spa by searching for this treatment. You will do this 3 months after the treatment above (subcision, then another after 3 months, and and another - 3 in total). You can space them out when you have time and money. Many do them between subcisions while waiting for the filler to run out. 3) If you want tca cross can be done on the smaller icepicks (several of these are needed). See the FAQ for more info on icepicks. 4) Because of the nature of your scars you would do well with a textural treatment when your scars get more monomorphic or on the same plane. This is done with fully ablative erbium resurfacing. Which has no grids. Or find a dr who can do a deep peel and gets under the scars to improve texture. IF there is no one nearby, several tca peels will work, ... see the faq for more into. I see your main issue as textural. But you don't want to treat for that until the scars are prepped for resurfacing. This is done over time (when time and money is available). BA https://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/361029-acne-scar-qa-faq-library-of-popular-threads/
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    At first I didn't associate my problems with Accutane. I ended up having my testosterone levels tested because of various problems: fatigue, ED, "brain fog", low libido - and at age 35, it was at the same level as an 80 year old man. Normally this is caused by thyroid problems, an injury to the brain or testicles or some type of illness. I had none of those. The only thing I ever took aside from things like antibiotics was Accutane. I've been on TRT for 4 years. I have friends who have been on it for 30+ years. It is a lifetime treatment and commitment. By taking testosterone, your body will cease all natural production of its own and so you are committed. That is actually ok and it maybe sounds a lot worse than it is. If your body isn't working right and not making enough anyway then replacement is the only option. I feel great. I feel like I am in my early 20's again (I'm 40). The boosters and supplements - do not waste any money on them, they simply don't work, ever. Testosterone is a fairly seriously controlled substance. Think about it: if something were capable of increasing testosterone then that something would likewise be regulated, not available for purchase from any store and gas station. I do injections and also use a cream from a compounding pharmacy. See my post in the other thread for exactly what I'm taking and why. The cream is an essential part to raise your DHT in addition to testosterone levels. The sexual dysfunction of post-finasteride syndrome is treated most effectively with TRT and specifically T cream applied to your scrotum. I'm treated in a similar way because this is a similar problem and this is what works. The hardest part is finding a competent doctor. In the US it is very difficult. Most doctors even if they allow it just give you a shot every 2 or 3 weeks and TRT is much more involved than that. We have to go to private cash pay clinics here to get effective treatment. In the UK I've heard it's worse. And again you have to go to a private clinic as the NHS is useless and can even make things worse just like our traditional healthcare system here in the US. For me it works out to an average of about $100-125/month for all of my medications. My treatment is managed very well in part because I have really good doctors. The only side effect that I have is ironically, acne - on my upper back and shoulders. It's not uncommon and it's caused by increased DHT and sebum. My face is clear. The supposed side effects of heart attacks and prostate cancer are not true, and in fact my risks are actually lowered. Blood tests: Total + Free Testosterone Studies show that problems start in men when levels drop below 400 ng/dL Total and/or 20 ng/dL Free Sensitive Estradiol (LC/MS) Must be this test. The standard Estradiol test does not report accurate results in men. DHT This is part of the area that Accutane seems to mess with and permanently "break". CBC Checks blood counts for problems. CMP Checks basic liver and kidney function. PSA Sometimes used for indication of prostate cancer. LH and FSH Used as part of determining cause for low testosterone. DHEA-S A precursor to your sex hormones. Helps with anxiety. Personally I think this is just part of the total picture of your health. If your doctor and funds allow it, you should also check your thyroid (TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3). Hope that helps someone.
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    Hey everyone I am a 32 year old female having suffered with acne scars for 6 years. I am about to see prof Chu at his private clinic in London on Wednesday. Will post some before and after pics later.
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    You will be in good hands, he is praised by many of his colleagues, including Henningsen who taught him. He is highly respected by all this colleagues and is a true gentleman, looking out for the patient's best interest. May the force be with you.
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    @totalbeautyaddict i made a post very similar to this a month or two ago. I definitely have days or even weeks like this, honestly, the best thing in my opinion is to avoid looking at yourself in bad lighting's if and when possible. Only look at your reflection or place mirrors in areas that arent as harsh. Remind yourself that there are millions of people who dont even acknowledge it, you are your worst critic. I never cared when i saw someone had acne or scarring before i had it. Now i only stare because its my own obsession lol.And i think forming a plan to improve and actually putting it into motion is important if one cant reach acceptance with how they look. Personally, I have come to the conclusion i just cant reach acceptance, i have to improve it to feel comfortable and desirable again. So im trying like hell to find the root cause of my acne, that way i can tackle the scarring. I wish i could be more helpful, but you are not alone. Im sorry you have to go through this as well!
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    Have you ever considered DOING NOTHING? The best regimen that cleared up many people, myself included, is doing nothing for an extended period of time. No cleanser, no toner, no moisturizer, not even water, nada, zip, zilch. It's called "Caveman regimen".
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    Have u been doing anything different to cause it to slow? Mine is so so bad now too! Worst it’s ever been!!!! But I’m just trying to stay positive!! It can only get better!! I think stress is causing this condition to worsen also does anyone here get a sore or itchy scalp?
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    you cant take part in clinical trial nobody knows where thats taking place polarityTe said they will release pics from human trials in 1st half of 2018 and 1st half of 2018 is just on end 1 month away... we will see pics anytime.. if they believe in luck then i think they release pics on 8 june ..coz complete 1 year back on 8 june 2017 they released preclinical results(lol its just a assumption)
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    @Byebyescars Dr. Rullan is in San Diego and good for CA, See the FAQ for contact details. He treats those with ethnic skin types as well. BA
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    1) You have a combination of rolling and boxcar scars. 2) Unfortunately, your scars are too deep to be fixed by Derminator or TCA peels. However, they will help down the road once the pits have been raised. 3a) You need various treatment modalities. However, I think it will be more easier if I grade your scar at the outset and reference the treatments based on that. From 1 to 10, I would grade your scar at 7 (roughly speaking). Scars above 5 requires more aggressive treatment like subcision. Severe scars are usually anchored to the bottom, hence the deeper indentation, and subcision is about cutting those bands. Scars below 5, on the other hand, would require RF treatments. From my own observation, subcision works very well for severe scars but not for mild to medium scars, and vice versa for RF. So you should consider getting a series of subcision (and filler) until your scars have improved from 7 to, say, 4. Then you can switch to RF like Infini. 3b) If you can afford it, I would strongly suggest you add hyaluronic filler with subcision. You don't need to fill every pit, only the deepest ones that you suspect are tethered. Later, when you move up to RF, I highly recommend Sculptra (different type of filler).
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    Best non-SPF, nighttime moisturizer I would say is Eucerin 5% Urea Dry Skin Replenishing Face Cream (the one that comes in a tube). This product comes in a night and in a non-night version, but I don't like the night variant. With SPF: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion SPF 15--with this moisturizer, using just the right amount (a couple of pumps) will provide the greatest moisturization compared to other products. Using too much will actually make your skin drier.
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    You don't work on icepicks with a rf microneedling device. TCA Cross or punch excision are the treatments for this. He will be another patient who says I have grids who will not go away, ... I have damage to my skin for months, my skin is worse. Especially Intensif. He is not Caucasian and even then ... rf needling is not for icepicks. You must be careful with ethnic skin. Again Dr. Lim's advice if for Caucasian's. Intensif is not indicated for ethnic skin types "especially" because it's un-insulated. Hence a no no. Infini is for "all" skin types. Even Black. Intensif Lim often mentions for thick scar tissue (little with penetrate - severe cases), why hurt his skin when his defects are minor. If we get the scars to a monomorphic state (similar) we do erbium yag to those areas. You can do tca cross, Picosure is made for ethnic skin types. Normal Microneedling with prp. You can spot peel (very dilute) until you fix the pits. Some areas look like they could be subcised (his scars). Cannula subcision (with prp) would help alot throughout the area of scarring (for texture, spot subcision for deep pits). @Obi wan Please take a look at this, want your prospective. I would go with a focused approach "only" to the scars in question. What is your main concern OP we will tailor treatment (boxcars, or icepicks and large pores)?
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    As a Korean, I agree to these words 100%. Non-dermatologist doctors are also allowed to do the treatments. I am one of the victims. My life has been completely ruined since I got treatments from a non-dermatologist doctor I'd rather call a swindler. And doctors in this country usually offer exactly same program to all patient, not considering patient's individual scarring. In Korea, dermatology hospital includes "dermatology" in the name.(FYI, dermatology = 피부과) So the dermatology hospital's name will be something like "XX피부과." You can also find out if the doctor or clinic is the real dermatologist or dermatology on this website. (Written in Korean. So, you have to search it in Korean) http://www.akd.or.kr/test/test.html The first option : Search by address The second option : Search by the name of the hospital The third option : Search by the name of the doctor
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    Hey, I am quite certain that you have hormonal acne. It's common when having acne in the chin area. So if you cut out dairy, sugar and any hormonal food then you can prevent further outbreaks.
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    I am thru the exact same thing. It's been almost 2 years since I gathered severe scarring and began to imprison myself from the world except minimal necessary social life. I feel sympathy to 100% of your words, but I'd bet my scarring would be more severe than yours. I am trying to overcome this stuff, but whenever I go outside, some part of me blocks myself from eye contact to other people, and makes myself run away the spot whenever I feel stared by people especially in sunlight. I want to change this mindset because it seems like modern technology has a limit to treat this scarring... but it is not so easy as words... Yes... so, I need an advice as well... but I am thinking about making a company whom we can share what we are feeling would be a good option. If we let out the painful thoughts to someone who can understand situation, then we would be relived a lot, I guess. That's why I recently joined this site. So... my advice is this. Try to stay strong, stay positive... but when you think it is not so easy, then I can be your company on here. Message me if you need a colleague to rely on. I also need a friend to share the progress and share my story. So, I'll be here always!
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    Your reaction looks perfectly normal for a mild peel. You don’t look burned nor do I think the redness will last longer than a week. It was a very superficial peel so I’m sure the redness will improve rather quickly. @beautifulambition gave good advice although with a mild peel like this, you don’t need a thick moisturizer or emollient. For peels like this, I suggest a thin layer of Vanicream, Cetaphil moisturizer or CeraVe.
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    I know how you feel. I broke out all over my neck from the 2nd week all the way until Month 3 (where i am at now) and it seems to be slowing down a bit (knock on wood). I too wish i could hide at home all day and not go out until these spots are gone, but these are the type that stay on me for weeks to MONTHs...big red pimples too smh. My derm also told me since I am on a loe dose that i wouldnt break out but that was a lie...i honestly dont think switching derms will do you much good....you just never know what is going to happen in your treatment period...i wish there was a derm out there that could... stay strong and know that you are not alone in this.
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    Just quickly read through this, but awesome progress. I'm not sure what you are deciding with filler, but if they truly are very superficial now, I would probably do a finer filler than Sculptra. Sculptra is more for revolumizing wide areas of volume loss / sunken cheeks. It might be too unpredictable if used superficially since who knows how aggressive of a immune response your body mounts to the sculptra. You don't want lumps. Btout perhaps Dr. Rullan knows how to fine tune it so you avoid those lumps. Reading all the great stories about Rullan makes me wish I could go back in time and started my journey with him. Top notch guy all around.
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    Maybe get some celebrities to take note that have had scars? Like the drummer from blink 182 who is a burn survivor. One of the red hot chili peppers has a skin graft on his arm. There is quite a few. Dr Sun needs them sort of people to crowd fund really. Maybe if theres something we can all do is write letters to these people or twitter when its time. I think thats all worth our time x
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    come on now you guys look that severe injuries where you have all the legs with not skin don't expect any surgeon to remove your face and put a paste they will find another way the key here is that polarityte has find a way to rwegenerate human skin that's the key they said they will create derivatives with no invasive procedures to fix our problems
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    these random scarring really exists i suffered from this way back in 2016 november month it gave me 4 - 5 linear scars 2-4 shallow pit boxcar like scars but now they filled to some extent say upto 40% but this random scarring and chicken pox scarring + scarred pores are summing up and making me low self esteemed any one alone of them wouldnt have affected my life and OP your scar are very minor nobody sees it except you and even you jusy try to look your face not your scars ..even you will not notice that sorry for bad english
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    If its below the average for your age , I think it can be warranted. Remember, the PBS qualifications for testosterone in Australia are archaic and extremely stringent. I think the normal range is 10-32, and you have to test at 6, twice in a row. What if your levels are 8/9 or even 12? Assuming you are a relatively young man, or even middle aged, this is quite low compared to your peers. If you go by the book , its not warranted, however the book does not know your body. Perhaps before Accutane, your level was 20 or higher, and that was your set point for optimal health. Thankfully, any GP can still prescribe hormones on a private script if they feel its warranted. It gets tricky however if your numbers are mid range or slightly above, and you still have symptoms of low T (myself).
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    week 13 everything is pretty much the same as last week, sometimes I get a spot but it goes away in a couple of days.
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    Update for anyone wondering: MY SKIN IS CLEARING UP... I'm on month 4 and I literally saw a difference within a week i'm so AMAZED!! I'm so much more happier with how my skin is getting!
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    I saw some results maybe 2-3 weeks after my first microneedling. Do note that this was medical with a dermapen device. I forgot to mention that I also had subcision done a week ago. It's kinda strange since subcision is supposed to be for deeper scars, and I have shallow surface scars. However, I heard lots of pops and snaps that are the signs of breaking tethers, which means that subcision was actually doing something. Still too early to say how much improvement I get.
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    Be sure to wait a minimum of 6 weeks when your doing the tca work,longer is better,so you improved so not soo desperate to improve,so now is good time to let your skin heal longer. maybe a couple of months,the more healing you get the less treatments and downtime,this time can be spread over a year. yes,vast improvement,keep it up and looking good.
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    @Sirius Lee: C.C. ^ @Frenchscar There is no reason for this! None... You know we have a FAQ, You were told many times to read it. You were told with your many questions all in new threads and never in the same thread to do a test spot first. You were told what to do for Ethnic skin. You have contacted me personally to ask many questions and I have guided you. You were made aware of the Acid Peel Mega Post and again told to read it fully. This means you have read nothing! You respond like you know better by saying things like 30% is a light peel and why did this happen to me (30% is NOT A LIGHT PEEL - This is not even how you do a test spot). If your not going to listen goto the Emergency Room. There is no excuse for this. You even were told in a separate post yesterday how to handle the freak out post and to read the acid mega thread where at the end several others are told how to deal with it and what to do. Now a warning from the MOD's: The content on Acne.org Site, such as text, graphics, images, and other materials are for informational purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment performed by a licensed board certified doctor.This can include all requests to obtain or use product materials that are illegal (to the public). Medical devices: scalpels, needles: subcision, excision, biopsies, exfoliation and ablation, acids, energy devices: lasers, body modification and manipulation, doctor based procedures (that are not public knowledge), requests for group support and cheer-leading to perform these surgeries on yourself or others. While we want to educate and empower members to make the best choices for treatments, we have members who are younger and uniformed of the possible consequences of using harmful information on themselves.Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on the Acne.org Site! If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately. Acne.org does not train, recommend, or endorse using any specific tests, physicians, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on the Site. Reliance on any information provided by Acne.org Moderators and Employees or other visitors to the Site is solely at your own risk.
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    Cordyceps does the opposite. Upregulation.
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    The margin is where the normal skin meets with the excision wherein SkinTE was placed. So, the entire circumference of a circular wound would have the margin if human results are the same as preclinical ones.
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    week 11 In regards to acne I've had 1 spot since my post last week. Can anyone explain why 1 day my PIH and general redness is better than the next? 1 day red the next day not.
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    I made a profile just to comment on this thread. I also use Spironolactone for adult/cystic acne. It is the ONLY thing that has worked for me and my sister. Unfortunately, it threw off my sister's chemical "symmetry" in her inner ear, causing fluid build up and the worst vertigo - she was hospitalized. I, too, had some fluid build up in my ear and it caused a constant ringing in my ear - but I just lowered my dose and everything is fine. Unfortunately my littler sister cannot take it at all. Another weird side effect - CHEST PAIN. I thought I was having a heart attack. It was the scariest chest pain of my life. Urgent care wouldn't take me so I had to go to the ER. All of the tests came back "normal." My mom accused me of being "emotional"... and then my roommate, who is going to nursing school, came home and told me that spironolactone can cause potassium to build up in your system... which can put extra stress on your heart! I still have no idea why the "tests" they ran in the ER did not show why I was having chest pain. But it is REAL. I recommend lowering the dose, getting lab work done to monitor potassium levels, DO NOT TAKE POTASSIUM SUPPLEMENTS... etc. Be mindful of foods high in potassium (potatoes, watermelon, bananas, spinach, etc).
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    Hi, I would advise to get off NOW. Spiro is a systemic, potentially very dangerous medication... it is used for heart failure, pressure etc. It kills testosterone, yes, but alters other stuff as well. If you don't feel well on it, juts get off.
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    You should stop trying to talk to those guys, they are clearly completely retarded and not capable of thinking outside their little box. They think that they know better than their own bodies and that to get healthy we need to taking synthetic drugs to alter it's function. We don't fix a chemical poisoning & global toxicity/acidosis with an other chemical, you are completely uneducated about physiology. They try to play doctor's like little child by looking at random studies thinking they are brilliant, while modern medicine as no clue about the cause of disease and never succeeded at treating them, and still they believe they can do it looking for solution in those studies who study the symptoms and never the causes while those scientists didn't discovered 1/10 about how the body work yet, and still, they believe they know better than nature and their own bodies and that drugs are the answers. You just have to look at their arguing, nothing real, nothing that promote knowledge and health, just here to try to share their bullshit and mock anything they doesn't have the capacity to understand, they are like clueless child. I hope you are proud of you Dhubya, pushing some weak desperate souls here to suicide with your false hope deceptive speech promoted by your own ignorance and failure. And now that i'm off here you try to mock piece of physiology and real solution i shared here by lying and misorient what i said, you are a disgusting weak pathetic piece of... Keep your ignorance and failure to yourself. How many people died because of accutane compared to medical doctor's and the retards like you promoting lies, ignorance, desperation and fear? Now if you want to talk to me send me a p.message instead of talking and lying in the back like cowards. But of course, you are just here to brain masturbate with your fake useless knowledge that never helped anyone (and never will) to get attention. The man who yelled in front of Roche building to then copy/paste Roche & co funded studies on forums.
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    so it is what it is...be gentle going forward, only gentle washes from here on out...then experiment to find the best moisturizer...some like jojoba oil, some coconut oil, some cerave....and just try to restore the ph balance I don't think you did any permanent damage, and trust me we've all been there and overdone things- it's only natural but for now, be gentle and let your skin recover...no vaseline or anything crazy but experiment with a few oils and moisturizers and nurse it back slowly to health for a week or so, then deal with the clogged pores with a gentle acid, something like mandelic acid perhaps