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  3. I must admit though, I haven't taken care of my skin like I used to and just seeing all of this inspirational testimonies really motivates to keep going and take care of my skin how it deserves it :) 

  4. Today makes it my third regimen order of my Acne.org regimen. I've been using the treatment since 2015 and it gets better every time :) 

  5. SRHT

    SRHT    Dan

    Dan, how perfect is your skin?

  6. I’ve been using Acne.org regimen for a month and a week now. my skin is clear on one side of my face and on the other its minimal bumps that are visible. My skin is very very dry and peeling but the skin that’s peeling is skin tone color and it looks like a sunburn peel but without it being big pieces of skin coming off. Only using the regimen strictly. Anything i can do to stop the skin tone peeling faster?

  7. Hi, are you male or female?

    I can't be certain but someone on this forum told me that here in the UK a 2nd
    course of accutane was banned.

    Apparenty it has ben recognised that the side effects on a 2nd course are
    are more prevalent and dangerous.

    It's probably a stupid question but have you really tried everything
    else? Diet,
    and all other natural approaches.

    Some things may seem like expensive option but many accutane victims
    end up paying a fortune trying to cure themselves from the side effects post accutane.

    Acne is horrid I agree but you lifelong health should be you first consideration.

  8. wtf you are such a dick

  9. It's been a successful 2 months and I couldn't been more pleased with my progress. I'm starting to have more confidence in my look and I can't wait to see what next month brings.

  10. Accutane SUCKS! I am left a SICK person after it despite all of the farm food I've turned too, I still feel very damaged from 80mg of accutane @ 6 months... curse the summer june 2009. thank god for cannibis guns and god. anybody that comes to my farm gets to deal with the crazy guy who took acutane who will question the hell out of any law enforcement. this is prision planet if you dont believe it go take accutane (dont).... god bless you.

  11. So, my skin is cystic acne free! What the heck? I know, its been a longroad
    I cut out all grains due to my new diet for my newest diagnosis: sibo. SIBO. Yes look into it. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. I also finally got stoll testing and had PARASITES. No wonder i feel so shitty all the time. It was and wasnt because of my hormones. My hormonal acne was due to my stomach! I also started with a Cos rx cleanser and rosehip oil. Still use makeup (minimal) and really nothing else. Jesus!


  12. I haven't been on this site in quite a long time. It seems one comes here with their acne woes, desperate for a cure, then perhaps find a cure for their acne and don't  visit the site anymore. Well that's me! I've moved across the world, gotten married, and now have had my first child. My skin was amazing during my pregancy and breastfeeding, now it's coming again and I'm on the search again. My acne journey continues....

  13. Dude are you still alive after all that VITA/VITD experimentation on your blog I am keen to know please purely so I can clear my own stupid freakin' acneeeeee? cheers bro :)

  14. Wow, wow, wow. I almost forgot about this account!

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  17. Been on Accutane for nearly 5 months now for mild/persistent acne. (60mg a day / 3 tablets) I'm hoping by the time I reach my 6-7 month things start to improve. If nothing improves then I'm lost. 

  18. A little boy asked if I had chicken pox today...


  19. Did you ever find out about subcision in UK.I had subcision done by Dr Chu at Hammersmith Hospital,London.I was discharged for not attending some of my appointments (discharged if you cancel two appointments).

  20. There are a lot of males on this site asking about ED issues pertaining to accutane. However I haven't seen much talk about females and libido/wetness. I have had severe changes in those areas and I was only on it for about a month, before I stopped cold turkey.. after some very scary side effects. Perhaps stopping so quickly effected how my body handled it... do you have any input on this? I am doing my best to repair my body and would love to know someone who go through this as well. 

    Thank you!

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  23. User606822

    User606822    Acne.org Support

    Does this regimen work well with comedonal acne?

  24. Well I stopped using Retin a last month..things were going fine until my cheeks, t-zone, and chin started going crazy..I'm trying to let my skin breath and not depend on products anymore. Ive been washing my forehead and nose and moisturizing. But I don't wash my chin of cheeks because they're so broken out..trying to dry it out using witch hazel and calamine lotion. Hopefully something will start working soon

  25. I attached a picture. I used some at home wax strips to wax the fine blonde hairs in between my eyebrows and my upper lip. I am on accutane and didn't know that you aren't supposed to wax while on it. I am wondering if I should keep the areas constantly moist with aquaphor/vaseline of if i should let them dry up? It wasn't hot wax just strips, so I believe that the top layer of skin has been peeled off. I am so worried that it is going to scar and I don't know what to do. The areas are bright and extremely red and sensitive. How long until the redness goes away and how long with this take to heal? I am so worried it is going to scar. The areas above my lip are starting to scab and become dry/tight, but not between my eyebrows. Can someone please help with any options or what I can do? Please help with any advice.