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  1. End of week 6 today:
    I've only been on 60mg for 3 days, but I can notice a difference from 40mg already. My lips are the same (Vaseline every 3-6 hours), but my face got drier (forehead flaking slightly which is new, and my mouth area and chin are flaking again - ew), and my side neck area (which I still have a lumpy breakout problem with) got much drier. I feel like this'll help a lot in the coming weeks. Overall the dryness isn't too bad. I recall benzoyl peroxide in 2013 made me just as dry as this (except lips).

    Last week I got a couple of new lumps on my side neck. They're calming/drying now. I also got a couple of small spots. Overall I'm getting way less breakouts than before.

    My redness/scars are still bad, and look even worse in exposed outdoor lighting. I really hope this improves with time.

    13th Aug:

    21st Aug:

    Side view redness compared in indoor vs outdoors:

    2-3 weeks ago:

  2. Cluster of Cysts… I continue to break out on my right cheek with a cluster of cheeks that are puss filled and painful to touch. HOWEVER, I am happy to say I have not picked them and hope to keep it that way.

    Left Side Flattening… I have noticed that this week, my left cheek isn’t breaking out as much and it is beginning to flatten which is really nice to see!

    Redness… I still have quite a bit of redness but definitely less than when I was in the first month of Accutane. Like my dermatologist said, the redness fades with time so patience is key!

    Homemade Mask… I have read up on Accutane A LOT and everyone says to use as minimal products as possible and just let Accutane do its job. Therefore, I didn’t want to use any store-bought masks because of ingredients that would cause flare-ups or more breakouts. Therefore, after researching extensively, I have continued to use Aloe Vera (right from the plant) and Lemon (freshly squeezed). I mix these two ingredients together, put in the fridge and apply at night as a mask that I leave on overnight. I have noticed that it helps with redness and skin itchiness. It is very soothing and ALL NATURAL!

    Follow Up Dermatologist Appointment… I had a follow up with the dermatologist and I have been increased from 20mg to 40mg. Seeing that the redness had gone since last time I saw him, he thought it was a good idea to increase me. HOWEVER, he did mention that I am going to have an initial flare up where everything is going to become very red and inflamed within the first two weeks of taking the new dose. Therefore, he prescribed be 50mg of Prednisone to be taken daily for the first 10 days to help counteract the redness. He said that with the increased dose, it should help get rid of all the cysts once it takes into effect.

    Looking forward to seeing what results now that my dose has doubled!


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    Acne journey 2012 - 2017


    Hello everyone, 


    My acne began my first year of college (I had very mild acne as a teenager) and it was very stressful to take such a beating to my confidence during a time when I was supposed to "go out into the world and find myself." Instead, I found myself constantly browsing the aisles of CVS in the hopes of finding a miracle cure. I don't have any photos of this time in my life, because I hid from cameras and deleted all evidence of my red and oozing face. 


    Anyway, that was also the year when I first discovered, and the Regimen, and I will say right now that the Regimen is completely responsible for clearing my first bout of acne in 2012. It worked! It was the miracle cure I was looking for, and I have plenty of clear skin photos from my sophomore and junior years of college. However...


    There is a reason it's called Dan's Regimen, because it is made most specifically for HIS skin type. This doesn't mean it won't work on yours, but what it means is that while it might solve your immediate acne issues, it still might not be the best option for your personal skin type, and while the acne is gone, you're left with tight, red, uncomfortable, dull looking skin. This was the case with me.


    For example, the Regimen worked wonders for me at first, but over time it became clear that it wasn't the best option for my skin. I have sensitive, dehydrated,  and oily skin, and the Regimen would leave my skin way too dehydrated, while also not being able to absorb the moisturizer, so there was an oily layer just sitting on top of the tightness. The benzoyl peroxide (bp) was also painful and continued to cause redness when first applied. It also bleached all my damn pillows. I was happy I didn't have acne, but I wasn't happy with the thought of constantly "feeling" the oily/right/clearly unhappy skin on my face


    So I stopped using it. I realized my acne was an issue of sensitive skin meeting inflammation issues (I also have migraines eczema which are other inflammatory issues), so I wanted to stop treating symptoms, and start treating the actual problem, so that my acne would go away for GOOD and I would no longer be relying so heavily on the damaging bp. And so I stopped the Regimen cold turkey in my senior spring, and unsurprisingly, the acne came back with a vengeance.


    I actually have some photos from this time, since I had learned a thing or so about self-love the importance of body image and documenting great experience despite what you look like:


    IMG_0258.PNGThis is me during the second flare of acne,  after going off the Regimen, with heavy makeup on. 


    These are make up free photos where you can see the moderate acne on my chin/jawline, forehead, cheekbones, and around my mouth. It was mostly deep, cystic ance and although I'm smiling in these photos, it hurt like a bitch. 


    Although while on the Regimen, my face was crazy oily while also flaky, itchy, and dull, I was quickly considering going back on since at least my face would be relatively clear. But Istuck with it for another couple of months, and finally figured out the real issue with my skin and was able to really, truly, get rid of my acne (hopefully, for good).


    IMG_0253.PNGMy skin shortly after I figured out what worked for me (about one month after the previous photos).


    And this is what the issue was:

    I have sensitive, dehydrated, oily skin that breaks out especially when I'm stressed or with my hormonal cycle.  I'll talk about each element separately.


    sensitivity:  It is common for allergic reactions to show up around your twenties. Some common examples are gluten, seafood, and nickel. The symptoms for these can sometimes  show on the skin, such as eczema from harsh soaps, itchy piercings from bad metal earrings, or acne from even the (normally) most harmless of chemicals. In my case, it was all three of these things. So after doing a shittonne of research, I finally understood what Dan had been preaching from the get go: IRRITATION = ACNE. The acne is the INFLAMMATORY response to these irritations, whether it be from metals, diet, chemicals, or even water...yes, water is also an irritant aha. So I finally stopped putting irritants on my skin. I threw my soaps and  moisturizers away, keeping only the bp, which was still my crutch, and started to wash my face with only water, barely touching my face, and patting dry with a clean face towel. And amazingly, things started to get better! Sure, I still had acne, but my skin FELT better, and the redness went down a LOT. 


    Dehydration and oil: This one was so tricky! For the longest time I thought that I didnt need to moisturize because I had oily skin. however, there is a difference between oily and dehydrated skin. let me repeat that for emphasis: THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN OILY AND DEHYDRATED SKIN. oily skin means your skin naturally produces more oils than usual, leaving the skin feeling a bit heavy sometimes, but generally painless outside of the acne. Dehydrated skin is when your skin lacks water, which can cause the face to OVERPRODUCE oils to try an act as a protective barrier to keep what little moisture it had in the face. If you're also using harsh soaps that further strip these oils, that ALSO aided the body to defend itself
    by producing extra oils. These issues combined causes the face to feel not only oily, but as if the oil is floating above a sea of tight, brittle skin. Adding traditional moisturizers only adds to this layer of oil, which is useless because no moisture is actually penetrating into the skin. the excess face oils literally feed the p. acnes bacteria living naturally on your skin and on top of that, the tight, dehydrated skin exacerbates the situation by causing further irritation! so the solution is to hydrate hydraye hydrate. I use micellar water because it removes the excessive oils and ALSO penetrates deep into the skin, delivering lots of moisture where it is actually needed without violently stripping  my skin of all its natural oils from my oily skin type.


    hormones and stress: in addition to cutting face wash and adding micellar water into my regimen, I also learned that when I'm stressed, both eczema and my acne  flare up a little bit, and although there's not always that much I can do about that, at least it helps me be prepared, so that when the acne does come up, I remind myself not to stress out even more and create an endless cycle of stress and acne. As for the hormones, I was actually pretty much clear by the time I went on oral contraceptives (I'm on the Taiwanese version of Diane, called Esdian). But the OCs definitely did a lot for controlling pesky period-related pimples. Keeping an eye out for my hormones also lets me know when I can expect to get a little acne, and lets me prepare with some benzoyl peroxide around that time. Nowadays that's the only time I really use any bp, when I'm extra stressed or when it's a certain time of the month, and even then it's only the slightest bit in concentrated problem areas on my face (mostly the chin area).


    So to recap, this is my Regimen, which works for me, and which may possibly work for you if you have similar issues with inflammation and oily/dehydrated/sensitive skin.

    Morning and night:

    • Wash face with water, barely touching face, patting dry with clean towel
    • Use cotton pad to gently apply micellar water (I'm using Simple's right now but I also love bioderma's oily skin formula as well as garnier's).


    • (Sometimes) apply a water-based gel moisturizer, such as in the winter months or in dryer locations (I like the Goodal one from Korea as well as the bio essence gold moisturizing gel) IMG_0266.JPG
    • Apply a very, very, light and hypoallergenic sunscreen (tbh I forget to do this all the time, which I've been trying to work on, but Paula's choice is the only sunscreen that hasn't caused a breakout on my skin).


    Extras: bp for spot treatment and prevention of hormonal and stress related acne, and an exfoliating gel that doesn't use particles to remove dead skin (this is mostly for removing acne scars and for improving my skin's general appearance and less about the actual acne prevention). IMG_0267.JPG

    Bio essence deep exfoliating gel (also comes in sensitive and oily skin formula)

    IMG_0269.JPGDan's amazing 2.5% bp. A tried and true classic. 


    IMG_0252.JPGAnd this is what my skin looks like today (dunno why I look so sad I promise I am v happy on the inside). I haven't had skin this clear in FIVE YEARS. It's still shocking to me when I look in the mirror sometimes. And I will tell you now it doesn't always look this good, like I said, I keep my trusty bp around for these cases. But generally speaking my face is clear, and more importantly, it feels GOOD. I still have oily skin, but it's not tight and uncomfortable underneath. There are no more flakes and redness from excessive bp use. 


    And I hope this works for someone else!!!


    And if not, then please please please don't give up. I know the hardest struggles of acne are the mental and emotional ones. But you are strong, and you WILL find what works for you and your skin. and if you are interested in trying my method out, or would just like to ask some questions or chat please feel free to contact me!


  4. Hi guys... I feel a little bit stupid honestly for making my 1 month update sound so great. I truly felt like It looked alot better. I went to my parents house 2 days later after making this post and I ended up crying a ton to my mom about how much worse I felt like it looked. The lighting at my parents house is much brighter & every acne mark and pimple stuck out so much and was so red. Before I started Spiro I went there with no makeup & it looked better than now. It looks worse than the start. I know this is so common. I just thought my initial breakout was over, but my cheeks are continuing to purge AND my forehead has TONS of tiny pimples all over it. I feel like I did in middle school & it feels traumatic. I dread foundation. I can see the acne more when I wear it, but I still look better to other people and feel like I would not look professional without it because of all the red marks. I accepted a Nanny gig the rest of this week and it is all day Tuesday-Friday. I hate feeling like I have to wear makeup. I love wearing it when my skin is all clear and I feel like I am using it for fun & to enhance my natural beauty. When I have acne, I feel like all it looks like is a failed attempt at covering up a bunch of gross bumps. I can't get over the fact it was flawless 2 months ago. I have been dealing with grief and depression severely & initial breakouts really really make that worse. I have thoughts like...I should've never started it because It just looks worse than the start and I have to wait months for it to maybe go back to normal. Acne causes so much negativity in my thoughts. I am a completely different woman when I had clear skin. I swear it affects every aspect of my life. I can't stop looking in mirrors and observing every imperfection. I am trying to be positive but I am so impatient. I am amazed it has already been 1 month though. It did fly by. I hope the next two months fly by and I start seeing a big difference. I hope my 3 month appointment is not me crying and upset but positive and seeing clear skin in my near future. When I said my skin had no active serious breakouts a few days ago...I swear they were just preparing to erupt or something. I just want to see some real improvement that isn't going a step forward and two steps back. I hope by month 2 I will have clear cheeks or a clear forehead. I just want one part of my face clear. I am almost out of my Clindamycin gel and I used it super fast. I over did it. I was thinking about replacing it with my Retina A cream but I stopped using it after I got bad cheek breakouts the day after using it last.I can't bare for it to get worse. I start my period this coming Sunday. 5 days. Maybe it is worse because it is a week before my period? I take out my birth control ring for a week for my period. I like the ring and don't want to switch to a pill. I stayed clear with the ring for a long time. I want to ask about Ortho Tri Cyclen or Tri Sprintec if my acne isn't making big improvements in 4 months max. I know I should have maybe waited for this update at the 1 month and 2 week mark, but I'm keeping it real with you guys. It felt better then it felt way worse.
  5. So today marks two months on Spiro. I recently went on Minocycline 100mg to combat the persistant breakouts I've been having since week 4, and my dermatologist prescribed me Tazorac and Aczone, which are really helping (much more than the Retin-A, which I think was just too rough for my sensitive skin). I'm feeling hopeful now that I'm taking minocycline and have been good about taking all the medications at the same time every day. I feel less self conscious about my active breakouts and the overall texture of my skin has definitely improved. My whole family tells me my complexion is worlds better but I still haven't seen enough improvement to be satisfied - but I'll hang in there. Hopefully by 3 1/2-4 months I can reassess and see some changes.

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    Diane 35

    • I finished the second pack of Diane 35. 
    • I’m unsure if it is having any effect now because of the spiro.
    • Increased appetite.



    • INITIAL BREAKOUT - A combination of CCs and 3 small cysts. My period does start today, so these pimples could be also a hormonal breakout which I am quite familiar with. 
    • I’m drinking water more frequently and going to the washroom in the middle of the night.
    • My skin is less oily and feels a little less dry.
    • I have to keep pushing through.


    Patch Testing

    • La Roche Posay Toleraine Dermo Cleanser
    • First Aid Beauty Hydrating Serum
    • La Roche Posay Cicaplast


    • Drinking spearmint tea every day.
    • Taking zinc, vitamin A, evening primrose oil, vitamin d3, and omega 3 vitamins.
    • Ate some dairy, gluten, coffee, wine, and soy at a party.
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    So if you read my last post you'd know that I had a pretty severe breakout approximately a week ago, but now it's mostly cleared up and my skin is doing pretty good. I've started using castor oil mixed with jojoba oil on my acne before I go to bed, and holy crap castor oil is amazing for literally ZAPPING my pimples. I still have a few remaining pimples and my skin is a little dull/rough and oily right now, but hey at least my breakout's cleared up. Just thought I'd update. 

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    This Friday marks the end of my first week on accutane. My starting dose is 60mg per day ( 1 30mg pill twice a day) which is about 1mg/ kg for me. I have to say, this week has been pretty rough but towards the end, things got better and I am feeling good now! 

    The first day of accutane was fine but the second day I woke up with a mild headache, which is unusual for me. The headache lasted about 3 days on and off and I just felt off. I began to worry so I called the derm and he said that I was probably dehydrated. I drank a ton of water and it went away! So I would recommend drinking extra water on Accutane! Around day 3, everything started to dry out. My lips have been mildly chapped and the skin on my face has been peeling around my breakouts. I have been using Cera Ve cream moisturizer on my body and Cetaphil moisturizer with spf on my face and I have been washing my face with Cetaphil for normal/ oily skin. The only thing that helps my lips is Aquaphor.

    As for the initial breakout, I have noticed some larger than usually marks coming up but they dry up really quickly. Another side effect I have been experiencing is sun sensitivity. I cannot tolerate being in direct sunlight for more than 5-10 minutes at a time no matter how much sunscreen I have on. My skin gets so red and irritated. The final thing I notice during my first week is joint pain. My job requires me to stand for extended periods and do heavy lifting and I have been coming home with some soreness. Nothing extreme or terrible, but noticeable.

    My week started out kind of bad with my side effects but I feel that my body is adjusting and I am feeling better now! 
    Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day :) 

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    Hi everyone.  I know i haven't been posting updates as frequently but that is due to my keeping up with my other blog on the realself website.  I've been documenting my spiro journey there with pictures and updates every few weeks.  Since my last post, my skin has been in an in between place.  Not clear and not completely and utterly broken out.  I am getting some under the skin large bumps on my right chin and also eczema or rosacea irritation on the sides of my chin and mouth.  My inner cheeks and above my lip has also been getting this irritation.  My med usage has been the same.  My frustration comes from having these breakouts EVEN with meds and not knowing my TRIGGERS.  I've tried diet, i've tried organic stuff, i've tried herbs and lotions and potions and recommendation and frankly......i'm exhausted.  I've even tried leaving my skin alone.

    Having had a taste of clear skin and then having to revert back to this is maddening.  Anyway, just wanted to keep it real and share because i know many of you are going through the same struggles.  

    Here's to better days ahead.....     

  9. A much needed update: Claravis Month 4
    I have not updated, been super busy and actually not a lot has changed. 
    So heres how things are going: 
    I am now half way finished with month 4. I have been taking 40mg twice a day since month 2. My Dr thinks i will be done with treatment with month 5 and will probably not need to do 6 months. 
    For a while I felt disappointed because I still had breakouts. I still had pimples. I would think when is my face going to be clear. Well im finally at the point where my skin is actually clear. I dont have acne, Im not really seeing pimples. If i do have pimples they are small and not all over my face. Although my pores are noticeable, thats ok. Finding a regimen for my pores will be something I will look into soon. Overall things are going good. Glad to FINALLY have clear skin after 4 damn months of this medicine. 
    Now lets talk about side effects
    Dryness: I only experienced dryness on my face in the first 2 months or so. Overall my skin isn't too dry but i still moisturize before applying makeup and I dont tend to use moisturizer before going to sleep. 
    Face: Since I wasn't experiencing a lot of dry skin, I was still able to use my acne cleanser & creams. It made me feel better about my breakouts while on the medicine (even though it might not have helped). I have stopped using acne cleansers & creams. 
    For makeup remover I wash my face with my daughters Johnson & Johnson moisture wash with shea & cocoa butter. (I have not been able to find a makeup remover that my face agrees with). I just use this to wash my face at night and it removes my makeup well. In the morning I use CeraVe hydrating moisture cleanser. Also I always moisturize before applying makeup. 
    Hair: At first my hair was fine but now its Dry!!! My hair has broken off in the area where i lay my head on my pillow. In which I didn't used to have bangs but now I do. The hair right by my ear is not long enough to reach my ponytail anymore which is super annoying because now I constantly need gel & bobby pins. I put oil in my hair in that area before going to bed. I hope it grows back soon. Thats the only part of my hair that has been affected. 
    Lips: My lips are dry as hell! I cannot leave the house without Vaseline or auqaphor. I had an allergic reaction to some flavored chapstick so my dr said to use just straight up petroleum jelly. If I dont use anything they burn! And my lips get crazy looking and flaky a few times a day. Sometimes I have to rub all the flakes off my lip and apply a fresh layer of vaseline. 
    Nose: TMI but I have noticed a lot of dry boogers. Not sure if related to the medicine or if it's because the air is dry during summer months. But sometimes its so bad my nose is stopped up and hard to breathe. 
    Eyes: Never experienced dry eyes on the medicine 
    Body: My body hurts!! My lower back hurts. My knees and ankles. When I wake up in the morning I am literally hobbling out of bed to go downstairs to get my daughter milk. I thought it was because I gained weight. And because of my weight I started dieting and exercising but my Lower back & knees are so stiff and achey. I also started jogging, I thought maybe I didn't have the correct running form or maybe Im running wrong or something. But I just realized its related to the accutane. 
    Im kind of worried getting off the medicine. Like how long will the side effects still last? What if my acne comes back? We shall see. 
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    I don't know if my skin is mild or moderate. It's mild compared to what my skin has been but I recognize that my perspective is not everybody's. Right now I'm using Cetaphil's gentle skin cleanser with Simple's replenishing rich moisturizer. At night/after I shower, I use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser on my face (sometimes with the clarisonic), stridex max strength pads, and moisturizer. On my body (back, chest and arms), I use St. Ives sea salt scrub on those areas. Then, I wipe the stridex pad on those areas and moisturize my body with Aveeno 24 hours lotion. I started using the stridex 3 days ago and I haven't had a reaction. My body feels incredibly soft. If I start getting irritated, I'll rinse off the stridex after 30 min, then put on moisturizer. Before I add anything else, I'm going to keep using the stridex for at least 3 weeks just to see its effects. I will say that, even though I still have acne, my skin feels amazing!

    The next thing I will add will probably be Heritage's rosewater toner to combat dryness. If I still have acne, I'll add a leave on product with benzoyl peroxide. I do not react negatively to benzoyl peroxide (I mean... my skin does get dry and produce oil and peel). However, that goes away when I use the products consistently.

    I want to continue using the Clarisonic even though I don't think it does anything. I clean it every night though.

    It feels nice to unload my plans somewhere. I just graduated from college and still have acne. I honestly didn't care about it in middle or high school but now that  I am attempting to go to medical school, it's better if I try to find something that works.

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    Hi! Iveth here. I decided to make this blog about my accutane process in case there's people out there who need to see some experiences to help them make their decision to go on the medication. A little background information, I have cystic acne. I get big bumps that are underneath my skin that hurt A LOT and i also get whiteheads that are really red and hurt as well. I get them on my foreahead, cheeks, and chin. I've struggled with acne for about 5 years but I've always managed to handle it with topical creams. This year in february I ran out so i decided to try natural products. Big mistake. It got bad and I got tired to the point that it led me to visit a dermatologist. At first glance she recommended accutane which made me realize how bad it really was lol. This was in July 07, 2017 so I had to wait a month and I officially started on August 07, 2017. It's only been 11 days so i really haven't seen much improvement. I have gotten new whiteheads but not in an alarming rate. Plus, i've seen other blog posts that says it gets worse before it gets better. I'm really trying not to be so critical of my skin because I should be patient and not expect to see my skin clear up in a few days but it's so hard when the acne is terrible and my self esteem is so low :( the only side effects i have seen so far are dry lips and a bit of back pain. I will say this, I feel like the pimples i am getting are going away pretty fast. I'm going to post pics of how my acne looked the day i started the medication. My acne got waaaaay worse witht the treatments the doctor gave me for the month I had to wait to start accutane. The acne and redness in the pics are mostly from that medication. I used a face wash and a nightly gel. The face wash is called Plexion 9.8-4.8%, ad the gel is called onexton gel. Anyways i stopped using the medications when i started accutane.






  10. I’ve just completed my fourth week on 30mg of roaccutane. I have my dermatologist appointment tomorrow morning so I might do an extra post about that afterwards to share what was discussed. My symptoms are much of the same but because I haven’t reacted that badly to the 30mg (at least I don’t think I have) I have a feeling she’s going to up my dose. Things are about to get interesting. Not in this blog post though, sorry.


    Day 22

    Thursday10th August

    Overall my skin is good, I keep getting dry patches of skin in the same place: one above my eyebrow, one at the top of my nose inbetween my eyes, a few on my chin and the creases of my nose.

    I keep pulling the dry patches of skin off. I need to stop! When I pull the skin off it leaves a little cut and I’m conscious of them scarring if I keep doing it.

    Day 23

    Friday 11th August

    My face is the same. Still no major break outs, just the usual dryness. In the afternoons my face is getting really hot, one side of my face goes bright red. I’ve also started sleeping with lip balms in my bed because I keep waking up in the night with really tight lips.

    Day 24

    Saturday 12th August

    I had a day without make up today to give my face a break. It felt and looked really smooth, but appearance wise I still have quite a bit of scarring and my face is bright red without make up on. I’m not staying at home this week, and the lighting where I’m staying is shocking so I’m really struggling to capture the colour intensity on camera. But if you look at the colour of my neck in comparison you’ll get the idea!

    Day 25

    Sunday 13th August

    Woke up this morning with an insane thirst and downed two bottles of water! Had another make up free day, although my side effects at this stage are minimal the redness is bad and I know I’m not imagining this facial hair thing that I discovered last week – what the fuck is going on. I can't believe I'm even sharing it but is this normal?

    Day 26

    Monday 14th August

    The thirst continues. My face is so red that it’s showing through my make up. I don’t ever seem to realise how bad it is until I get to work. I put some more CC cream on and it sorted it out but the dryness always started to show up around midday.

    Day 27

    Tuesday 15th August

    Still thirsty. Still red. Now experiencing lower back ache and sore feet but I don’t know if it’s related to this because I was in accident last month (run over by a car) and when I do too much I tend to ache.

    On the bright side though, my dandruff seems to be calming down. I think the T-Gel is really helping!

    Day 28

    Wednesday 16th August

    Today was the driest my face has been so far. It looked fine when I left for work but by lunch time it literally looked like sandpaper and there was no coming back from it. I just had to accept that it wasn’t going to get any better no matter how much I tried to fix it. My lip also split again today. Fab. Here’s a photo of my face to show you the kind of dryness I'm talking about:


    Products that I’ve used this week

    Cleanser - Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

    Cleanser – Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser

    Spring Water - Avene Thermal Water Spray

    Moisturiser – Avene Hydrance Optimale Light

    Gentle exfoliator- BIODERMA Hydrabio Exfoliating Gel

    Moisturiser - La Roche Posay Effaclar H moisturiser

    Moisturising Face Mask - BIODERMA Hydrabio Masque Moisturising Mask

    Lips - Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream and Nivea Essential Care lip balm

    Body – Aveeno Daily Moisturising After Shower Mist and Sanex Dermo Sensitive Skin Shower Cream


    Latest Entry

    I had a pretty bad outbreak all over my face two weeks ago. I still wear foundation due to dark circles around my eyes but two weeks ago they weren't too bad so I went out in just No7 powder foundation. Safe to say that it 100% should be avoided at all costs. My skin was itchy and within two days I was covered in pimples. It was depressing. I took to the differin everyday for a week, my face went sore but it worked and I am happy to say it seemed to clear. I was sure it was a relapse but now I do put it down to the powder.

  12. Hey 

    This is an additional post before week 10. I just want to add more that with just a few days that I felt better, I am now feel a whole lot worse since 4 to 5 new acne appear on my left cheek. My skin feels bumpy. Another 3 to 4 in my right cheek. I feel bad and worried. It was a tragedy for me. I feel down, scared that it going to get bad. I want to get away from them. Ist't there a faster way to get rid of these things permanently? It is killing me right now. I think my mind is going back to the same situation in week 5 to week 8 which is hell for me. I just want to cry and sit in my room forever. It is painful for me to see me like this but I have no help but differin and benzac. I wish acne could just go away like a fever overnight. Sobbing...

  13. Eurgh...the way my skin felt seriously worried me. Closest I could describe it as is if it had salt on it which doesn't come off when you rub over it. 
    The itching drives me seriously mad too. I haven't read anything about this in the other reviews, but for me..god... It's like that episode of Spongebob where Mr. Krabz is like THE DREADED SQUEAKING OF THE BOOTS except that my skin is the boots and the squeaking is the itching. I can't handle it. The only time I had it this bad before is when I was 11 or so and just started my bad acne. It itches where a spot is forming. 

    So, I washed my face again for the night and applied some magnaminty on the especially bad zits on my chin and a part which was super itchy on my jaw. I tend to leave this stuff on overnight usually, so I will today. If I can wean myself off of BP and move to purely washing/using this mask, I'll be damn happy. My issue is BP is that I have to get it from my doc. I use Duac. I haaaate relying on doctors. Prescriptions are bloody troublesome. Maybe if I could find an OTC one at least, I'd be happy with that. I might try Acnecide. Think I'll go look up reviews of it now.

    I'll see how I am in the morning. The regimen I was using was fairly good for me to be honest, I just don't like relying on make-up so much. I hate wearing it. Though, I don't look as bad without moisturiser. Maybe if I could find one which is lightweight and leaves my skin looking matte, I could go without it. 

    One thing that came from this is my hair is producing less oil! It still looks oily, and I'll have to wash it tomorrow to prepare for Monday's guests, but, maybe I won't need to wash it as often anymore. Maybe this experiment would have gone better if I used pure water. I might consider getting some bottled stuff to rinse off with. 

  14. hotglue01
    Latest Entry

    Wow, it's been 7 full weeks!

    I have to say, my face is actually looking... really good. The dryness on my chin waxes and wanes, but it seems to be balancing out now that I've reduced BP and have been applying oil (jojoba and safflower) to it both directly and combined with my Cerave. My complexion is a lot clearer, and my beautiful milky skin tone is starting to shine through. The breakout from the dry skin/having to pick off flakes/sloppily applying lotions with (probably) dirty fingers multiple times a day has actually mostly subsided, too! No-man's-land is actually looking good on both sides, with a tiny dying zit on one side and maybe one pre-zit on the other. But again, I'm at the phase in DKR when pimples 1) only come if there's a direct cause like irritation or an existing blackhead, and 2) clear up within a few days and don't leave big marks.

    My forehead is actually looking really good. I changed my attitude a few days ago and am riding this wave of confidence for as long as it'll take me. I just realized that worrying about acne or whatever the fuck it is that I worry about (relationships! skin! health! my fucking dissertation!) sucks, and suddenly the worry dissolved... and suddenly, my skin looks really good! There's probably 3 tiny dying zits on the left side of my forehead/temple, with one tiny dying zit/blackhead on the right side. The rest of my face is pretty much entirely smooth, with maybe a few clogged pores on either side of my cheekbones.

    My back got two zits from irritation, and feels like it has some blackheads, but they feel like the crusty kind that flake off rather than turn into inflamed boils. Again, my red marks are really fading there, and in another few weeks they'll probably not even be perceptible. Even now they don't really stand out, especially because there's not really any more active acne there (save for those dying zits, a few big-ish clogged pores on my right shoulder, and those crusty blackheads that aren't visible anyway). I'm really proud of the progress I've made!

    And my chest? You know what, I had a similar revelation yesterday or the day before about not worrying about the red marks there. That big zit I got has mainly flattened out with ice packs, ibuprofen, zinc, fish oil, and differin/bp. One of the redmarks between my boobs VANISHED COMPLETELY!! It was miraculous. I've also been trying something kind of experimental on these marks that seems to be working (although I'm reminded to be gentle): using a heavy-duty steroid cream (clobetasol) that I have in case I get eczema on my hands (which happens in times of crazy stress... i.e. three weeks ago! Ha). I read that white people don't often get true PIH but rather PIE (check the redmark forum for more details), which responds to topical steroids. 7 (omg) years ago, the derm I went to in Japan actually gave me a much weaker steroid cream to use on redmarks and I remember it working fairly well at shrinking the marks, and I have to say, I think this is doing great things for my current marks! The skin was red and irritated this morning when I examined my MIRACULOUS HEALING (lol), so I'm being sure to be gentle by applying a little less, but still twice a day.

    Alright! Feeling good about my skin, and hoping you all do to. DKR really works, and I'm thankful for having made so much progress in just seven full weeks. Seriously... when I first started my acne was by no means terrible -- mild for sure -- but my complexion just looked... dingy and unstable. I had well over a dozen big blackheads on my forehead and probably close to a dozen small zits on my forehead and temples, plus a lot of inflamed pores, blackheads, whiteheads, and a few zits on my chin. My chest actually didn't break out until later on, lol, and I'm not really doing DKR on it... but my back -- on which I AM doing DKR -- had probably a dozen cysts, all of which were red/maroon, angry, and PAINFUL. And it seemed like they weren't stopping! But now? They're all flattened out, and I only get zits there if there's direct irritation (although, to be fair, I'd say my back is still kind of unstable, but 85% where I want it to be... well, it's 100% where I want it to be because it's making such beautiful progress).

    To close, acne for me is an important metaphor for self-care, and ultimately self-love. I remember when I had totally clear skin, like a baby's bottom, back in 2011... I felt so confident and radiant, and every day I was filled with gratitude about my situation. I let that gratitude slip away when I entered graduate school soon after and got distracted with the usual bullshit (school, boys, ugh), and now I feel myself returning to a place of gratitude for my healing.

    How about you guys? : D Clear skin for us all! Thanks for reading.

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    Problem ini mungkin sedang Anda miliki, yaitu kulit yang terlihat kucel, hilang cahayanya, lengket dan berminyak, serta memiliki jerawat. Kondisi kulit dengan banyak masalah seperti itu memang sangat mungkin terjadi. Bahkan menjadi sebuah keniscayaan apabila kita tidak rajin merawat kulit, sehingga membiarkan begitu saja minyak menempel sepanjang hari hingga terbawa tidur, kemudian ditumbuhi dengan jerawat.

    Penyederhanaan kasusnya adalah kelalaian dalam membiarkan kulit mati sehingga pori-pori tersumbat oleh kotoran dan minyak, menjadi tempat ideal untuk bakteri jerawat (propionibacterium acnes) untuk hidup dan berkembang biak. Bahkan masalah mungkin tidak hanya berhenti di sana, karena kurangnya pengetahuan dalam merawat kulit, sehingga tidak pernah melindungi dirinya dari terik matahari, maka kulit bisa menjadi belang dan terdapat hiperpigmentasi (atau flek hitam).

    Bagi seorang wanita, kondisi kulit seperti itu menjadi sangat mengerikan, dan menyiksa. 

    Ada juga penuturan seseorang yang pernah saya baca di internet, dengan masalah seperti ini :

    Kulitku sangat berantakan karena jerawat, kulit kusam, dan mempunyai bayangan gelap di bagian pipi serta noda hitam bekas jerawat. Walaupun usia belum 30 tahun, namun kerutan mulai muncul di sekitar bawah mata, dan sudut hidung serta mulut. Walaupun saya tidak merokok, namun pernah menjadi pecandu alkohol selama 6 bulan pada sekitar 2 tahun lalu. Kini penampilanku layaknya wanita 40 tahunan. Saya memang memiliki riwayat pernah terbakar sinar matahari hingga melepuh suatu hari. Harus diakui bahwa saya tidak pernah memakai tabir surya. Kini kebiasaan meminum alkohol sudah dihentikan. 

    Dan sekarang saya telah mulai memakai sunblok. Selain ini ada beberapa aktifitas perawatan lain yang saya lakukan, yaitu :
    - Mulai rajin mencuci muka dengan cetaphil serta air hangat.
    - Tidak memakai sabun yang keras, dan berbusa banyak karena khawatir mengandung detergen.
    - Memakai scrub 1-2 kali dalam seminggu.
    - Memakai asam salisilat 2% atau benzoil peroksida 2,5%. Namun kedua bahan tersebut tidak pernah dipakai secara bersamaan.
    - Memakai pelembab yang mengandung retinoid acid di pagi hari.
    - Meminum multivitamin, suplemen kalsium-magnesium-zinc, vitamin B, serta minyak ikan.
    - Melakukan olahraga lebih rutin dan teratur.
    - Meminum air putih sebanyak 2 liter sehari.
    - Tidur selama 7-8 jam setiap harinya.
    - Beberapa tahun lalu pernah memakai Retin-A, namun sekarang sudah tidak.

    Rasanya, apa yang sudah saya lakukan sejauh ini sudah cukup. Namun mengapa kondisi kulitku tidak kunjung membaik ? Malah kulit sepertinya semakin memburuk. Jerawat semakin banyak, dan kulit semakin kusam sehingga tidak enak dilihat. Sangat mengerikan. Apa saran terbaik agar semua masalah tersebut bisa diatasi ?

    Kondisi seperti di atas bisa jadi juga sedang menimpa Anda. Mencoba berbagai saran dan tips di internet, kemudian mencobanya sendiri. Namun prosesnya tidak terstruktur, sporadis,  atau hanya coba-coba.  Sehingga tidak fokus serta tidak menyeluruh.

    Jadi saran terbaik yang bisa saya berikan adalah untuk segera berkonsultasi dengan dokter kulit, bersabar dengan proses perawatan yang sedang dilakukan (tidak terburu-buru pindah ke metode lain). 
    Bila pertanyaan tersebut ditujukan kepada saya, ini lah jawaban yang saya berikan.
    Pertama adalah melakukan perobahan pola hidup secara total.
    Gaya hidup tersebut mencakup makanan yang harus dikonsumsi, dan harus dihindari.
    Jenis makanan yang harus dihindari adalah :

    • Minuman yang mengandung soda (carbonated), misalnya coke.
    • Makanan dan minuman yang mengandung indeks glikemik tinggi, serta yang manis bergula.
    • Susu sapi, karena akan meningkatkan jumlah insulin sehingga meningkatkan produksi sebum. 
    • Makanan cepat saji, karena akan merangsang fluktuasi hormon serta peradangan.
    • Gorengan, seperti ayam goreng, kentang goreng, onion ring. Makanan yang digoreng dengan minyak sawit tidak sehat. Sebaiknya minyak goreng diganti dengan minyak kelapa murni atau minyak zaitun. Minyak goreng sawit mengandung produk akhir glycation lanjutan tingkat lanjut.
    • Daging yang disuntik antibiotik.
    • Makanan dengan bahan pengawet.

    Lalu jenis makanan apa yang perlu dikonsumsi ?

    • Ikan yang kaya dengan omega-3. Manfaatnya adalah untuk anti peradangan.
    • Mengkonsumsi berbagai buah. Terutama pepaya, dan berry (strawberry, raspberry dan berry lainnya).
    • Sayuran berwarna hijau tua misalnya brokoli.
    • Telur.
    • Teh putih.

    Dan ini jenis perawatan kulit yang harus Anda pilih. Carilah produk yang bukan hanya membuat jerawat menjadi kering, tapi juga bisa efektif meluruhkan kulit mati. Kita harus memulainya dari perawatan jerawat, kemudian setelah itu bisa diatasi beralih ke mengobati bercak hitam hiperpigmentasi.
    Dari berbagai pengalaman saya dalam memberikan saran-saran perawatan kulit, maka ini produk-produk yang harus dipakai.

    1. Sabun khusus untuk jenis berminyak yang mengandung benzoil peroksida atau asam salisilat.
    2. Milk cleanser khusus perawatan kulit dari jenis non-comedogenic.
    3. Acne cream, atau acne lotion yang mengandung iso-tretinoin serta asam retinoid.
    4. Retinoid acid khusus yang dipakai pagi dan malam untuk meluruhkan kulit mati, serta untuk mempercepat penyerapan obat.
    5.  Pelembab khusus perawatan, yang berbahan dasar air, serta mengandung minimal spf15. Manfaat lain yang harus adalah memberi nutirisi lengkap bagi kulit untuk memperbaiki sel-sel kulit yang telah mati, serta untuk menjaga kelembaban. Karena perlu diingat bahwa kebanyakan acne cream/lotion akan membuat kulit menjadi lebih kering. Sehingga memakai pelembab yang lengkap nutrisinya adalah wajib.
    6. Sunblok dengan SPF 30, melengkapi produk pelembab yang sudah mengandung spf15.

    Pemakaian produk-produk tersebut harus dipakai pagi dan malam, serta kontinyu dan konsisten selama beberapa minggu.
    Bagaimana dengan hasilnya ?
    Perpaduan antara perubahan pola hidup sehat serta perawatan kulit di atas hasilnya rata-rata bisa dilihat di minggu ke 3 atau 4. Kulit akan lebih halus, cerah, dan jerawat sudah banyak yang kering.

    Apakah ada produk perawatan yang sudah dikemas dalam satu packag
    ed ? Ada, yaitu dengan obat penghilang jerawat Rich Amor.
    Bahkan bila memakai Rich Amor, hasilnya sudah dapat maksimal dalam periode minggu ke 3 atau 4, sehingga Anda bisa fokus kepada  mengatasi hiperpigmentasi .
    Sebagai aktivitas tambahan atau opsional, adalah melakukan facial di salon pada minggu ke 4.

    Untuk menghilangkan noda hitam, bayangan serta kulit yang masih belum sempurna kecerahannya (walaupun pada minggu ke 4 kondisi kulit sudah lebih cerah), dan untuk mengatasi kerutan, maka untuk melengkapi regiment di atas Anda perlu menambahkan krim malam, serta asam retinoid yang lebih kuat. Fungsinya adalah untuk merangsang regenerasi kulit sehingga mengganti kulit lama dengan yang lebih sehat, serta akan membuat kulit lebih elastis. 

    Proses menghilangkan flek hitam membutuhkan kesabaran lebih banyak dibandingkan dengan proses mengatasi kulit kusam serta jerawat. Namun biasanya dengan 6 regiment sebelumnya maka penampakan flek dan bintik hitam akan mulai memudar seiring waktu. Sehingga proses paska minggu ke 4 ini adalah sebagai kelanjutan untuk mempercepat penyembuhan bintik noda dan flek hitam.

    Dengan mengikuti prosedur di atas, rata-rata dalam bulan ke 2 dan ke 3 semua masalah kulit bisa diatasi dengan baik. Memang tidak bisa berjalan instan, tapi itu lah perawatan kulit yang paling cepat memberikan hasil terbaik.

  15. So I am a month and a half through my course of Accutane/isotretinoin and I feel GREAT! my skin has cleared completely!!! Since my last update i have had 2 small spots which have had heads that I could just leave to go naturally rather than pop them which I am a terror for doing normally! My family and friends can't believe the change in my skin and how healthy it's becoming! I still have all the same side effects as I had in my first post and nothing more. My mood hasn't altered a bit! I haven't suffered with low mood, anxiety, depression. (That's what I was most afraid of) Tbh I have had a really positive journey with Accutane so far and i am over the moon with it. The only thing I'm trying to tackle now is the remaining redness on my face because using Bareminerals makeup I don't dose my face , It gives a natural look to it so it's hard to cover the redness. That's my next step! To say I'm a very happy girl is an understatement. I get emotional when Im all done up ready to go out because of the difference and how i used to feel with acne. Accutane has been a lifesaver for me. I can now eat junk food more often than I used to without feeling bad about it after. (That's not everyday though) I used to be very harsh on myself with my acne and now I am a lot calmer :)! I'm excited for the next two and a half months ahead on my journey! One photo with makeup and one without :) 



  16. Well, yesterday was the end of my week3.My lips were chapped right from the beginning of the dosage(week1).My face felt tight which often restricted me from giving any expression(I felt difficult to even smile)From week3 my dosage of Isotroin was increased from 20mg twice a day to 30mg twice a day.I started feeling better.But, there were some symptoms of new zits developing on my face and old bumps which had developed last week were still the same size(they were just stable :( )My cheek area and corners of forehead looked like a pizza with red spots everywhere...:'(...I see redness around my face when observed.But, I felt a bit calm that I can atleast cover this with a makeup unlike my previous week's face condition which I was unable to cover with makeup.However, during these 3 weeks, I never kept anything to my face apart from benzoyl peroxide and cetaphil cleanser to wash my face.I am trying to keep my face away from makeup products because this time I wanted to destroy this acne permanently.






  17. Soooooooo I’ve been MIA for a bit. My last blog post was on September 18, 2014. My skin was dandy.


    Until I got into grad school and moved to Chicago.


    Let me cut to the chase and tell you guys that the regimen did NOT work for me in the Midwest. I have oily af skin. Astronauts can see me from space because of how intensely I shine. That paints a pretty clear picture right? Anyway, I always understood the definition of humidity but never experienced it until I moved to Chicago. Holy. Freaking. ****. I was like a fish out of water…and when it rained (which was a lot) it was a hot rain. You know when you drain a pot of pasta? Yeah it was like hot pasta water coming down.


    Turns out oily skin and humidity = clogged pores. In my case it was ANGRY, PAINFUL, AND MASSIVE clogged pores. The breakouts I got were like welts and most didn’t come to a head for weeks at a time. They would appear in extremely fun places like right between my eyebrows, front and center on my chin or awkwardly on my cheeks. At first I was in denial about my skin breaking out because being on the regimen had truly cleared me up. I figured eh, it’s the stress from moving across the country or stress from school…or…or…. the list of reasons went on and on until I came to terms that weather/location affected my skin to a huge degree.


    I remember after a month into living in Chicago I was feeling stumped (and pissed). I looked up this issue on the site wondering if Dan ever addressed it. Turns out you’re still supposed to use it as normal in a humid climate more or less. Didn’t work for me. Nothing in my skincare changed (was only using the line) and nothing makeup wised changed. So what gives?


    My two years in Chicago had me resorting to trying new skincare items. I went through a lot of new skincare items to no avail. I used drugstore treatments, cleansers, higher end items…it was getting damn expensive and my student budget wasn’t liking it at all either. Nothing really worked. It was a weird and, frankly, crappy feeling when I realized my skin was back to being extremely problematic. I’m not being dramatic either. It wasn’t just one little dot. It was those dime sized, under-the-skin kind of parties happening all over my face. If I’m not such a lazy potato maybe I’ll get another blog post up about what items I used but then again, do you guys really want to read about things that kindaaaaa-worked-but-not-really? Probably not.


    Anyway, when I would fly home during holidays/breaks I noticed my skin cleared up drastically. It was frustrating to realize that it was the environment affecting my skin rather than something I could really control. Fast forward through my academic career, I finally graduated and moved the back to SoCal.

    image 2.jpg

    My mom is my biggest skin critic and I don’t mind. I prefer honesty. She was confused at why my skin resorted to being difficult. I explained to her that Chicago was literally to blame. The moment I set up shop back at home, I resumed using the regimen and lo and behold – skin calmed down and, dare I say, back to “normal”

    I no longer wake up with massive painful breakouts like I did in the Midwest. I’m now dealing with leftover hyperpigmentation from my past breakouts. I’ve been back in SoCal since May and I’ve seen a huge improvement with my skin. It’s a relief that the regimen still works for me in Cali. Now if only the stupid store would let my order go through I could restock on my cleanser, treatment and moisturizer.

    My skin is progressing in the right direction. Again, mainly just dealing with hyperpigmentation and time will help clear it up. I’d rather deal with scars than active breakouts. At least at this stage of my skin I can fake flawless skin with makeup…here's a picture to make a case in point.

    image 1.jpg


    A few fun facts about me since, y’know, it’s easy to forget that this blog was typed up by a normal human being. I got my Master’s in Nursing. I studied like a mad man and was barely holding onto my sanity. The amount of information they shoved at my face was insane. It was like trying to sip from a fire hydrant – you can’t. But you did it anyway…because…school…career…never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…don’t dishonor the family….

    Dry comments aside, I hope everyone has been doing well. Take care of yourselves guys. Any questions? Ask them, don’t be shy.



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    I wish I was able to find my ancient profile. 
    My problems then, at 14 years old, paled in comparison to what I'm currently dealing with at only 25. Random, ugly scarring on one side of my face only. It all started about a year ago but I brushed it off as one bad zit but to be quite honest I was in denial. Acne had not been a problem for years and I honestly could not recall having a zit where this new scar was forming...but I digress...and at that point in time, I let it go. 
    This past year, the indentations came. First one, then two, and by then I went to a derm.
    Without looking at my skin, she decided it was acne and gave me retin-a. 
    3 weeks later, I am convinced this medication made my skin worse because my scars seem to have grown. I am going to a new dermatologists tomorrow.


  18. I am a week behind with my entries so this is last weeks result. My face is healing and breakouts are going down quicker. The aloe vera that i'm using on my face in the morning seems to be taking my scarring down.

    Week16 (1).jpgWeek16.jpg

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    My sister has acne. Like really bad acne on her face and while trying different remedies for her I started to learn a few things about this "condition".

    One of the most difficult and challenging periods
    of a person's life is represented by the teenage period. This is the time when you build and contour your personality and make the choices that will define your life in the future. In the same time, you want to be liked and to belong to a group of friends. In addition to that, you will have to face the changes that your body passes to transform you from a child to an adult. Unfortunately, this transformation also involves some negative aspects such as the growth of new unwanted hair in many places and the apparition of the nasty pimples. Everyone has faced this problem at least once in his other life. Pimples are that ugly swelling that appears on our face and make our life worse.


    In fact, this is a condition known as acne or in a medical term acne vulgaris. The word acne comes from the Greek "acme" meaning the highest point. This skin disease represents the swelling of the base of the hair follicles where the sebaceous glands are situated. Acne is particularly common among teenagers, but there are some cases in which acne can last into adulthood. The human parts affected by this condition are face, chest, back neck and shoulders.


    The sebaceous glands secrete an oily substance known as sebum. This substance is used to carry the dead skin cells through the hair follicles to reach the surface of the skin. In each follicle grows a small piece of hair. In people with acne these glands secrete more sebum and in combination with dead skin cells, dirt or bacteria can clump together into a plug and block the follicles, forming an accumulation of oil under the skin known as a pimple. For example, a bacteria known to thrive in these conditions is P. acnes, which can cause inflammation of the skin if it is present in great numbers.

    Acne is believed to affect people during puberty when the sebaceous glands start to release sebum, being stimulated by androgen hormone produced by adrenal glands.


    Rising the androgen levels may cause the growth of the sebaceous glands which leads to a higher production of sebum and the development of a form of acne. There are studies showing that approximately three-quarters of 11 to 30 year-olds are affected by acne at some time. Although is most common among teenagers, there are cases when people in their fifties still have this condition. It affects both men and women, but it may last longer in men due to the fact that men have higher quantities of testosterone, a hormone that can make acne worse.


    This condition can have a mild form, which everyone can develop at some time and a more aggressive form which requires a medicinal treatment. There are many types of acne pimples including whiteheads, blackheads, papules, and pustules which are common and can be treated without treatment and nodules and cysts which are clearly visible on the surface of the skin and deep embedded in the skin. If they are not treated properly they can produce damage in the long term causing scars in the skin.


    Although there is a lot of interest concerning the development of this condition, the exact cause for getting acne is not known yet. To get the diagnosis and the required treatment you should see a dermatologist or other health care provider who will examine your affected skin.


    Scientists believe that acne is triggered both by genetic and environmental factors. The main cause is considered to be the high levels of the hormone androgen which is responsible for the growth of the sebaceous glands and thus of the production of sebum. This triggers a sort of domino effect because the more sebum our skin produces the more likely we develop the nasty pimples. Another cause in women is considered to be the hormone changes during the menstrual period and during pregnancy and breastfeeding. There are some studies showing that acne can be hereditary which means that there is a high probability to get acne if someone in your family has it.


    In addition to that, there are some factors considered responsible to increase the risk of acne such as certain medications that contain lithium and androgen. This includes some steroid medications such as corticosteroids and anabolic steroids which cause the development of pimples. Another factor which may trigger acne is the usage of greasy cosmetics. Some people have sensitive skin and may get acne of they use cosmetics and skin care products which contain comedogenic agents. In other words, these cosmetics may block pores and cause blackheads. Sweating and humid environments may be considered a risk factor for acne because excess humidity can block pores and develop pimples.


    Although it is not painful and affects us only on a superficial level, it can cause serious problems on an emotional level. Due to the fact that it affects our physical appearance, especially our face, we can get a negative self-image lose our confidence and become more stressed. In a long term, this may lead to a low self-esteem and depression

    which may interact with our ability to socialize and to get a job. There are also some ungrounded myths concerning acne which can worsen the emotional effects of it. All in all, we should know that acne is not infectious and can be treated. Poor hygiene is not the main cause of developing this condition and we should not judge a person only by his or her physical appearance.

  19. MissSac17
    Latest Entry

    Honestly just hate hindsight. I'm looking at my last update haha and my skin was half decent there, infact no it WAS decent. It's actually worse now and in getting cysts popping up under my neck and I can feel one brewing on my forehead. What the hell?? 

    My skin isn't in a good way at all. I'll post some pics of what I have now. I'm not comfortable showing my full face right now but this thing on my neck is painful :(
    I have paid to see a private derm next week to enquire about starting another roaccutane course. I just pray I can, I thought that because I'm going to pay for it Id have a much higher chance of getting it again since I feel the NHS derm will want me to do the rounds again you know? 

    Why is this so bloody hard. I recently got a new boyfriend  (nearly 3 months together) and he met me when my skin was pretty damn great. Now.. ugh. I wouldn't date me. He loves me he says but.. I just can't love myself when my face is a mess.