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  1. WEEK 3:
    - the breakouts that popped up on my chin/jawline area have definitely calmed down a lot (sooo happy)
    - I think I notice slightly oilier skin since being on zinc, but during week 3 now, it seems less noticeable and probably closer to what my skin was normally at (combination skin, but not overly oily t-zone)
    - the breakouts are much less inflammed, itchy, and painful
    - I notice a somewhat steady/usual occurrance of spots on my face though, in the usual places (hairline, forehead, around mouth, etc.)--so I haven't noticed a decrease in occurrances of spots at all
    - not sure if this is relevant but during sex yesterday I noticed I started to bleed, which used to happen on vitamin d3 (I think it affected my hormones, once I stopped taking it, it stopped entirely).. I hope it was just because I wasn't really "ready" for it, and not because zinc is affecting my hormones similarly, had some minor spotting today as well that I'm sure is related to yesterday

    I have to be honest with you guys, the breakout was getting so bad in the beginning/middle of week 3 that I really considered quitting, but it seems it might have possibly been an "initial breakout" and hopefully things keep getting better from here on out

    Posting some pics from tonight after washing up:
    **P.S. if you guys are curious as to the discoloration of my skin, they kind of look like really uneven freckles, that's due to excessive sun exposure and sun damage from when I was on Accutane for so many years.. even with sun protection, that accumulated over the years.




  2. Back from the Carribean… After spending 5 nights in the Caribbean and soaking face body/face in the salt water, I definitely think it made a difference. The first day I got there, I went ahead and popped that three headed cyst which was completely filled with infected puss. I immediately went in the salt water and kept my face half way under water to help with the healing process and it definitely did! I made sure to wear lots of sunscreen and a hat the entire time and for the most part, I did not gain any new pimples other than a couple on my back due to the overload of sunscreen clogging my pores.

    Dermatologist Appointment… I had my dermatologist appoint this week and he is keeping me on 40mg because he said that it is not worth the side effects that comes with 60mg and believes that I will still make the same progress by staying on the 40mg. He also gave me another 10-day supply of Prednisone to help bring down the redness YAY! He also believes that this will be my month where things start to turn around! Fingers crossed!

    Lighting… Lighting has a huge impact on how my face looks and when I take my weekly pictures, it looks redder and inflamed than it actually is. You will see that I attached 2 pictures of me in the Caribbean where I am only wearing a lightly tinted sunscreen and the redness is barely noticeable. In natural lighting, it does not look as red however in bathroom lighting it looks very red! However, my skin is really starting to flatten out and I only have a couple raised bumps. I will definitely have hyperpigmentation and some minimal scarring to deal with after Accutane but all treatable!  

    Post cyst mark…  You can see in my picture on the ride side of my face a red/purple mark. This is from a cyst that popped a couple times and as a result left this behind. I asked the dermatologist about it and he said that the color will heal on its own it just may take some time but nothing to worry about. 


  3. Moonsss
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    So it's been 2 weeks and 1 day since I started roaccutane and, I'm not going to lie, it has been really really hard.

    The last 2 weeks my skin broke out to the worst it has ever been. My confidence was rock bottom and I felt no amount of make up could help the situation as the texture of my skin was awful due to the dry skin caused by the accutane. I kept thinking, "nothing is going to work, I'm going to have this acne forever".
    As much as I'd like to post a photo to share, I'd be way too nervous to, it was THAT bad this week! 
    But I, along with all my family and friends, have been reassuring myself that it has to get worse to get better as it works from the inside out so I'm really trying to see that positive side of things.  

    Wen my skin got to the worst, I stayed at home all day and applied some benzoyl peroxide which i don't really find helps all that much. What I really do find that helps is the Witch Hazel & Tea Tree Night Treatment Gel from Boots. I bought it ages ago when I had a mild breakout and haven't used it since. But the other night I found it in my drawer and said I'd give it another bash! Oh. My. God.  LIFE SAVER. I applied it at night and again after I moisturised the next morning
    before putting on my make up... It totally killed any active spots I had and dried them up completely in the space of about 48 hours. Even ones that had not
    surfaced yet and were really inflamed, it totally soothed them and it didn't dry out my skin, only the spots. HIGHLY RECOMMEND TRYING. 


    I'm going to continue using it, even when my skin is pretty much almost clear as it doesn't irritate my skin and it also prevents new spots.
    Lets hope this is the last of my initial breakout! 

    Side effects:
    Other than that, side effects are just dry skin and lips.
    Scalp is starting to get dry too and the palms of my hands (weirdly). 

    Hello week 3   |::wavey:
  4. Rainbow.1974
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    ok - so nearly 2 weeks at 40mg of isotretinoin. not much to report really. Still have dry skin on my hairline, temples, around my nose and on my chin, but its not too bad. Lips are dry, but not overly so. I have picky eyes at the moment, and a couple of tiny styes on the lower lash line, they are a bit irritating, but not horrible. I do get a streak of blood when I blow my nose, but nothing to write home about.

    Yesterday i thought i was starting to break out, had a few small spots on my right cheek, and a larger one on my left, but they seem to have flattened overnight. I do have a 1cm round cyst/spot on the left side of my chin, Its not red yet, but itchy and a bit sore. We'll see if that decides to become a volcano or if it quietly melts away....  

    The skin on my back is rough again, like there is stuff coming out of the pores. 

    That's it really....  Sorry I haven't done any pictures with the make up yet, I'll try and do it soon.

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    I wonder if it will work. 
    Probably not. Why would it ?
    Today was a day that meant a little less than yesterday.  Warning: graphic content ahead 


  5. Hi guys. I have officially completed 2 months of 100 MG of Spiro. I am still looking just as bad. I notice a lot of ups and downs. One week I swear it looks much better and the next week I have a bunch of new pimples. I am sick of feeling the acne on my face and not wanting to look in the mirror. I am sick of plastering my skin with drying gel. It is exhausting. I also have started to take Anti Depressants. My mental state keeps worsening as my acne doesn't improve. I have tons of small pimples on my forehead, despite my Clindamycin use. It helps, but not enough. I have like 3 or 4 big pimples on both sides of my cheeks. 

    -I had to switch from the Nuva Ring to Ortho Tri Cyclen. It is generic but it says right on it that it also treats moderate acne. I have taken this in the past when I was on Accutane and it kept me clear for awhile I feel like. I am hopeful this combination will be good. I really liked the Nuvaring, but the combo with Spiro was making me extremely emotional and I had a severe panic attack that I believe was from the Nuvaring. I used it in the past and it worked super good but now that I have acne again, the second time around hasn't been so great. I know it isn't supposed to help acne, so I think it am making the right move going back to my original Ortho Tri Cyclen. I haven't felt any emotional affects like I did on the NuvaRing. I really hope this isn't going to cause an initial breakout switching, because it already looks bad. I felt cloudy in the head until I switched to Ortho Tri Cyclen. It wasn't fun. I have been on the pill for 5 days now. It caused me to get my period a full week early, and that might be why my skin looks especially bad today.

    -I am hopeful this medication will work. I just keep missing out on social events because I am so insecure. I just want this to be done with. I am so frustrated. My appointment with my dermatologist is near the end of October. I remember her saying I might not be clear by then. It will be the 3 month check up. I haven't been there since I got prescribed it. It is frustrating seeing people say it cleared them up in 1 month because I have had my initial breakout well over 2 months. I saw a few Youtube success stories, from girls with worse acne than me, getting clear at 6 months. It is so hard to wait that long. I don't have severe acne, it is more moderate. I feel like mine should clear up faster than that. Will someone comment and tell me how long it took them? I was hoping I would be back with a positive update. I am still going to keep moving forward and give it the full 6 months before I think about quitting. I hope I will get my dose raised at the appointment, or it will be clear by then? :) My birthday is November 29th and I will be devastated to not have clear skin by then...It is possible but also could very well not happen. Please comment! Support is always welcome!

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    Hello, i'm a 23 year old male about to take the plunge. After close to ten years dealing with persistent back acne, and plenty of trial and error, I have decided to take the plunge and start Epuris (a canadian version of accutane). I have always been hesitant to try accutane as I had a friend fall into a deep depression upon going on it, not only that, but also the idea of me being able to cure it with natural methods was always something I thought would help me understand my back acne better. This summer was the first time that I actually let it get to me - afraid to take my shirt off, constantly thinking and comparing myself to others - and I always told myself that if my acne ever got to the point that it was preventing me from being myself then I would take more conclusive and preventative measures. So wish me luck on this journey. I'm a little worried about initital breakouts where I don't tend to get cystic or nodular acne, like my face. Like anyone I'm fairly sensitive and vulnerable about my own self-image, and having acne in places where I could just cover with a t-shirt, gave me solace. I'm hoping I can keep it all under control so I'm still able to live my fulfilling lifestyle and not be plagued by sadness or anxiety over this problem. I choose to look at this positively and am never regretful of any of my decisions because I wouldn't be who I was today without every thing that has happened to me. Let's rock!

  6. Maria

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    I've been reading blogs from this site for a couple of months now. I just wanted to ask, I am almost done from my 1st month of taking roaccutane, and 12th day of estelle 35. Just last week, I noticed my acne has been cleared up. But early this week, I noticed the presence of bigger pimples. Is it normal? Is it part of the medication? 



  7. Marish

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    Today is Sept 16 2017.

    In 2015-16 I was on levora but was taking 50mg spiro, doxycycline, benzaclin, and tretinoin.
    Then my derm took me off doxy and my skin started to get worse.
    A year ago (summer 2016) when I moved to new york I started taking 75mg spiro but nothing else (no tret or benzaclin. Still on levora.) 

    Now it's the end of summer 2017. My skin has gotten worse (and stayed that way) the entire past year. I usually got a handful of big, painful, red ones along my jawline and chin the week before my period and during. Then the next two weeks would be pretty great, just a small one here and there. But then the last couple months I started to get weird swollen ones on my forehead and that spurred me to change something. 

    I switched to ocella Sun July 23, two months ago. It's been pretty weird and making my skin perfect right before, during, and after my period. Then my skin steadily gets worse until the next period. I also just upped spiro to 100mg. I'm worried that switching birth controls will not have helped my acne but most people have shitty horrible breakouts for a few months and then get clear so I'm just praying that will happen. 

    I'm tired of not feeling like myself. I'm tired of feeling self-conscious in public or even around my friends. I'm tired of going on dates and not being able to make eye contact because I feel like the only thing he'll see is my broken out skin. I'm tired of spending all my time in front of the mirror, trying to combat each new type of pimple with a special remedy, stressing until i'm crying and feel like everything else is hopeless/pointless, and being constantly paranoid of new bumps appearing. It's all too much!! 

    So recently my routine has just been:

    • Morning
      • Wash face with cetaphil
      • Thayers rose witch hazel
      • Neutrogena naturals brightening daily moisturizer with spf 25
      • makeup (garnier bb cream, nars soft matte concealer, one heck of a blot powder)
    • Night
      • burts bees cleansing oil
      • cetaphil
      • thayers rose witch hazel
      • pixi glow tonic
      • moisturize nose/undereyes with cerave sa, rest of face with vicks
  8. Hello Girls,

    Wow! It's been such a long time since I've posted, so I'm very sorry about that. Life is basically insane at the moment, university, two jobs and just trying to keep my head afloat has been super difficult. Along side this, I've been sick, with the flu, a few times which has set me back with university work, so only recently am i starting to get back on track. 

    Anyway, regarding my skin... it's about 85% there, I'm super happy, but I still think improvements need to be made! Majority of my cheek pimples have disappeared, now it's just waiting for my forehead pimples to go away. I don't know why this is taking so long!!

    From my previous blogs, I have continued implementing the same daily and nightly routine, which I really do think has helped my skin.

    In saying all this, I am so relived that the 'Estelle 35 ED' is finalllllyyyy starting to show results.... I just started the active pills on my EIGHTH PACKET!! So the time frame for everyone is so different. I  remember eagerly waiting for month four to come around, but no significant results were their, but only now am I really starting to see result... thank god! Been a long time coming.

    I will definitely keep you girls in the loop every 2 weeks now! I'm so sorry its taken me so long to write up another blog, but don't worry, I'm back at it now.

    Here are some photos that I took today, and after my shower tonight:
    Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 8.33.56 pm.pngScreen Shot 2017-09-16 at 8.33.40 pm.png

    My forehead has been punished with blind pimples and I don't know why... time to research.

    Blog with you soon xxx

  9. Lyn_95
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    I'm almost 3 months in on my course of isotretinoin and I have to say my skin has never looked better. I am completely acne free and haven't had acne since the start of my course. I'm over the moon with the results after this short period. I've gotten loads of lovely comments about my skin that have really lifted me up. I feel like a different person.  My self confidence has been peaking through more and more and I no longer have to worry about what foods I want to eat and how often I wear make up. All my side effects are the same , no different. Isotretinoin has been the best choice I have made for my skin in all of these 8 years. I can't believe how well it's worked in these 3 months. I hope it works as well for everyone else who is currently taking a course!!! 


  10. aliyah niechelle
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    It's week 4 guys! And must I say I love this lighting because it is soo accurate! I'll start taking my photos with this light now. BP still isn't burning, a slight tingle every now and then but nothing crazy. Uh, yeah. Nothing really new. Just trying to drink a lot of water! 




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    started the tane at 10mg daily after dinner. felt so nervous before starting due to those horrifying posts i read on the side effects. but all is well. 

  11. mony's blog
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    I am on the same Isotroin 30mg dosage twice a day.I feel like some scars have become light and some bumps have also disappeared.

    Lesson learnt:Don't put oil to hair while on Isotroin dosage.Because the scalp tries to absorb the hair oil and this even spreads to the glands on face and they tend to increase the acne.




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    The kojic acid soap, as of now, seems to be working. Given that the process of restoring hyperpigmented skin to normal is a very slow one, I would say that the results I've seen so far are a good sign of progress. But it also seems to be causing - though not significant - a slight adverse effect. It's really a miracle if I find some shit that has any effectiveness at all with no considerable repercussions.
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    So I don't have horrible acne, every once in a while I'll get a horribly bad zit/pimple. I currently have one right now and it's a monster. And I'm a picker so I've made it worse. I pick so much at my pimples that there will be nothing left but a big hole in my skin, which is even worse than the pimple. I never know how to heal them. I always freak out and stress when I get them me try my best to heal them. But I feel like I'm putting too much stuff on my face where not only is the pimple a huge, red, inflamed mess, but the skin around it looks awful. Putting makeup on it to cover it up is impossible. Just makes it look worse. I feel so helpless. Where ever I go I can feel people staring at it which just makes me feel so embarrassed and red faced. These pimples affect me so much that I'll hid out in my apartment until they go away. I'll call into work, skip school, and not make plans with my friends. I hate how much this affects me. I feel so ugly. I'm just looking for some advice on how to heal them faster. They usually take about a week to heal but I'm still left with some redness after that.  I just need so freaking help 

  12. So I have been on this medication for around 7 months now and it has worked but not enough for me to be completely happy with my skin. So I went to the doctors and they have referred me to a dermatologist, this means a long wait for an appointment. Hopefully it will be worth it and I will get something that works :) 

  13. Current skin status
    99.9 %clear. Some blackhead on nose. Pregnant with baby daughter and is due in next two weeks.

    as tile suggested, I stopped using safflower oil for some time. Because if the oil is slightly ever being off, it breaks me out.. and I don't want to keep my skincare in refrigerator... 

    But I discovered a new HG facial cleaning product- Garnier micellar cleaning water- for sensitive skin (the pink one). In have gone through at least 4 or 5 bottles of it. Doesn't remove waterproof, cream or primer eyeshadow though, so I also have a small bottle of the same brand of micellar water but in removing waterproof make up version (blue one).

    recently I also have started to use baking soda as my in shower morning facial cleanser. Very satisfied with it. I feel it helped and improved my skin texture and brightness. I am also just started testing out Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner Cream to control my t zone oil. Not sure if it's working but it smells nice and doesn't break my out. Quite silicony so helps to blur the pores.

    I also stopped using Heliocare 360 gel sunscreen as well.. Even though I really loved it, it made makeup application difficult especially eye and under eye area. Since it's not water resistant and I get watery eye easily when applying eye makeup, it will melt off with tears and leave a line mark and cannot be blended.. And after I start to use baking soda as morning cleanser, my face is not that oily anymore so sunscreen part I just go back to Elta MD uv shield. I do put some primer on my t zone though (smashbox purple one).

    My skin has been pretty stable for quite some time. Don't know if it's due to my pregnancy or I have been using correct products for my skin... 

    Baking soda
    Baebody eye gel (testing out. So far doesn't break me out)

    Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner Cream t zone only

    elta MD uv shield SPF 46
    Smashbox purple primer t zone only
    makeup (I rarely wear makeup
    anymore since my skin is clear)

    Garnier micellar water
    baebody eye gel
    Tretinoin 0.05 (just restart using it for around a week due to pregnancy)
    Lip balm

  14. Hi everyone. I'm shocked to see how many hits these posts are getting. For anyone out there who wants to be updated; I have since stopped using topical probiotics for several reasons.

    1. My acne fluctuated between mild and severe over the course of almost a year,  never keeping a consistent trajectory of improvement. I used probiotic spray up to four times daily. 

    2. In my experience, topical probiotics don't work even if you ditch your facial cleanser which supposedly kill the friendly bacteria you need. My acne actually became significantly worse when I was just using water and topical probiotic spray.

    In the past week, I've managed to drastically improve my skin with a totally different ingredient altogether. My acne had gotten worse after the water-only method and in a desperate attempt I decided to try diluted apple cider vinegar. The results were almost unbelievable. I have read the reviews for ACV on and I noticed that it didn't work for everyone. And it may not work for you.

    Acne is cured at the source and not at the symptom. My personal journey with acne began when I was 18 and started wearing makeup. Because everyone had told me wearing makeup to bed was horrible and unhealthy, I scrubbed my face clean with TWO kinds of cleansers every night. Over three years, my face broke out from one or two pimples to full blown cystic acne on both cheeks, forehead and chin. I had never stopped using cleanser during that time. I attribute my horrible skin condition to prolonged overwashing, prolonged exposure to BP and clindamycin. My point here is I know the cause of my acne. My skin had completely lost its ability to function after years of abuse. It no longer performed the functions of protecting itself from bacteria and dryness that it did when I was a teen. And I sought to repair it. 

    Everyone who HAD clear skin up to the point where they started using facial products should consider the fact that your body is built with everything that it needs to care for itself. Sometimes we wear down those functions with our obsession with "cleanliness." So I stopped using cleanser. And in addition, I read the research on ph levels and skin. I knew I needed my skin to be slightly acidic. I knew it needed to be hydrated. I know exercise is good and so is a balanced diet.

    Combining all of this knowledge I came up with a routine to cure my acne from the source. It felt counterintuitive but I dont use cleanser at all. I use cotton pads dipped in organic safflower oil to gently wipe my face. I splash some lukewarm water on it, wipe dry and apply diluted apple cider vinegar to the skin. (It's important to dilute. I did 1 part acv to 2 parts water). I let the acv dry and apply a few drops of safflower oil to hydrate the skin. This is done twice a day, taking extra care to be very gentle on the skin. This is combined with exercise 3x a week and many vegetables, no dairy except for kefir which is probiotic. 

    In one week, nearly all pimples faded. No new ones formed. The acv was the only change  I made to my routine so I can be certain it is making a difference. Its also important to note that a different cause calls for a different solution. If your acne is more hormonal, this may not help. 

    Thanks for reading.  I'll update again soon.

    ----update 3 days later---
    I decided to test my theory about the connection between overwashing and acne. The last time I used cleanser was over a week ago. During that time I had almost no new bumps. 

    Saturday afternoon, I used Cerave hydrating cleanser after the gym. I used safflower oil afterwards as a moisturizer. 

    By Sunday evening, I had approximately three new pimples. 

    It can't be confirmed nor denied completely until I once again remove cleanser from my routine. Will update. 

  15. Hi Everyone,

    Peace and Love to you guys. I hope your journeys have been positive since the last time I posted. I am so sorry for waiting so long to update. Perhaps it's a testament to how well estroblock has been working for me!! Apart from a healthy summer in the sun, I really truly believe estro block is NOT a gimmick. I have had perhaps 3 or 4 pimples in the past 5 months of being on estroblock, but no breakout what so ever... I noticed my skin had the best results (not just clear but glowing and oil was at a minimum... I was drinking about 2L a day at high points in the summer) when I kept up my water intake because these pills help flush out bad estrogens from the system so water is key. It's for sure the only thing that's keeping me clear since I am not taking anything else (probably low stress season too is helping). I can't say whether the liver supplement is helping but to be honest I think it's better to take it since I've switched over to estroblock pro in the last month, just to help the liver out with flushing. I can't say yet whether the pro is better than the regular strength, I seem to be getting the same results which makes sense cause I was taking about 2 regular strength a day to maintain clear skin (~3 reg = 1 pro pill).

    I still have scarring from all my years of acne + the many infections I've had on my cheeks, and it really annoys me, but frankly I'm so happy to have found something natural that works instead of having to resort to accutane. Of course, I wouldn't have oily skin with accutane but what the heck, maybe the oily skin will prevent future wrinkles lol :) I think EB has proven to be a pretty excellent alternative to accutane for me! I highly recommend you guys give it a shot. Start with 1 regular for a couple weeks and if you aren't seeing totally clear skin up your dose. I went up to the pro because it makes more sense money wise then taking two reg strength a day and running out of the bottle quicker. I stopped DHT block about a month in cause I was not seeing much results with it, I may give it a chance again though cause I know it's really good for controlling oilyness which is my issue right now (more water intake would help though). I also notice my scarring is getting better slightly texture wise, and I honestly think it's using a facial brush daily. This has shrunk my pores, cleaned my skin way better than manual washing ever did and honestly I think the blood circulation is helping stimulate healing in scarred tissue. People have now started commenting on my skin which is probably the first time in my life people have done that. My confidence is regaining strongly and steadily. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions. This review is not at all sponsored by the company guys so everything I say is truly how the pills have affected me. I will actually look into posting some before and after pictures soon if I kept any. 

    Xx hugs to you all. Hold your head high, this too shall pass. 

    Ps- I have been eating tons of dairy products, wheat products and I have had a bit more sugar this summer than usual and I have STILL maintained clear skin on this stuff!!!! 

  16. K10S84
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    Eh. No change in acne at all. For every pimple that's faded away a new one has popped up. I stopped getting red, dry skin from the differin a few days ago though. I have pictures if every day from week one and from today, and there's no telling that they're before and after pictures. Not much of a blog post, but didn't want to abandon the blog yet. 

  17. YellowCopy
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    Hey y'all! Im back! 
    so i have not updated in a long long while, I'm now on week 11 of the regime and..... I COULD NOT BE MORE HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS.
    My skin is CLEAR. I have not had a pimple in WEEKS. 
    My skin is no longer flaky, i only use about a pea size of bp in the morning and a little more at night time.
    The regime no longer irritates my skin, nor does the AHA burn me anymore.
    Im so beyond glad i got on and STICKED WITH this regime. My skin is actually clear, i don't even WANT tower foundation anymore i just use powder. Ill use foundation for special events and my skin looks FLAWLESS.

    The only thing that my skin still needs to improve on, and IS improving on is my scars. I can see them lightening but its not 100% gone yet. People have complemented me on my skin which NEVER EVER EVER used to happen before. Im so glad i feel comfortable now just walking around with no makeup on.
    I started to realize my skin was completely clear in about 2 1/2 months. 

    ALSO I've cut dairy out of my diet which i think helped me finally get to my 100% clear skin. anytime i eat a big meal with dairy i might wake up with a pimple or two which ISNT BAD, but I'm so addicted to this clear skin thing that I don't mind saying PEACE OUT to cheese.

    So beyond happy with the results. IT WAS DEFINELTY TOUGH THE ROAD LEADING UP, but I'm so glad i found this regime and so glad it works for me.

    ill update when my scars are gone!!! oh that would be the day....

  18. Hey readers

    This is my late update for week 10 to 12. So here they are...
    Week 10: acne still coming up. Probably 5 to 10 in 1 week. Benzac did help a lot with minimizing the pain and size. I wanna cryyyyyy.

    Week 11: thing get much better but still ocassionally, 2 to 5 cysts appear. Benzac is the hero for this situation as I guess so far, since I have been using benzac, acen slightly become less servere. Thx benzac

    Week 12: so thsi is it. 3 months of using differin and 4 weeks of using benzac. Now I should rate the overall outcome...

    Acne: around 50% less acne prone than week 1 to 4. Week 4 to week 8 was the worst of all. I could just bury my face and disappear. I would give 7 out of 10 as there is still acne coming and with help of benzac. So that means differin didn't do much when using alone.

    Skin texture: I would give 7 out of 10 as my skin feel smoother than before.

    Severity of acne: reduce almost 60%. Before I start differin, I could get a big cyst and come with redness and whiteheand and pain altogether amd it could stay for 1 month at least. Now, I feel that acne becomes smaller with less redness and small whitehead. I would give 8 out of 10.

    Acne frequency: for week 1 to 8, acne popped up everywhere everyday. I just have to wake up and check my skin if there is any new bump and there were many. For week 9 to 10, things got better but yet sastify. Week 11 to week 12, acne comes and goes with less frequency than before (2 to 5 cysts a week). I would give 6 out of 10. 

    Acne scar: differin does help with this and vbeam as well as smooth beam laser help them too. From week 8 to 12, I mainly relied on differin as laser is quite expensive. I would give 7 for laser and 6 for differin about scar.

    Overall: I would give 7 out of 10. I thx differin And benzac but I have high hope for this but until week 12, it didn't meet my expectation that much. I will still using these two for another 12 weeks and will keep update as the 2nd tier of differin journey.


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    i'm 14 and i've had acne for at least 7 months now, at first it was a mixture of pimples on my cheeks, chin, forehead etc but it was very light acne - more of teenage breakouts but for the past 7 or so months i've had acne specifically on my forehead, which i think is cystic acne? 

    i've tried so many things and read up about it so much - i've tried different skin care like tea tree and so forth but unfortunately it just dried my skin out so much to the point it was crispy which was really gross and i've tried going off dairy too.

    currently i drink at least 3 litres of water a day and have started eating a really healthy diet which salads everyday and lots of fruit and protein as i read my acne could be due to high fats.

    my acne hasn't got any better and honestly i'm really frustrated as it's been like this for so long and it brings down my confidence so much!

    i know the photo really is horrible but if you could recommend anything or if you've had the same and got rid of it i would appreciate it so much if you could help me, thanks!


  19. Yogurt Mask Recipe (will brighten, heal acne, and moisturize your face like no other)
    1-2 tablespoons of Greek yogurt
    Cut green tea bag and drop the contents into the yogurt
    Add a couple of drops of tea tree oil
    Add a teaspoon of either rose water or witch hazel toner or both
    *If you want extra moisture, which you might need since BP and Tretinoin really dry out the skin, add pure coconut oil*
    Sometimes I add mashed blueberries for added antioxidants
    Finally, mix the ingredients all together

    Leave this mask on until it completely dries (I usually leave it on for about an hour) and you should be left with nothing but the green tea leaves. Rub the green tea leaves as you wash your face. This will help exfoliate your skin and you will be left with amazingly soft, brighter and more moisturized skin. I can always tell my active acne spots are healing after using this mask as well. Over time it definitely helps improve skin texture, scars, dark spots etc.