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      Post your feedback on Acne.org, bugs you encounter, or other general concerns. Please post acne related topics in one of the other forums.

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    1. General acne discussion 221,478  posts

      Post anything that doesn’t fit in one of the other acne forums in here.

    2. Over-the-counter acne medications and products 181,019  posts

      Discuss acne medications and products that can be bought in stores.

    3. Prescription acne medications 322,496  posts

      Discuss acne medications that require a prescription from a doctor, including Accutane (isotretinoin), retinoids, antibiotics, etc.

    4. Other acne treatments 12,893  posts

      Discuss acne treatments that don't belong in either over-the-counter or prescription forums.

    5. Scar treatments 299,235  posts

      Discuss various solutions for getting rid of acne scarring.

    6. Hyperpigmentation - red/dark marks 22,878  posts

      Red/dark marks are not scars. These are the spots left behind after an acne lesion heals. Discuss how to deal with them in this forum.

    1. Personal logs 249,384  posts

      Keep a personal log of your acne regimen.

    1. Diet & holistic health 271,064  posts

      Discuss nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.

    2. Emotional and psychological effects of acne 361,527  posts

      Need a place to post your feelings? Want to lend support? Do it here.

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      Share your tips & tricks relating to cosmetics & grooming.

    4. Skin picking 856  posts

      Discuss issues related to skin picking.

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      Discuss issues related to reducing irritation when shaving.

    1. Back/Body/Neck acne 24,793  posts

      Discuss issues related to back, chest, neck, and other body acne.

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      Discuss issues related to hormonal acne.

    3. Adult acne 40,327  posts

      Discuss issues related to adult acne--for people age 25 and over.

    4. Oily skin 8,741  posts

      Discuss the issues and treatments specific to oily skin.

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      Discuss issues related to rosacea and facial redness.

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