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My skin looks A LOT worse in person. TRUST ME.

I just had a really bad break out from trying Jojoba oil (I have heard such good things about it), but anyway I guess it wasnt meant for me. I am now using BP again, I would rather have red marks than acne so right now I'm focusing on clearing my current acne and then will worry about red marks later on.


-Shower, wash face with cetaphil + a gentle face brush

-Wash with baking soda

-Apply diluted vinegar

-Dan's BP gel

-Moisterize with neutragena oil free SPF 15


-wash with cetaphil

-Dan's Bp gel

PLEASE give suggestions, my skin is always red and really sensitive ahhhh. I have tried everything.

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You probably should stick to the regimen more precisely, for example you don't seem to be using the moisturiser at night; you definitely need to moisturise at night. Also, I wouldn't necessarily recommend the vinegar.

Finally, you need to be solidly on the regimen for a good 3 months before you get anywhere near the full response (it takes at least that long for your skin to turn over/clear out the pores once you consistently kill P.Acnes with BP.)

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