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Alright my name is lorne st rose im from a little island in the caribbean named St. Lucia ive had acne since i was maybe....14 i think im 16 now.............its kinda mild right now actually cuz ive been using hydrogen peroxide and facial washes lately.......so basically the huge pimples are gone but the marks from them are still their along with hundreds of really tiny pimples....these i wanna get rid of cuz the routine im on now seems to help but not good enough.....so im gonna take a risk with this regiment and see what happens.........the only problem is that the supplies are kinda limited down here but im pretty sure i could find most of the recommended products watever i dont get im sure theres other brands with lower rating i can use

The pic below was taken at when i was 10 i think my skin was brown and my face smoothe.........but that gone lololol.......im darker with bumpy skin (i dunno wat went wrong lol)

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What do you need?

I have a brand new Neutrogena on-the-spot 2.5% benzoyl peroxide that I used.. maybe once.

If you need it I'd gladly send it ;)

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Nah but thx anyway......i got that one from my aunt already.......but that shits expensive down here.......its like 25-30 bucks.........convert that to US and its like $11 US.......damn theseppl mess u up wit prices lololool

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