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Mon, Dec 19

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My acne has cleared and now I'm getting tiny white heads here and there.

I've been off Bactrim for 2 weeks and so far it's good. I hope to never go on antibiotics again...

My regime is:


SpectroJel wash

Dans BP

Glaxalbase moisturiser




SepctroJel wash


I'm sticking with this and will keep you guys updated. It's been a hell of a experience and I feel/care for this community. I have completely cleaned up my diet, avoiding fast food and candies/chocolates.



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that is an utterly amazing improvement! those first pictures had me shying away in fear, but your new ones made me question whether you had any acne at all!

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Thanks all. I appreciate your comments and support.

In three months I have learned much about adversity. I do have to admit that it was tough because everyone was telling me to go on accutane. I almost gave in with the way my face was three months ago.

Bactrim worked for me with Dan's BP and Differen.

However it has serious side effect for many (Stevens-Johnson Syndrome) … me, my right eye went blurry for a week. Also, there are lots of stories out there about how bactrim is only a temp fix and the acne comes back with a vengeance. I'll keep you updated as I believe others will benefit.

Other antibiotics did not help me. I had a test done on my face and antibiotics like minocycline and doxycycline were helpless for what I had.

However, I give a lot of credit to changing my lifestyle... I totally cut out Mcdonalds, junk, chips, chocolate and refined sugar. I'm using sea salt instead of process salt. One high quality multivitamin. I eat whole wheat bread, plain oatmeal with cranberries, chicken wraps with whole wheat shells, no dairy except yogurt, lot of fruits.

Surprisingly it's costing me less than eating fast food. It takes preparation but is well worth it.

It has indeed been a dramatic change... I only hope that this documentary continues to improve.



PS. If you are on antibiotics remember to take probiotics!! It is essential to take care of your colon. It's worth keeping your body balanced... holistic health.

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