Before and after the regimen. 




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Before starting the regimen, I used to suffer from horrible cystic acne and scarring. I had a bad breakout when I was 15 that eventually cleared up, and then I had another lousy breakout when I was 18. I was extremely self-conscious about my acne, and I tried numerous remedies to help make it go away. When I had my last breakout in the first year of college (as pictured above), I didn't even want to go to class. I booked an appointment at my local skin doctor's office, and they helped me clear my skin. I ordered the regimen online after looking at success stories, my doctor prescribed me a new birth control (Diane 35), and I got about three or four laser treatments for the scarring. Nearly three months after beginning this cycle, my acne was gone. The birth control is fantastic, and I have not experienced ANY difficulties with it at all. The combination helped clear my skin, and I can say now, that I'm incredibly thankful for my skin, and for the regimen! 



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