Isotretinoin ..... please live up to your promise

27 year old female with mild - moderate acne. Starting on 30mg daily. 
Truly have tried everything else and tired of being ugly and hiding under make up. 
Please do your thing accutane! 

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Skin isn't that dry except lips and chin. I have a crack on the corner of my mouth that won't heal. 
My chin feels a little congested but no actual spots. A large itchy cyst came up on my right cheek on Saturday but has nearly gone. The inside of my nose is sore and has spots inside but at least these can't be seen. 
This morning I woke to two tiny blister like white heads each side of my neck almost symmetrical. 
Felt very achey and tired after 2 hours of gardening yesterday. 
I'm feeling quite negative atm not about the treatment just in general. 
Oh broke out on the forehead Sunday :smileys_n_people_15:



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