Isotretinoin ..... please live up to your promise

27 year old female with mild - moderate acne. Starting on 30mg daily. 
Truly have tried everything else and tired of being ugly and hiding under make up. 
Please do your thing accutane! 

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End of Week 1

So it's end of week 1 and I do see improvement especially my cheek area. I had a little breakout around my mouth and chin which was starting to make an appearance before I started the medication. My son had hand foot and mouth and it may of been a little bit of that as I had a canker sore on my bottom lip too. 

I feel like old sebum is being drawn out and spots seem to come out easier and heal quicker. 

Two large cysts came up around each ear on day 2 but they seemed to disappear as quick as they arrived which was nice. 

I don't want to get too excited as this may be the calm before the storm and there have been other factors that could be affecting my skin such as a loss of appetite. My skin is always better the less I eat. 

I've also been on my 7 day break from the new contraceptive pill that I started in agreement with the derm. Hormones obviously influence my skin so we shall see.

I have been having trouble drifting off to sleep but I don't think I can blame that on the accutane. 

No dryness to complain about yet except in the inside of my nose which is feeling sore. I have been using lanolin nipple cream for my lips and inside my nose. I remembered how good it was when I was breastfeeding my sons so I picked some up along with the cetaphil and lip balms. 

I experienced itchy skin from day 2 mainly my face and torso and it felt like I was scratching sun burn. Skin tone had been a bit redder than usual but nothing to complain about. 

Bring on week 2! X



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