Forehead texture 

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Bad skin texture on forehead

Im 16 years old and I have a history of of overwashing my skin and overexfoliating the past year. I never used anything crazy just normal drugstore products all the time and I didn't know what type of skin I had and just plopped on anything I could find because I thought it was okay. I had perfect skin until I ruined it myself besides the hormonal acne on my chin I should've had good skin. I don't know how to fix the texture on my forehead, it's weird because it feels smooth but as you can see it looks horrible. It doesn't even look like I have clogged pores i just have raised pores and I'm pretty sure I developed sebaceous filaments. Now all I do is exfoliate with simple scrub with an alcohol free timer and Clinique moisturizer but I don't know how else to fix this. I want my skin to look smooth not just feel smoothEdited just now by Stephy0611


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