4. Help help !! On regimen but not clearing !!! So depressing

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Help help !! On regimen but not clearing !!! So depressing

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I need help

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One thing I learned while on the regimen is that you MUST follow it precisely or it wont work. My face looked similar to yours and it wasnt until I followed it to the T that I saw results. Also, how long have you been using it? Remeber , those of us that sturggle with sever acne take longer to see results. STICK TO IT. IT WORKS.

Another point of advice. When you struggle with cystic acne you MUST remove dairy, gluten, & soy from you diet. Its imparative. Dont be depressed. Pick yourself up and shift your thinking. Those things on your face are foreign & dont belong to or define you. They WILL and MUST go away. 

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I second the above. Please remove at least dairy and gluten from your diet. Cystic acne loves those!

Also, if you keep continuing with the regimen and don't have the results you want, I highly, highly recommend Lerosett. It's natural, and it healed my terrible cystic acne. (It was much worse than yours - it covered every inch of my face). 

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I Agree with what PreDentalMari said. Also try incorporating this tea it Yogi Skin detox tea into your diet and trust me... This subsided majority or my acne from the inside out along with this regiment. Its a awesome combination.

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I cant imagine what you're going through! I have acne but not as severe I would go onto youtube, Ive never been to a dermatologist and look up any questions or topics you need. Im 19 and am vegetarian and a want to be vegan. I started the regimen one month ago and I notice a big difference especially when I started taking probiotics and other supplements. While increasing my water, limiting dairy and eating more raw foods that are rich in color. Keep your mouth really clean too always brush and floss because at night your body naturally detoxes itself and plaque forms and if you eat or drink all that bacteria goes back to your stomach which was what your body was trying to get rid of. Drinking straight apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or putting chia seeds in a spoon then putting that spoonful on your tongue and swallowing it down with water is also good. Anything you can do that wont taste the best is probably the best for you.  Keeping everything sanitary always dry your face with a paper towel and a clean pillowcase. And most important dont let it rule your life, go outside its very important to get your hormones happy and mood upbeat. Even if its alone just listen to calm music and relax and look around. Try meditation too, connect with your body and give it the love that it needs. Youre beautiful. <3 

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I'm so sorry you're going through this. I can empathize with the pain you feel, both inside and out. I have to chime in and agree with other posts to CUT OUT dairy from your diet. Dairy and refined sugars cause inflammation in our bodies, exacerbating acne. Your body needs good nutrition to start the healing process from the inside. Some of my favorite foods: instant oatmeal from Trader Joe's (only the plain kind...flavored varieties have sugar); Ezekiel brand bread, toasted, with all natural peanut butter (not the processed stuff. The stuff you have to stir with oil on top); hummus with raw carrots (or really any raw veggie); any fresh fruit thats in season and/or on sale; chick peas; all kinds of beans; lentils. Take a moment to read food label ingredient lists. Whey is a dairy protein that sneaks in to lots of processed foods- avoid it like you would any other dairy product.

I hope that you start to get the results you want soon. This will all pass and your face will heal. Stay positive.

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