8 pictures in 5 months on Acne.org Regimen

5 months on acne.org Regimen

 February 5,2017 marks the 5th month of using the 3 step system from Acne.org regimen. My results have been slow, yet I have noticed a slight change in my skin.

 Since starting use of these products my breakouts have greatly minimized. My skin rarely breaks out.  The active pimple that is shown is these pictures has been lingering around for a couple weeks now.  I have noticed that if I get a pimple, the 3 step system does take a while to treat that breakout.

Currently, I'm working to treat my blackheads, which are scars from acne in the past. As of November 2016 I have added AHA(Glycolic Acid) to the 3 step Regimen. 


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5 months on Acne.org Regimen

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