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So, the picture on the left is what my acne looked like at it's worse about 6 months ago. It was HORRIBLE. I know it looks horrible, but what was the worst was how painful it was. I had tried several different medications and I finally decided to do Accutane ( I was so against it at first ). My reasoning behind not wanting to take Accutane was that if the drug could have the potential to do something harmful to my body that could affect me later in life, is it really worth taking it only to avoid a few years of horrible painful acne? My answer: YES. This medicine has worked wonders on my face. I'm currently on my 4th month and I don't even have acne anymore. Just a bunch of scaring. Every once in a while a zit will pop up, but nothing like it used to. If anyone is seeing this post and you're feeling discouraged about your acne, I sympathize with you. I understand your hurt and embarrassment. I hope my post can encourage you. And who knows my acne may come back again someday and I will need to be encouraged as well.

The picture on the right was taken two days ago

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