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My Ugly Face and Acne

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First of all, you do not have an ugly face. Have you tried drinking Braggs apple cider vinegar?

I had severe acne, and within a week, half of it was gone, because it stopped any new pimples from forming in just a few days. I used it as a toner, (which stung) but who cares when it comes to this... And drank is throughout the day. A few tablespoons in a glass of water. SERIOUSLY , please try it.. give it a couple of weeks, YOU WILL see a difference.. I learned froma holistic doctor that acne comes from the inside and we cannot treat it just topically. We need to fix the root of the problem, which the apple cider cinegar cures... and cure is a stretch, but not for this stuff. please try it, and tell me what you think.. i am on my third week, not only do i have so much energy, my skin looks so much better. :)

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Hi Jared, hope you're doing better and that things have improved. I know how difficult this whole "acne" thing is, but definitely praying for you and everyone else who has to suffer from this, including me. Take care :)

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