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Left cheek scars

Do anyone know if these scars can be removed after my acne is gone? Which treatment should I use? Please help

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Help! Are these possible to remove?

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I'll be interested to see what other people say in response to your pics. I have similar scarring, only mine is somewhat worse than yours. Your scars look fairly shallow to me. I bet you'll be able to make them almost invisible with some type of treatment, regardless of what your doctor says (it sounds like your doctor doesn't really know much about scarring anyway). So don't worry! There IS hope, lots of it! And to be honest, your scars don't look very noticeable to me. You're probably the only person who ever really notices them.

I've been checking into things like dermabrasion and lasers myself, but frankly both of those things scare the heck out of me. Lately I've heard good things about peels of various types but I have yet to do any serious research. I'm seeing a plastic surgeon next week to discuss my options, but I'm going to think long and hard before I do anything drastic to my skin.

Btw, have you discovered retin-a yet? (aka tretinoin cream)? The first time I used it, I thought it was crap. It irritated my skin, dried me out, didn't help my acne, etc. etc.

However, my new dermatologist talked me into giving it another try, and she told me how to use it RIGHT, so now I think it's the best stuff ever!!! It has really cleared up my acne, and has even improved the appearance of my scars somewhat. The best thing about it is that whenever I do get a zit, it heals way faster & doesn't leave a scar.

My dermatologist said retin-a won't make my scars disappear, but it will "soften" their appearance over time. She also told me that my skin will recover faster from any procedures I choose to have (like dermabrasion or a peel) if I use retin-a for several months before I have any procedures.

Anyway, sorry for the longwinded response. Best of luck!

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Have hope! I agree with dizzersz, they look shallow which is really good since there should be a more positive outcome for whatever treatment you go for. There's a lot of different ones: lasers, medium to deep peels (light ones don't do much, but will make any hyperpigmentation better just not the scars), dermabrasion, needling (dermarolling, dermastamp, etc.). Or once the acne is gone and the hyperpigmentation, you may not mind the actual scarring. I have some icepick, box, and rolling scars and after my acne went away I just didn't care to get the scars fixed. One day I'll have to post pictures of my scars, but they're all over my face at different depths (a lot are fairly deep). Look into some of the newer primers out if you wear makeup for the time being. I have one by too faced (I think it's called primed and poreless). It makes my scars look not as deep and fills in some of them. Overall, my skin looks pretty good with it. I only use it on occasion, though since it's kind of heavy. And there's one by smashbox that is just a line filler that I'm going to try out for the deep, deep ones.

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